Boy Firsts

by Scott (NC)

“Let’s mess around,” Rick said with an enthusiastic grin on his good looking face.

I was so surprised. I had no idea that Rick was into stuff like that.

We knew each other from college, but we weren’t really friends. It was summer and we had just happened to run into each other, and we had gone over to his house.

Rick was nice enough. He was one of those clean cut boys, with very short hair and he always did extremely well in college. Personally I had always thought that he was a bit of a nerd type.

But we had run into each other, and neither of had a lot to do, so we had gotten to talking and had gone over to his house. We were sitting in his bedroom, on his bed, when he had said that to me.

Rick was starting to take his shirt off. I just sat there and watched. Then, when he had done that, he was tugging his pants and his underwear off. I was surprised with myself, because I was starting to get undressed, too. I was only wearing a t-shirt and a pair of cut-offs and flip-flops. I really never did anything with other boys.

Rick was already having an erection. His penis was fairly long, but thin as it pushed boldly up from between his legs. He grinned at me proudly showing me his boner like that. I was getting an erection.

He laughed and leaned over and took my dick into his mouth and started sucking on me, doing that with no hesitation whatsoever. Like I said, I was surprised. I didn’t think that he was gay. Did he think that I was gay? I wasn’t. Although there I as, naked with him, and I was sitting there letting him suck my dick. I couldn’t believe that I was doing this.

His mouth went wetly up and down on my now hard dick a number of times and that felt really good, and at the same time his hand was playing with my balls.

He pulled back and gave me this enthusiastic look. I reached out and felt his hard dick. Then, feeling curious, I impulsively leaned over and took his dick into my mouth. Again I couldn’t belie that I as actually doing this. That I was sucking on another guy’s dick. It was quite exciting, though. I only went up and down on him half a dozen times, though before I pulled my mouth away.

Rick as getting out a small bottle of lubrication, which he handed to me.

“Stick you dick in me,” he said, turning around.

I used a few drops of the clear liquid on my erection and got up behind him and found myself sliding my stiff penis through his willing butt hole. I had no trouble in going in.

“Ooo … that feels good,” he told me.

Geez! I had my dick in his butt!

I started to fuck in and out and he loved that.

“Oh, yeah … yeah ..” he panted.

I was holding him up against me as I fucked him. It really felt good being in him.

“Yeah … Yeah … Yeah …” he continued to pant as he was masturbating his dick while I did this to him. Then he groaned and was ejaculating. I saw the white liquid pulsing carelessly from his penis. This really excited me and suddenly my erection was ejaculating in him, filling his anal sheath with my semen.

“Uh… Uh… Uh … Uh … Uh …” I grunted as my boner throbbed.

Then we both let out a sigh.

My duck slipped from his butt.

He turned around and kissed me on the lips. I kissed him back, not minding at that moment doing that with him as another boy. In fact, liking it and finding it exciting.

He smiled at me.

“It was really great doing that with you,” he said. “It felt so good being fucked by you.”

I smiled. “It felt good,” I told him.

Everything had just taken me by surprise. I had just fucked another boy and really it just seemed so natural and easy. I could already tell that Rick and I were going to do a lot of fucking that summer.

This story is based on my first boy-boy experience, which just happened by surprise. But I loved it. Just thought that I would share it.

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