Boy Love Summer

by Anonymous

Rick was laying there on his back with his legs up, and I was shoving my hard dick in and out of his butt. Neither of us was gay, but it was just so cool doing this together as friends and as boys.

It was the beginning of summer and already we both knew that it would be so good spending the summer having guy sex. My mom knew that we were, of course. She was pretty liberal-minded about that sort of thing, and accepting of the fact that two friends could enjoy that sort of thing together without having it mean any more than that. I realized that she was probably glad that I was screwing Rick and not taking risks with girls.

Rick’s mother and father had no idea, though. They were not as open-minded and as accepting, and they would have thought two bys having sex was something awful and perverted, and gay to be sure.

“Oh …Oh … Oh …” I panted with my insertions, each time sliding my lubricated cock deep into Rick’s butt.

“Ohhh … yeah …” he groaned, loving how that felt to have his butt fucked.

Boys were lucky in that nature allowed them to do it both ways. Perhaps why girls were always so jealous of the idea of two guys doing it together. And the thing was that lots of straight guys enjoyed male sex simply because it was so masculine.

I remember that the first time that Rick and I had fucked. We had both been a little unsure about doing that and nervous. I had been wondering what it would be like to have my dick in another boy’s butt, and Rick had been wondering what it would be like to have another boy’s erection in his butt.

Luckily we felt safe with one another, because we didn’t have a condom, and we just did it as nature intended. That had made it even more intimate, though, and so much better. We were both amazed by how satisfying it was for me to ejaculate in him, and impregnate him boy-wise with my sperm. Of course we took turns and I loved him doing that to me.

Right then I was savoring how good it felt to have my bare dick sliding smoothly through his butt hole, feeling his anal tightness, and watching the look of pleasure which this produced on his face as he lay there being fucked.

It was so terrific that we didn’t have to be embarrassed with each other about enjoying this, or worrying if somehow it meant that we were gay simply because we did. There was always that, of course, which as why we were very careful to be discrete, and just keep this our secret. I really liked the fact that I didn’t have to hide it from my mom.

She knew that while she was at work, that the two of us were at my house, nakedly and even lovingly, expressing our feelings of friendship. She had teased me about it was all, saying how we should have our clothes back on by the time she got home. Although adding that she wouldn’t be shocked either if we just happened to be naked.

I closed my eyes and concentrated on just how good it felt to be sliding my dick in and out of Rick’s butt hole, feeling my stiff sexual length going deep into his anal sheath, as well as the urgency that was slowly building with in it. Rick was lying there, enjoying the stimulation of this, holding and masturbating his own erection, with the head being outrageously swollen and purple. The extent of the boners that gave each other was almost embarrassing and so exciting.

“Oh, geez!’ Rick gasped and I watched him cum. His white male-liquid squirted out in repeated long streams, going all the way to his chest and rosy red nipples, and all across his stomach.

Seeing him climax brought my urge to completion deep inside of him.

I grunted and gave him my sperm, feeling it throb from my hard dick again and again with a lustfully satisfying conclusion.

“Oh, yeah … yeah … yeah …” I said with each surge of my discharge.

We both sighed heavily and opened our eyes and grinned at each other, elated with once more being successful in taking it all the way together.

“I love how that feels … you’re coming in me,” Rick said. He looked directly up at me. “I love you.”

I smiled. “I love you, too.” I said.

It was so great to be able to say that to each other as friends.

Both of our boners were expended and fully satisfied, but my penis was still inserted in him and his male wetness was all over his chest and stomach. I leaned down and we kissed. Yes, friends could do this and we both knew what a fantastic summer lay ahead.

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