Boys And Boys

by Nick (CA)

“Geez, Ronny,” I said.

“I just want to see what it feels like."

We were both naked and had been playing around, and he had slicked my erection with some hand lotion and wanted me to stick in his butt.

He turned around and waited for me. I was hesitant, not sure about doing this with him. I stepped closer. Taking a hold of my erection I slowly pushed the swollen head up against his tight anal pucker.

The hand lotion allowed it to push smoothly inward and suddenly I found my stiff penis fully inserted into butt.

“Oh … that feels really good!” he said, leaning forward with his hands on the dresser.

I was surprised. It felt good to me, too. I felt his anal sheath gripping my erect organ warmly and tightly. Slowly I pulled back a little and went in again, and I began doing this with gentle easy strokes.

“Oh …” he moaned. “Man, your dick feels good.”

I grinned. “It feels good being in your butt,” I said, never having through that I would saying this to another boy.

I continued to leisurely fuck him, savoring the pleasing sensation.

It was exciting doing this to him as another boy, to be using my erect penis to express feelings of friendship. He moaned some more and I loved hearing him do that. As I fucked him, he started masturbating his erection.

“Oh, yeah … Oh, yeah …” he breathed.

I could feel the excitement growing within my boner that was now moving freely and easily in and out of Ronny’s accommodating butt hole.

The he gasped and started ejaculating. “Oh! Oh! Oh!”

His semen flew out in several long surges.

This excited me and suddenly I felt my erection ejaculating unseen and deep inside of him. I could hardly believe that I was impregnating another boy with my sperm, nor how good and incredible satisfying that felt.

My male-liquid gushed inside of him again and again.

“Uh … Uh … Uh …” I grunted with my intense discharge.

When it was over we booth stood there recovering and catching our breath.

I kind of suspected that Ronny had done this with other boys before, just that he didn’t want to tell me that and have me think that he was gay.

Now that I had just taken my boner all the way in his butt, though, that hardly seemed to matter. I didn’t feel gay because of that. To me it was just so pleasing all male and I really loved how it felt to have my penis in another boy.

We smiled at one another.

Oh, yes, I thought, I knew that I would enjoy doing this with him some more.

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