Brotherly Love: Part 2

by Dylan Fox (Troy, NY, USA)

She gently caressed my rock hard cock. “I love you so much. I’m going to make love to you when I get home. But I have to go to work now. Oh, by the way, you have a surprise waiting for you when you get up.” She kissed me and said ,“I’ll be home at 6.” I decided to get up. I walked down the hall to the kitchen. My hard cock bounced up and down with each step. My brother was sitting at the kitchen table drinking a coffee. “I see you are ready to suck my big cock!” “No I am not! Those days are over! I have a lady now! I admit after you left I was lost. I didn’t think I could survive without your big cock! But I realized you helped me to be free and see that I was stronger than I knew. I have always been attracted to women. When I met Karen, it was love at first sight.

We went out to dinner and talked for hours. I dared to tell her about my life and my relationship with you. I told her how much I loved to get on my knees and suck your big, thick, rock hard cock! I told her all about our cross country trip and that I sucked your big cock every day and every night for that trip and beyond. I told her that until I met her, I felt doomed to always be someone’s cocksucker! She told me that she understood because she liked to suck cock too! She said her husband called her a slut and told her only whores did that. They divorced and all the men she met and had sex with after that thought the same. I told her I longed for a woman that would suck my cock because she loved it!

I would cherish such a woman! I would please this woman in every way I possibly could! She said she wanted to make love with me! I told her I would eat her cunt for as long as she liked! I would make love to her and bring her to orgasm after orgasm until she asked for my cock in her mouth! She said we were meant for each other. We have been together ever since that first night. So, my cocksucking days are over.” “Are they?” He stood and pulled his throbbing cock out!

My mouth filled with saliva! I licked my lips as I stared at his throbbing cock! “Get on your knees! It’s time to suck big cock!” Memories flooded in and I recalled the taste, the feel, the smell of his rock hard cockmeat sliding back and forth between my warm, wet, cockhungry lips! I whimpered and said “please, don’t make me suck your big, thick, rock hard cock!” I shivered and licked my lips! My eyes were glued to his throbbing cock! I couldn’t stop the flood of memories penetrating my defenses and washing my mind with exquisite desire! “Please,” I begged again, “please don’t make me suck! I am happy now! Please don’t put your big, thick, rock hard cockmeat into my mouth and make me suck! I don’t want to suck your big cock!”

“You are a cocksucker and always will be! You have a real talent for sucking big cock and that should not be wasted!” My cock throbbed as he spoke those hot words; words he knew excited me! “Now, get on your knees and suck!” I whimpered and said, “No, I won’t suck your big cock!” He put his hands on my shoulders and pressed down. I went to my knees. “Okay, I’ll suck this one time, but you have to promise that you won’t tell my lady that I sucked your big, thick, throbbing cock!” I opened my mouth and swirled my tongue all over his swollen, fat cockhead! I moaned as I slid my lips over his cockhead and down his rock hard cockshaft, tightened my lips, moaned and began to suck his big cock!

My mouth was filled with saliva and I drenched his cock in that hot juice! I sucked and slurped just like I never stopped. I placed each hand on his powerful thighs and caressed as I sucked hands free! “Mmmmm, slurp, mmmmm, slurp, mmmmm, slurp, mmmmm, slurp!” “Oh baby, you haven’t skipped a cocksucking beat! Suck my big cock! Your juicy cunt lips feel so good sucking on my cock! You are one good cocksucker! Your cunt-mouth needs big cock in it! I’m going to fill your cockstarved cunt-mouth with hot cocksauce! Keep sucking!” I was under his spell! I bounced my head faster! His cock slipped from my mouth and swung back and forth! I followed with my head and captured his cock with my mouth! I sucked. His cockmeat turned steel like, swelled larger, jerked, convulsed and fired globs of creamy cockjuice into my mouth! HIs hot, sweet cocksauce was so plentiful that it spilled from my mouth onto my chin! It drizzled down his cockshaft!!

I sucked until his cock quivered in my mouth and slipped out! “More cock! I need to suck more big cock! Please brother, feed me more big cock! Your cock tastes so good! Please stuff my cunt-mouth with your big cock! I promise I will suck as much as you want! Please, you’ve made me so hungry! Please!” “Tell me, do you love my cock?” “Oh yes brother! I love sucking your tasty cock and eating your hot, delicious cum! Please, I need to suck more big cock!” “your lady is going to love this film I made of you sucking my cock and begging for mor! Maybe you want her to suck my cock too! You said she loves sucking cock!” “Please leave her out of this! Please, don’t show her the film! I’ll suck your cock every day that you are here but don’t tell her! I love her more than you know!” “Okay, okay, I won’t show her the film. I bet she would like it though!” “Just leave her out of it!” “Okay, I will; I promise! Suck my cock again! I lifted his cock up and licked his shaft! I licked up the underside of his rock hard cockshaft! I engulfed his cock into my cockhungry mouth and sucked!

