Brothers Dinner Date

by Les (St Albans, Vermont, Franklin County)

It had been 50 years since our boy/boy sex adventure. Many situations have accident in our lives and we were both single now, he was always a upper level employee and we have brought up the past. But now the question was not out of the realm of possibility, since he was going to pick me up and we would return some time tomorrow. He lived in another state so we had a long drive, he left it as I'll pick you up in three/three and a half hours, you won't need a change of cloth as you won't be wearing yours too long. My response was so this is a real dinner date? Responding yes see you soon.

I took a shower and made sure I was especially clean, my cock keep rising and shrinking to the possibilities. While showering I had a feeling my ass would be in play this time, so I'd need to ensure it's cleanliness. Our first adventure was licking and stroking, my submissive part to his dominate part. He was a stroke cummer and was able to do it three or more times at least, I referred to him as my power cummer. I had enough time to go and purchase a thong. After shopping and showering I dressed just in time as he knocked on my door. He says I hope you bring your appetite, especially sexual he grins and says shall we go.

Relaxing back in my seat after an hour or so he says. Take your pants off I need some inspiration you can lay your seat back and I can play with your ass before you jerk off then eat your own cum. I remove my pants and he says no take it all off, I haven't seen you naked in 50 years, I want to see what I'm getting. So I stripped he had a camera pointed in my direction so it was on his dash screen.

Sweet he says now kneel on the floor and lay on the seat, I'm going to finger you before you jerk off. Point your ass a little more in my direction, doing so his hand had better access. Rubbing and playing with my ass he pressed a finger in my ass, pushing hard if finally entered through the sprintal muscle. As I moan in some discomfort he praises that I'm still a virgin after all this time. He fingered me for several minutes then reached under me to feel my hard cock. I see you enjoy getting fingered, good now lay back and start jerking off.

Doing so every now and then he would assist a little as my knees started to shiver and shake he adjusted the camera in for a close up and I shoot my load in my hand and on my stomach. Nice job he says now clean up we are almost at the dinner. Licking my hand and scooping all the cum off my belly he says good I see you do eat cum. Very good. Dress we're almost their. After dinner we're about ten minutes away from the house.

Following dinner we left and turned into a driveway and into his garage. Entering the house he closes all the curtains and he gets us a beer and says follow me. There was a super sized bed, remove your cloth and get on the bed, he undresses and joins me. He twists my nipple and says I'm all your start sucking my nipples before eating my ass,I haven't had my ass eaten since you years ago. I lick and play with his nipples seeing them hard in my fingers and mouth he seems to be enjoying it before he rolls over and spreads his legs.

Getting in place I lay between his legs and rub and squeeze his ass before kissing and licking his ass cheeks. As my tongue gets closer to his ass crack he raises it and moans in delight. Slipping a hand under him I felt the solidness of his shaft, it seems bigger than before. I let my hand work further up the shaft until I get to the soft arrow shaped cock head. Yes I like that he says continuing sliding my hand up and down his cock my other hand spreads his ass cheeks and I breath in the order, his ass smell always turned me on.

Sticking out my tongue I slide it up and down his ass crack just above his asshole then he arches one more time and I take the plunge. My tongue slides easily over the sweet tasting asshole. The smell and taste of his asshole makes my cock stiffer and he gasps and praises me in my performance. The tip of my tongue dips into his asshole I love the taste so I feed on his asshole and rubbing my cock into the bed. Moaning he announces time to suck his cock.

Rolling over I assume my position again between his legs and cupping his balls I lift his cock to my mouth and start stroking him licking his cockhead as it enters my mouth I suck it and start bobbing and stroking him he pumps rotates and arches into my mouth. His hands grasp the sides of my head and he increases the speed and depth of his urging me on to suck him off. I bob faster and faster as he gets closer and then his hips shiver and holding my head he force feeds me his cock.

The entire cock submerges in my throat as the first wave shoots out releasing my head I adjust back to the cockhead and swallow faster and faster until he feeds me more of his cum. I remove his cock from my mouth and kiss the cock and his belly, asking him did you enjoy that. Oh yes I can't wait until I get into the ass of yours. Lay next to me and play with my body and cock so I can fuck you.

Next part soon.

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