Breeding Aunty

by Ronnie (Washington, USA)

Hi I am Ronnie aged 26yrs. I am going to tell you how I had sex with my aunty Raveena and made her pregnant with my child. I had gone to aunty Raveena's home to meet her.

Since it was very late in the night I had to stay at aunt's place. She said "Your uncle is not at home and he will come tomorrow.

Aunty Raveena is very beautiful with breasts of size 40DD.Her lips are very juicy and I longed to place my lips on hers and kiss her.

After dinner she went to sleep in her room. After sometime aunty called me to come to her room because she was alone. I went to her room. Raveena aunty was lying on the double bed.

She was clothed in a transparent nightgown and I saw she was wearing a red bra and panty underneath.

On seeing this blood gushed to my penis and it started to harden and get thicker and bigger. Raveena gestured me to come and sit near her. I sat near her.

She looked at me and asked" Ronnie, how is my nightgown?"Awesome aunty!" I replied.

Raveena came near me and planted a kiss on my lips. I embraced her tightly and placed my lips on hers and kissed. Her 40DD.I breasts were pushed against my chest.

We both kissed passionately several times and also tasted each other's saliva. My penis had become rigid and rock hard and was pressing against her pelvis and we both were enjoying every moment.

After getting heated up Aunty told me to remove all my clothes. I removed all my clothes and became naked. Raveena saw my penis for the first time

"Awesome! She said.

I got my hands behind aunty and uncooked the hooks of her red bra. Her breasts were released and I took both in my palm. They were soft and firm.

I squeezed them softly and sucked the nipples to arouse them. Raveena was enjoying as I sucked the nipples.

Aunty then took hold of my thick hard circumcised cock and started playing with it.

"Wow Ronnie! What an awesome cock you have! The girl you marry will be very happy and lucky when her cunt gets fucked by your thick circumcised penis."

Hearing this I said "Aunty, please raise your buttocks so that I remove your panties and see your cunt!"

Aunty raised her buttocks and I removed her panties. Now Raveena aunty was naked as I was. It was the first time I was seeing a woman's cunt (Raveena's cunt was hairless).

I placed my hands on her vulva and cupped it. The feeling was awesome. We were now a man and woman fully naked preparing to have sexual intercourse with each other in order to get aunty pregnant with a child.

We took 69 positions and started kissing and licking each other's genitals. Raveena aunty took my penis in her mouth and started sucking it while I sucked aunt's cunt. After ten minutes of sucking we were ready for the final act of copulation to exchange our genitals juices.

Aunty Raveena said she wanted to be fucked in missionary position so that the semen which I was going to ejaculate inside her vagina would travel to her uterus quickly and fertilize her egg with no problems.

Raveena lay down on her back and spread her legs apart. I separated her cunt lips and placed my penis head on her vaginal entrance. Aunty's cunt was soft and very wet so my cock had no difficulty in entering her vagina.

Now aunty and me were sexually tied. Like a husband and wife. I finally ejaculated my seed in my aunt's vagina. We both lover's slept the whole night in that position. Aunty Raveena was pregnant on the very first fuck with me!

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