Boss Raped Me

by Jessica (Texas)

My name is Jessica this happened when I was 25. I'm a red head tall 5'11 120 pounds 36c breasts hour glass shape body guys do love my cute ass. I got married at 18 because I was pregnant my marriage only lasted 7 years.

My husband is a jack ass always late with child support or not paying. I need to find a job. My friend told me about being a police officer I live in a small town how can I do this I have Liz my 7 year old. But i apply and got accepted so I have to go to the police department for training.

My mom is babysitting Liz at her house then I will get her later after training. I'm in great shape the physical training was hard but I did it. I was the only women in this a group of cadets so the men would be checking me out. My supervisor was a fat black guy tall 6'5 big hands he would stare at me look me up and down.

Well i passed the course got my certification to become a local police officer. My supervisor said they are going to have a get together at a local bar and grill he asked if i would be there i said only if i can get someone to watch Liz.

I asked a friend to watch Liz she said ok but can it be at her house I said ok I drop Liz off ho home and dress up i put on a thong my push up bra a skirt just above my knees high heels I think I look good. Well I drive to the bar and grill it’s about 8pm.

I walk into the bar as soon as I walk in my supervisor saw me came over great you could make it Jessica as he's looking me up and down wow baby looking good he hugs me and gives my ass a squeeze.

I get a drink i set down talk to other people now my supervisor comes over asking me what I'm drinking i say a Margareta he hoes and comes back with one gives it to me i take a sip oh its really strong too strong for me but I drink it.

Now it's around 11:30 people are leaving that last drink was strong now my supervisor hands me a shot glass with a double of whisky i say I can't he says shh baby drink up I drink it now I’m tipsy I get my keys out of my purse my supervisor follows me to my minivan says I should drive you home.

I tell him I live close by he tells me he will follow me home to make sure I get there safe i say it's not necessary. He's very insisted. So i say ok. We drive and I get home safe he parked behind my minivan I get out walk to my door I'm having problems getting my door open so my supervisor comes behind me as i get the door open.

He asked if Liz was in bed asleep i tell him she's at a friend's house. Then all of a sudden he slammed my door shut grabs me throws me over my couch so I'm bent over he lifts up my skirt pulling my thong down i can't believe what's going on i say no no no please no he said shut up Jessica he pulls me down.

He plays with his cock then i feel his cock head against my pussy entrance he pushed in a little no no no i beg please. He’s pushing into me oh his cock head is so big it’s almost too big to fit inside me he fucks me, his huge cock sliding in and out going deeper with every thrust.

I can't help it i cum hard all over his cock yeah bitch love it huh love dat black monster yeah bitch then I feel his cock swell please pull out please don't cum in me he went deeper than released a massive cum shot.

After that he said take me to the bedroom I do I have gobs of cum dripping out of my pussy he tells me to get on my knees and suck his cock I'm confused he just raped me, may get me pregnant but I do what he tells me to do i drop to my knees i take his cock, his head is so big mushroom his cock muscles vein popping out giant balls.

I barley fit his head in my mouth i suck and use my tongue he’s getting hard he moans yeah baby I can't believe how much I love sucking his cock then he tells me enough but i want it in me.

I lay on the bed open my legs wide he rams his cock deep and its nothing I felt before, he’s so deep no has ever gone I’m moaning yes oh God yes, yes as he fucks harder he cums another couple of times in me.

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