Boys Busy Boozing

by Oversexed (King Island)

My name is Bob, way back in the 1970s I used to enjoy a few beers at the local hotel, I had separated from my wife and was looking for sexual gratification, the guys I used to drink with were quite a bit older than me but used to invite me home to their place for a few beers in doing so I got to meet their wive.

It didn’t take long to find out that some of those wives were pissed off with their husbands spending far too much time at the pub, I got the idea that if I went for a drink with the boys and left early that I could drop in and make a surprise visit to their wives.

Bingo the first one I tried invited me in, we sat and talked for a while but somehow she knew what was on my mind, she had the same idea and it wasn’t long before I was on her bed sucking on her clitoris while she sucked my cock.

My goodness I thought it must be ages since this woman had a cock in her pussy as she fucked like it was going to be her last, she had multiple orgasms over my cock and when I was cumming she held me by my legs and had another orgasm, after she asked me to visit her again which I did for about two years.

Meanwhile the guys were filling themselves up with booze and I was leaving early, the next wife was Shirley about 60 years old and old enough to be my mother, she told me that her husband John had not been able to get a hard on since he got gout at the age of 45.

I assumed that she hadn’t had sex for years, one thing led to another but you guessed it I had her on the lounge with her dress pulled up and her knickers pulled down, she was a slim lady with a very nice body but even better she seemed to have one little tuft of pubic hair above her crack, the rest of that beautiful pussy was bald.

I opened her legs kneeled on the floor and pushed my tongue into her already wet pussy oh she tasted so good, she put her hand inside my underpants and felt my rock hard cock that by now was dripping with precum.

She pulled my pants down and slid her hot mouth over my cock, man this was one hot elderly lady, I got on top of her and slid my sticky cock up and down her crack and around her clit she then guided my cock into her love hole.

It didn’t take long and we had both creamed over each other but I was so taken back by this almost hairless pussy that I decided to clean it up with my tongue oh how sweet it tasted.

My next interlude was with Vera who hadn’t had a fuck for 13 years, it seems that Patrick her husband preferred men which suited me fine, Vera had no kids and her pussy was pretty much like a teenager, it was so tight that I had to use lubricant to get my 7 inch fat cock into her pussy.

Things went pretty much as the other women as she also fucked like it was her last, this system went on for two years by which time I had slid my cock into no less than 6 wives, as for their dumb ass piss head husbands they would not have woken up even if they were hit by a bag of flying horse shit.

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