I moaned, groaned, slurped, whimpered and sucked his big cock! The noises made by my cocksucking turned me on. I sucked with unbridled enthusiasm! Oh baby, Here comes another load! Suck it up! “Mmmmmm, mmmmmm, mmmmmm, mmmmmm!” I gobbled up as much cocksauce as I could! “Suck it baby! Suck my cock! You suck so good! Suck my big cock!” Again his sauce overflowed from my cockhungry mouth and spilled onto my chin and down his cockshaft again! I sucked him until his cock waned! “What a cock! I love sucking your big cock!” “I’m glad you do! We’ll resume in a little while!” We settled down and rested. He rested in an extra bedroom we had. I waited a couple of hours then went in to wake him for another cocksucking.

I quietly slipped in and he was lying on the bed naked. His cock was already hard and throbbing! I got on my knees and lifted his cock straight up and began to suck it! I whimpered as I hungrily sucked! His cock was super hard! I sucked with vigor and wanted him to cum in my mouth again! I jerked his cock while I sucked because I wanted to make sure we were done and cleaned up before Karen got home. I felt his cock grow harder, swell up larger and globs of cocksauce spit out from his cock! I sucked, swallowed and drizzled his cum all over his cock! I pulled off and he said, “keep sucking!” I said, “Karen is coming home very soon so get yourself cleaned up. Tomorrow is another day.”

I cleaned myself up and rinsed my mouth with mouthwash. Right at 6 she came through the door. “Hi,” she said. We kissed. “Did you enjoy being with your brother today?” Just then my brother appeared and said, “we certainly did!” “What did you guys do all day?” “Oh, we had a lot of catching up to do. Believe it or not, we’re not done yet! There’s more catching up to do tomorrow.” Karen said, “Oh, okay.” She looked at me and said, “you must really be enjoying your time together.” “Yes, we are,” I said. “It’s good to see each other.” “Oh, okay.” We made dinner and relaxed watching some TV. My brother had some friends he wanted to see so he left and said he would come by tomorrow.

After he left, Karen and I snuggled up on the couch. We started making out and feeling each other up. My cock swelled then grew rock hard! We both removed our clothing. I had her sit on the edge of the seat. I got on my knees before her and spread her legs far apart! I began to stick my tongue into her hot, juicy cunt. I licked and fucked her hot, juicy cunt with my tongue. I found her clitoris and sucked on it while I rapidly flicked my tongue on her sweet button! Her moans, groans, pumping hips and her creamy orgasms onto my face excited me and made my cock throb!

Her moans turned into words; “Cock, I need your rock hard cock inside me! Please slide your hard cockmeat into my hot, wet cunt and make me cum all over your cock!” I pulled my mouth off and mounted her! I drove my cock deep into her juicy cunt and she hooked her heels behind my knees and pumped her hips in unison with my pumping cock! Our tongues met inside her mouth! We swirled our tongues all around! We pulled our lips apart and said together, “I love you!” We made furious love! Her cockhungry cunt made my cock sloppy wet! “Cum all over my cock! Oh yeah baby! Your juicy hot cunt is made for my cock! I love you so much! Cum again all over my cock!” Her orgasms came one after the other! She cried out in pleasure! Her whimpers, moans and groans excited me!

After her fifth orgasm she moaned and said loudly, “I want to suck your rock hard cock!” I pulled out and up on my knees and she sat up and took my cock into her mouth and began to suck! She was so excited as she sucked and slurped my cock! She licked my cock from my balls, up the underside, up to my cockhead, swirled her tongue all around and said, “I love sucking your rock hard cock! I love licking my hot cunt juice from your cock! Do you love me?” “Oh yes my darling, I love you more than life!” She said,“I love you so much,” and slid her hot, sloppy wet cockhungry lips over my cockhead and down my rock hard cockshaft and sucked!

My cock turned to steel, jerked, convulsed and shot clumps of creamy cocksauce into her hot mouth! She swallowed it all! We both collapsed and embraced each other and our tongues made sweet love again! Her next question floored me. “Is your big brother making you lick and suck his big, thick rock hard cock again? Don’t lie to me!” I did not want to lie or lose her! The truth or a lie could destroy our life together. She waited for an answer. I was petrified!

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