Business Trip

by nadabit (Dayton, OH, USA)

I was on a business trip to San Bernardino area and had planned to keep the night before my flight home to wife and family open for some fun. I had been there before and had already been to two adult video stores before. It was disappointing as I watched some gay porn in open stalls with no doors.

One or two guys approached me and I got to suck them but the openness made everyone nervous and I only got to taste a bit of precum and lick and suck a few guys but not long enough to receive their cum. I gave up and finally left not wanting to just sit and beat off, so I headed out and started back to my room at La Quinta to just get something to drink.

As I was driving back to the hotel, I noticed the tell tail sign of an adult store off to the right and immediately found a place to turn around in my rental car to check it out. It was a rundown strip mall someone had put in a video rental store and I almost left until I realized there were a lot of vehicles in the parking lot and none of the other businesses were open. I said what the hell and parked to go take a look-see.

Walking in I saw that most of the vehicles were run down and there was a lot of work type of trucks looking well used. I entered and was greeted kindly enough and expecting some sort of cover charge or rule about minimum tokens. I received none and figured they had no video booths but walked around to view the porn videos and gay porn. It finally dawned on me that I was basically alone and wondered why all the vehicles were outside. Then I noticed a crude sign with an arrow pointing down to the left with a red light above it probably for safety codes or something.

Again, I figured what the hell and I went to sign and saw a set of stairs going down. Very interesting. I walked down and entered a basement of sorts and wondered why a strip mall had a basement, but whatever. It was pretty big and there was a bunch of Mexicans milling about some in groups and some just leaning against walls like they were bored. Then, I noticed some crude plywood cubicles of sorts on the left wall.

There were only about eight stalls and I casually looked in each not seeing any gloryholes until I got to the last stall. Looking in I saw the door had a sliding lock thing and the stall had a very old video machine. As I turned to see what else was in the large room, I realized the talking had turned silent and a bunch of Mexican guys were looking at me wondering what the hell this Gringo was up to. Probably a cop or something. Some stared with that look I already knew intimately so I went into the little plywood booth with a rough bench of sorts and slid the lock home.

I was already commando in shorts and a T-shirt and as I was dropping my shorts and pulling off the shirt, I noticed the video machine only took quarters. Grabbing my shorts for change I only had three quarters. Most places kick you out if the video machines stop running. I wanted to stay a little longer than most machines play to see what would happen.

I was trying to get the quarters I had and was not looking around as there was no light coming through the glory hole. So, there was probably no one in the other booth. Sitting up and holding my shorts I started to put a quarter in the machine when I saw a nice brown cock sticking into my booth.

It was maybe 6 to 6 and a half inches long and not completely circumcised. But it was hard with a nice-looking head and with a wet piss slit. I sat the quarters beside me on the bench and reach out to touch the brown beauty to see what kind of reaction I would get and heard a very slight moan. What the hell, so, I leaned forward and gave the beauty a lick tasting some not so clean remnants of piss, but also, a very nice response in the form of more precum.

Getting on my knees for a better angle opened up and took the leaking head in my mouth and got another moan. Smelly and dirty but it was cock with a promise of sperm. I started using my tongue to wipe around the head and circumcising area which I quickly cleaned off of what was apparently a day of sweaty work. With only the head of this delicious cock in my mouth, I stuck the tip of my tongue into the piss slit savoring what had become a steady flow of precum. This made whoever it was starting to jerk a bit and I knew the signs well enough to just push forward impaling my mouth and throat down on the brown delicious throbbing cock with an immediate flood of tasty if not a bit spicy cum.

The flimsy wall started shaking a bit as the guy tried to force as much of his cock as he could into my slutty mouth as possible. I pushed my forehead hard against the rough plywood to make sure he had a very willing mouth to use as a cunt. He was drained but I kept my mouth firmly in place sucking hard until he quivered a lot. I knew the cock was too sensitive for anything further. He was mumbling something in Spanish I did not understand as he left.

I looked at the bench to get a quarter when another cock came through the hole. Apparently, no one cared if a video was playing, so I went to work. Same nasty work sweat and piss residue once again attacked my senses, but then again, I was a cock sucking naked Gringo in some random basement video store sucking off Mexicans that were surprised as hell, but obviously did not care where they shoved their cocks.

I wondered why no one else in the group wasn’t providing this service and figured that it was a macho thing not to appear interested. Yet they were coming in one after another to face fuck this cum slut Gringo. My cock was hard a steel bar but I had no time to do anything about it as a seemingly endless number of cocks came through the hole.

I was in some sort of comatose like cock sucking cum whore heaven, wondering why I had not found this place before on other trips.

I cleaned and throated a lot of brown cocks while I was filled over and over with delicious and quite different tasting sperm. I guess the guys lost any concept of me being an undercover cop as they got somewhat eager to face fuck this perverted Gringo.

My knees sore from kneeling on the bare concrete floor. I finally sat up savoring the various loads of cum left in my mouth with a grin on my face as I weakly pulled my shorts on and got my T-shirt back on. I started getting really nervous about exiting the rough plywood stall but had to get back to La Quinta for my flight home the next day.

Finally emerging I was met with a lot of grinning brown smiles and immediately relaxed. There was some murmurs or giggling sounds as some were staring at my shorts and I realized my 6-inch cock was rock hard tenting out my shorts and somewhat painful since I was commando, and the rougher fabric was rubbing agonizingly across my cock head. As I made my way to the stairs to go up and get in my rental one of the older guys came close enough to put a hand on my shoulder and sort of whisper what sounded like "gracious."

Finally making it up the stairs and heading for the door, the guy behind the counter smiled and in clear English said, “Come back anytime.”

I made sure to note the location and it became my "go-to place" every business trip for several months after that. While none compared to that first visit due to the unexpected experience. I was always warmly accepted and always left very full of hot delicious Mexican cum. Talk about unexpected finds!

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