Brother And Sister Become Lovers: Part 1

by Harvey (Dent)

My name is Gary, and I'm twenty-four years old and just landed my first job out of college. I had blonde hair; blue eyes and an athletic build as I hit the gym three days a week.

I have a younger sister named Dee, who is a junior in college. Dee was my height but a little chubby with small breasts, sweet chubby ass cheeks and blonde hair down to the middle of her back.

She had beautiful brown eyes that always smiled at you and pouty lips that begged to be kissed. Dee didn't know that when I was younger, I would jerk off thinking about getting naked with her.

It was July and Dee, and I decided to visit our grandparents at their thirty-acre farm located in Missouri. We haven't seen them in years, and it was our parents' idea to spend a week with them.

It was Thursday afternoon, and I arrived first and was greeted by grandma and grandpa with hugs.

After an hour of being fed grandma's famous chocolate chip cookies, Dee arrived.

Now, since my grandparents had a small farmhouse, it only had two bedrooms. Grandpa was a super handyman, and he added a small bathroom to the second bedroom.

Now, we haven't done this since we were kids, but we didn't have a choice. Grandma and grandpa insisted that we share the queen-sized bed in that bedroom.

It was ten that night, and we all retired to bed.

Dee wore a tee shirt without a bra and white cotton panties to bed. I wore a tee-shirt and gray sweet shorts without any underwear. I decided it would be a turn-on for Dee, to catch a glimpse of the head of my cock poking at the crotch of my shorts.

It was two in the morning, and I woke up. I glanced over and saw Dee sleeping on her side with her back facing me. For some explained reason, I started to get horny thinking about Dee sleeping next to me. I got horny. I decided to get brave, and I slowly moved the bed sheet off my body.

I looked at Dee, and she didn't stir. I slowly removed my tee shirt and dropped it to the floor. Dee didn't stir.

My heart raced, thinking about going through my next step. What the fuck? I thought while I slowly lowered my shorts down to my feet. I removed my shorts and dropped them to the floor.

There I was bare ass naked next to my sleeping sister. I couldn't resist.

I slowly got out of bed and gingerly walked around to Dee's side of the bed. I stood three feet from her, and the thrill of being naked by my sleeping sister was such a turn-on. My cock got rock hard.

I looked at Dee, laying there with her eyes closed. "Fuck me, Dee," I whispered while I stroked my hard cock. "Fuck me."

Dee didn't stir while I stood by her stroking my cock.

I decided to quit while I was ahead and gingerly walked back to my side of the bed.

I got back in bed on my back, and Dee was still asleep on her side. I had to do it. I stroke my cock and thought about Dee and what she looked like naked. Dee, fuck me.

I cried out in my head while I jerked off. This was very exciting for me, and I didn't last long. I spurted out globs of my cum all over my chest. After I was done, I carefully put on my tee-shirt and shorts.

I fell fast asleep.

All-day Friday was spent relaxing at the farm. Dee rode my grandparents' horse, Ginger around the grounds. I have to admit that the sight of Dee in blue jeans and a white cowboy hat was a huge turn-on for me. She looked fucking hot!

After a nice dinner, we relaxed in the living room and watching TV.

We were back in bed by ten that night.

It was one in the morning, and I woke up again. I looked and saw Dee on her back, sound asleep. I looked at her and her cowboy hat on the dresser. I recalled seeing her in that hat earlier today, and my cock started to rise again. I was so fucking horny, so I decided to repeat what I did last night. I carefully stripped out of my tee-shirt and shorts.

I carefully got out of bed and walked around to Dee's side of the bed. I stood three feet from her and stroked my cock.

"Fuck me, Dee," I whispered while I stroked my cock.

I walked back to my side of the bed and got back in bed on my back. I started stroking my cock thinking about Dee in that cowboy hat.

"What the fuck are you doing?" said Dee and her voice was a little groggy from just waking up.

I glanced over with fear in my eyes. I froze with my hand gripping my cock. "I, ah, I, ah," I said and was frozen with getting caught.

"You're jerking off," said Dee.

"I, ah, I'm sorry," I said and quickly placed the bed sheet over my body.

