Breathing Free and Naked

by Vickie (OR)

Julie touched her lips to Gwen’s in an affectionate, friendly kiss when Julie came in and they smiled at one another in a pleased way.

“Let’s get naked,” Gwen said.

“Fine by me,” Julie replied.

The two men quickly discarded their clothes to find themselves happily naked in each other’s company a moment later.

“Ooo …it’s so delicious being naked with you,” Gwen said.

“Mmm. I love it with you,” said Julie.

They slipped into each other’s arms to share a naked embrace, their smooth bare skin pressing together, and the kissed, this time allowing it to be more passionate and full.

“Are we going to fuck?” Gwent asked, grinning as she used the word quite deliberately. It was fun and she would have dared use it with her husband when she had been married. Nor for that matter neither would have Julie. Between the two of them, though, it was so liberating to talk that way.

“I certainly hope so,” Julie said. “But first … how about a cigarette?”

“Sounds good.”

Gwen followed Julie over to the sofa next to the big window which showed a lovely large green tree outside, their bare feet padding over the hard wood floor. Julie produced a pack of cigarettes and an ashtray and they both lit up.

“You know …” Gwen said, “Six months ago I would have never dreamed ed of being with another woman like this.”

“I know,” Julie confessed. “But you’re forty-two, I’m forty-six. You’ve been divorced for a year, and I’ve been divorced for two. I think that it’s just … I don’t know, right.”

“I think so,” said Gwen.

She had never been aware of having any lesbian tendencies, of feeling any attraction toward other women. Julie termed it “bisexual” and not “lesbian,” saying how those were just labels that really didn’t matter. Gwen supposed hat she was right. They were just friends, two women.

Yet, she was surprised to find it so fulfilling female being with Julie like this in a way that was quite unexpected. She had heard stories of course about women who suddenly discovered that they were lesbians. Personally she had simply just learned that she could enjoy being loving and sexual with another woman, just as Julie had with her.

Their first time they had been unsure, nervous. The lack of a penis had seemed significant with the natural expectation of being penetrated and feeling what seemed like the accustomed male dominance and all that went with that. Of lying there and feeling the stiff masculine urgency filling their vagina, and then being the receptacle for the infusion semen that would follow, with the thought of sperm being reproductively satisfying. Yet, with neither having a penis and no sperm to produce or give, it had been remarkably fulfilling to achieve an orgasm so pleasurably together as women. It had been such an incredibly shared female experience.

It was starting to become apparent now that emotionally they were both starting to fall in love, and they were both realizing that this was happening.

“You know,” Julie remarked in quite a casual way as she drew on her cigarette and blew out a stream of smoke and then tapped her cigarette on the edge of the ashtray that sat between them on the sofa, “we could just live together.”

“You mean … openly?” Gwen questioned, wondering if Julie perhaps meant their doing that in a more discrete manner, keeping their affair a secret. Orat te very least, pretending to.

“Why not? You could move in here. I have plenty of room. You said that you like the house … and it would save your trips from the city,” Julie said being very practical about it. “And it’s on the edge of the country … lots of privacy. And in the village … well, who cares what they think.”

Gwen had to smile.

It seemed so audaciously bold … the two of them being openly female lovers and not caring. It was like a breath of fresh air. She found the thought of their being open about it teasing and fun and appealing. It was late spring, and the thought of the tow of them being together that summer and the wonderful times that they would have made her say, “Yes. Let’s do it.”

They sealed it with a kiss, feeling the soft warmth of their lips pressing together as two women.

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