Brother and Sister Loving

by Daria (IL)

“Uh …” Candice moaned as she felt her brother’s hard penis going in and out of her wet pussy. She loved fucking with her brother, who was a year older than her. They two of them had always been close and gotten along, and there had been a teasing attraction between them as there sometimes could be between a brother and sister. When Mom had put her on the pill as just as sensible precaution, it had been so wonderful.

She and her brother had been free to start having sex. And Brian loved fucking his sister. Doing it with her was better than with any other girl. It was just so special to push his erection into her hairy fold and into her wet vagina.

Right then he was savoring just how good it felt to have his male organ slid fully into his sister’s vagina.

“Oh, Brian …” she said. “I love doing this with you.”

“I love doing it with you too, sis.”

“Oh, Brian … you’re going to make me cum … you’re going to make me cum …”

Again and again she felt her brother’s hard penis stroking in and out of her with a stimulating purpose. Her clit was so erect and ripe like it always was.

“Oh, yes …” she said, drawing in a breath and then she climaxed. “Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhh!”

Brian continued to fuck her as she had her orgasm, his erection repeated violating her overly wet female depths.

Then she sighed and the tenseness left her naked body.

Brian went into her a dozen more times and ejaculated, his semen coming out in powerful satisfying surges.

“Oh, geez, sis … it feels so good cumming in you,” he breathed.

“I love it,” Candice said.

At last they both sighed and felt the draining weariness of their efforts.

They looked at one another and smiled, feeling the love that had been growing between the two of them. More than there should have been between a brother and sister, but it was so wonderful for them to feel that way about one another.

Suddenly there was the sound of a car pulling up downstairs.

“Oh! Mom and dad!” Candice gasped.

“Oh, geez!” said Brian as he leaped off the bed, grabbing up his shirt and jeans, quickly pulling them on, while his sister struggled with her bra.

He went out the door of her room and downstairs and was in the kitchen when his parents came in.

“Hi,” his mom greeted with a cheerful smile.

“Hi,” Brian said calmly. Or doing his best to appear that way.

“Where’s your sister?” his mom asked.

Brian shrugged. “I don’t know. Upstairs … I think.”

His dad gave him something of a smirk. “Honestly. Sometimes I think the two of you are practically strangers.”

“We get along okay,” Brian said.

“At least the two of you aren't always fighting. Not like some brothers and sisters,” his dad remarked. “I suppose we should be thankful for that.”

“Yes,” his mom agreed. “We should leave well enough alone.”

Brian could only wonder what his parents would say if they knew that the two of them had just been fucking up in her room and were falling in love with each other? He kind of doubted if they would approve. Of course, as his dad had said, at least they weren’t fighting.

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