by Sara horny mom (MO)

"We got to break from 1 to 3 and I need some relief." I typed into my phone.

"Cabin" Brooks sent back.

"Cabin" I sent back looking at my watch, listening to the defendant's lawyer rattle.

I didn't need to tell Brooks what I was needing.

We weren't meeting up for a love-making session.

This was a relief screwing.

It was gonna be hard, rough, and nasty.

I started sleeping with Brooks about six months after his father passed away.

I had been in a vicious court battle for over a month and the stress was getting to me.

At home, things started getting rough.

I was constantly on Brooks about everything he did.

For a while, he took it in stride.

But, me being a grump started working on Brooks.

It was a Sunday morning when had enough of my shit.

Grabbing me, he pushed me over the kitchen table and shoved his big cock up my fat ass and horse fucked me till I was a cum oozing quivering mess.

It was the hardest and most brutal fucking I had ever had in my life.

I screamed at the top of my lungs when his dick head popped past the rubbery ring of my asshole.

But, the violence and vulgarity of it turned me on.

Brooks stands 6'1" tall and is a very lean and muscular 205 pounds.

I stand 5'4" and weigh 185 pounds.

That was the first time I had ever been fucked in the ass and the first time I had ever had a dick in me as big as Brooks.

That fuck only took about five minutes.

But, it was just what I needed to get right.

Sitting on the kitchen floor I looked at Brooks then at his massive cock dangling between his legs.

"You'll shave that pussy from now on." He said looking at me flatly.

"I want it smooth."

That was all that was ever said.

It was our agreement that this wasn't going to be a one-time thing.

I'm Brooks's woman.

I went through law school and at 30 I was a lawyer.

My husband followed his passion and farmed.

Life was good.

It didn't bother me as bad as one might think when my husband got killed in a crash.
I missed him and I wished he was there every day.
He was the only man I had ever known.
But, it was done.

I had Brooks, the farm, and my career.

I have always been a chubby.

At thirty-five I stand 5'4" tall and measure 46-34-42 with massive 38H tits.
I have blue eyes and dark hair and I stay tanned.

I take care of myself.
I'm just chubby.

Another thing is. I'm not lazy and I have a sex drive.
I like to fuck. A lot.

After Brooks fucked me that morning I was sitting on the kitchen floor with cum oozing from my freshly fucked asshole when I heard the shower start.

I set there a second longer.

"Bullshit," I said to myself and got up off the floor and marched to the bathroom.

"Make room," I told Brooks as I climbed into the shower with him. "We ain't done yet, mister." I smiled at him as I reached down and grabbed his sexy cock. "You're not gonna give a fucking like that and just walk off," I told him as I stroked his semi-erect prick.

"I." Brooks started but I cut him off.

"Shut up and give me the soap." I grinned.

I washed my asshole off his cock then I went to my knees and showed him what a cock sucker I was.

When the shower finally went cold to my dismay I dried us both off and led Brooks to my bedroom.

For over two hours we fucked like animals.

We did things in my bed that afternoon that it had never had done in it before.

Brooks's father could fuck me.
But, Brooks can fuck a woman down.

Even as sore as my asshole was.
I still took another good anal screw.

The second anal was about submission.
I wanted Brooks to know I was his now.

Besides that.
It felt fucking fabulous.

Like I said.
I have a sex drive.
I also learned I have a very submissive side.

Brooks opened something in me I didn't know existed.

I knew I was a slut.
I just didn't know what kinda slut I was.

Our sex isn't always rough and violent.

But, when I need it that way, Brooks gives it to me that way.

We have a little local lake with cabins on it not ten minutes from the courthouse.
When one came up for sale I bought it.

It is the only cabin on that side of the lake and unless you are in a boat or you come down the drive you can't get to it.

It was the perfect love shack.

I keep it stocked with lubes and sex toys.

Brooks makes sure there is food and drink.

I know it's wrong fucking my son and the things he does to me.
But, I don't care.

Not many women get to fuck a very, very thick ten-inch cock that treats you like a whore and a queen.

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