Breeding Sheela

by Anonymous (Glasgow)

I was asked to remove all my clothes and become fully naked.

Then my pubic hairs were removed until not strand of hair was present on my genitals.

The lady then gave me a gown to wear.

I was blindfolded and taken into the room.

Then my blindfold and gown were removed and the door was closed. Inside was a lady of 35_40 yrs.

She lay on the bed stark naked.

Her breasts were 38DD size. Her pubic hairs were shaved.

She beckoned to come and sis beside her.

I went and sat near her on the bed.

We were a man and woman fully naked.

The woman was 8-10 yrs elder to me.

She said her name was Sheela and I said I am Mike.

She caught hold of my penis and started examining it.

"Ah so you are circumcised"

I love circumcised ones, they give greater pleasure when the hardened keratinised knob rubs over the vaginal mucosa.

I caught hold of her breasts and squeezed them. She then kissed me on my lips.

I embraced her and her big breasts pressed on my chest and returned her kiss. We remained kissing for five minutes exchanging our saliva.

Then she lay down on the bed. I put my palm on her pub is and fondled her vulva.

I kissed her vulva until I found her big clitoris. I rubbed the tip of my tongue on her hard erect clitoris and put it in my mouth to suck it.

While I was sucking her clit Sheela took my circumcised thick cock inside her mouth and started sucking it like a lollipop.

We both were preparing for intercourse. When we were ready for the final act of copulation.

I turned Sheela on her stomach and separated the buns of her buttocks to expose her anal opening.

Then I started licking her anal opening. I licked her anus for 10 minutes and now Sheela was screaming for getting fucked.

She turned on her back and parted her legs to expose her cunt.

She caught my prick and rubbed the knob on the vaginal opening. She was releasing her cunt juices copiously.

My penis head was wet and ready for entering her vagina. Sheela placed my cockhead on the opening of her cunt and told me to push my penis inside.

I pushed and my whole penis entered smoothly inside.

Sheela pushed from below upwards to guide the smooth entrance of my penis inside her vagina.

Very soon my whole penis was buried deep inside Sheela's cunt.

Her vagina gripped my penis like a sheath covering my penis and surrounded by warm cunt fluids.

Sheela then told me to start fucking her and release my sperm inside her vagina pussy.

I fucked Sheela for half an hour and finally filled her vagina with my semen.

We then kissed again.

We fucked five times to be sure that Sheela got pregnant.

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