Dee just looked at me and appeared pissed at first. Then a smile grew on her face. "That's okay, I actually would like to watch you," she said.

I looked at her in disbelief. "You want to watch me jerk off?" I said.

"Yes," she said and then removed the bed sheet off my body. "Stroke that cock."

Hearing my sister say that was a turn on and I started to stroke my cock.

After a few seconds of stroking my seven-inch hard cock, Dee reached over and moved my hand away. "Let me," she said and gripped my cock with her left hand. She started stroking it.

I couldn't believe it. My sister was jerking me off. My younger sister had her hand wrapped around my cock.

I just lay there and enjoyed the feeling of her hand wrapped around my cock.

"So, who were you dreaming about to give you a boner?"she asked.

I had to be honest to see how she would react. "I was dreaming about you," said Gary, and cringed that she would be upset.

"Me? You were dreaming of me?"

"Yes, Dee. I think you so sexy. Especially when you wear your cowboy hat. I think you look so hot."

"Well, I have to admit that I've always thought you were sexy," she said, then she surprised me.

She leaned over and placed the head of my cock into her mouth. My sister started to suck on my cock. I was dumbfounded and loved the feeling.

Dee moaned with a mouthful of Gary's cock. "You're a good cocksucker, sis," he said. Dee moaned while she sucked on his cock.

"Get naked. I want to see your naked body," said Gary.

Dee took his cock out of his mouth, kissed Gary on his cheek, and got out of bed. She walked to the end of the bed and started a seductive little dance.

Gary's heart raced while Dee slowly raised her tee-shirt up and over her head. She dropped it to the floor.

"Nice," said Gary when he saw Dee's perky A-cup tits with puffy nipples. "I love your tits, Dee."

Dee smiled, then she grabbed the waistband of her panties and lowered them to her feet. She stepped out of her them and modeled her naked body for Gary.

"That's better than in my dreams. Fucking better," said Gary while he noticed Dee had a hairy pussy and her ass cheeks even though a little chubby were still sexy.

Dee smiled at Gary then walked over to the dresser. Gary couldn't keep his eyes off her swaying butt cheeks.

She grabbed her cowboy hat and placed it on her head. She modeled while she turned her body around for her brother.

"Now that sight will have me dreaming about you for years," said Gary and loved seeing her long flowing blonde hair under that cowboy hat. "I'll be jerking off to this sight for years."

"That's my plan," said Dee while she strutted over to the bed.

Dee climbed on top of Gary and straddled his crotch.

Gary's heart raced while he watched Dee grabbed a hold of his cock and moved the head to her pussy.

"Fuck me, sis," he said.

Dee blew Gary a kiss then lowered her pussy and guided the head of his cock inside her.

Gary moaned over the feel of her wet warm pussy. "Feels so fucking good," he said.

"I know. I've been waiting years for this moment," she said and moved down to where all of the seven inches of Gary's cock was buried deep in her pussy.

Dee started to ride Gary's cock.

"Fuck me, Dee," said Gary while he kept his eyes on her with her cowboy hat on her head.

"Your cock feels good in my pussy," moaned out Dee while she moved her ass up and down.

"Fuck me, Dee. Fuck me!" cried out Gary, while he pumped up as Dee pumped down on his cock.

Dee stopped pumping, and her head flung back, her body shook. "FUCK ME GARY!" she yelled out having an orgasm.

That was too much for Gary. "AHHHHH!" he cried out and spurted out globs of his cum into Dee's pussy.

After their orgasms subsided, Dee got off Gary's cock and cuddled next to his body.

Gary's eyes widened with concern. "I just came in your pussy."

"I know, and it felt good," said Dee while she reached down and caught some dripping cum with her fingers.

"I could get you pregnant."

"I'm on the pill," said Dee while she slurped up Gary's cum off her fingers.

Gary looked at Dee. "It's a good thing grandma is hard of hearing."

"I know," said Dee with a light chuckle.

"I can't believe we fucked," said Gary while he placed his arm around Dee's shoulder.

"It's about time," said Dee and she rested her head on Gary's chest.

They fell fast asleep naked in bed.

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