By Mail

by Bryn (Cheshire, UK)

Dear Gwenny,

I’m going to be away for a year or so, you know that I will miss you and that I love you very much, our last night together was astonishing by its intensity, more so than anything else we have managed to do on our all to brief and dangerous, not so say illicit interludes.

Ohh Gwenny, I will miss so very much the feel of your soft body, its warmth, its pliancy, its soft smoothness but most of all the way it responded to my touch, the way your thick cherry nipples stiffened when I kissed and nibbled them tenderly, oh how you gasped and softly moaned.

I will miss our feverish kissing, our tongues flickering snakelike and wet while we writhed together as our passion built. Gwenny darling, my Cock is so hard as I write this, its beating and weeping little tears of that pre cum you loved to taste.

Remember our very first tryst, how we went at each other like alley cats, it was all so frantic if you recall, you tore at my belt and fly and fished my cock out as I mauled your big white tits ( you loved that didn't you ).

I nearly came when you yanked my pants and briefs off, (you were not a bit shocked when you saw I was wearing yours, but I think you knew all along I loved wearing you undies.)

I wish I could have brought away with me the taste of your Pussy, I thought tasting it, sipping its copious juice was sheer Ambrosia, nectar of the Gods, the original Aphrodisiac, Lord how my cock beat madly whenever I went down on you my on sweet darling.

I like to believe we achieved the ultimate in of delights when we both without words "Sixty Nined", how fantastic was that moment dear sweetheart, when you took me in your mouth and spread you beautiful legs and sank your heavenly wet cunt on my face.

Dear GOD! it was a journey to Elysium, the smell, the taste, the wetness but most of all the incredible softness of your flesh from your protruding clitoris round to that deep mysterious crevice to that tight crinkly star of your anus which I kissed and licked so avidly until it relaxed and allowed me to probe inside your Bum with my tongue, You loved that Gwenny, didn't you.

I thought I’d died when you sucked me off and made me cum in your mouth, I thought I'd never stop, and the Thrill of Orgasm was just Other Worldly in its intensity, I'd honestly never felt or imagined feelings or reactions like it, best though was when you came.

You really went off like a bomb as I devoured your pussy, licking, sucking, slurping, loving the wetness, the hot meatiness matched by the silky, slippery softness, God how you moaned and gently bucked then mewed loudly when you orgasm stuck, I thought you were going to tear my hair out the way you grabbed handfuls and pulled me as hard as you could into you pulsing cunt.

Gwenny, How far do you think our raw lust would have taken us? I think we completely lost control of ourselves that first time when we realized our raging need for each other. I recall trembling with emotion when you whispered that I could undress you, to slowly strip you naked.

Unzipping your top and taking it off leaving you wearing your brassiere left me open mouthed at the size of you tits, Big white womanly bosoms barely contained it the twin cups of that flesh colored lacy bra, I could plainly discern the outline of your excited nipple distorting the thin fabric, we were both breathing hard I remember, Gwenny.

I was rampant when I unhitched your skirt then knelt to ease it down over your flared hips, lovely wide child bearing hips, promising much enjoyment. You were a bit embarrassed about those knickers you wore that time Gwenny, old no longer pristine white but older, well worn with waistband coming away in places and showing a stained gusset, old stains no longer subject to washing....I loved them.

It was dreamlike when you stripped me then, but you were more experienced than I.I loved the way you gaped open mouthed when my dick jerked free of my jockey briefs and then I nearly came when you rubbed your face all over it, but tantalizingly not taking in your mouth and sucking me off.

We had to be quick that time Gwenny didn't we, we didn't have time to make love it was just a feverish frenzied shag, You hooking you legs around my waist and me backing you against the wall, stuffing my dick hard up you ad fucking you franticly and shooting my load while you squirted freely, God! What a mess we made Gwenny, on ourselves and on the floor where we dripped and dribbled.

But time was not on our side then darling, was it, no time to clean up, you rapidly hooked your knickers back on, shrugged into you skirt and top while I sorted myself out until we were presentable again if a little flushed with excitement of a deed accomplished.

Reply if and when you get a chance.

I Love You.

Lee xxx

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