Bob and Susan Mexico Timeshare

by Bob Watergate (Missouri)

Bob came home, with the news that he had made reservations for them to take a vacation at their timeshare condominium at Cancun, Mexico. Susan took it upon herself to surprise Bob by inviting Hosea to accompany them. Hosea was a new potter friend Efrain had introduced them to.

Bob is naturally a submissive or bottom bisexual. Hosea is a lovely gay man that has a long uncut cock. He does like to pound Bob's butt-hole. He also likes urination games in the shower with Bob. Susan enjoys watching her husband surrender himself to dominant gay men. That was why she invited him to vacation with them for some great sexy times.

Their condo is located close to the waterfront, and is only a short walk distance to the lively night life. The best thing about a vacation down there for Susan is they had complete maid service. Susan could lounge around without having to think about cleaning, straightening up, washing the linen.

The community is so relaxed that no one cares if a woman like Susan suns herself on the floating dock naked to the waist. The fact that she does not shave her underarms, legs or pussy does not raise an eyebrow either. Some men and women are repulsed by a woman with all of her body hair. Still others find it erotic to see a woman with underarm hair. Some of the women that would not have the nerve to let their body hair would approach Susan and compliment her on her individuality.

The first couple of nights the three of them hit the clubs and drank it up. When they got home Susan talked Bob into dropping his pants for Hosea, so that she could watch him fuck his ass.

The second morning there Susan was sleeping in late because she had drunk too much the night before. Unknown to her, Hosea had been talking to the maids. One of the maids asked Hosea about the fact that only one bed was being used, and there were three staying there. Hosea got a laugh out of her question. He told her, that he was bisexual and was fucking Susan and her bisexual husband.

The maid immediately showed interest. She wondered about what Susan was doing for fun. Hosea picked up her vibes right away. He told her to go ahead and enter the bedroom, if you want. Susan has partied with plenty of women.

Susan was still sleeping when the maid entered the bedroom. She woke up when she heard the bedroom door open. The maid called out with her sweet Spanish accent, "House cleaning!" Susan told her to come on in.

It is worth mentioning that because of the tropical heat the American vacationers tend to leave the air-conditioner on all of the time, and only sleep under sheets if they even bother covering their bodies at all. Susan was no different from her fellow countrymen; she also slept in the nude.

Susan lay there watching the maid approach the foot of the bed. When the maid saw that Susan was totally naked, she gathered up her worn gray dress with both hands, so she could pull her own panties down stepping out of them. She came around to the side of the bed; and stood there checking out Susan's body. She must have liked what she saw.

Susan was sprawled out on the bed with one arm above her head so that the maid could see the hair under her arm and all of the hair on her legs, along with the tangle of pubic hair all over her pussy. When the maid saw Susan open her eyes again, she knew she was awake. She just flashed Susan a big brown toothy smile and slung her leg over Susan's head as she assumed the 69 position. She slipped a skilled finger into Susan's pussy and used her tongue to seek out the clit.

Susan had been surprised by the bold move of the maid, but she loved it. The maid looked to be in her mid-thirties. When she looked up at her crotch Susan saw that this woman not only didn't trim her pubic hair, she didn't wipe good either. Her asshole was stained with her shit, and her pussy smelled like she had not washed in days. When she ground her pussy all over Susan's face, she tasted of urine, raw cum and pussy juices that could have been days old.

The maid sucked her pussy while she ground her own pussy into Susan's face. When the maid climaxed she cried something in Spanish, giving Susan's pussy one more kiss and stood up. She kissed Susan on the mouth while she stuck her fingers deep into Susan's pussy and diddled her until she climaxed too. She said something more in Spanish and gave her a warm smile before she began cleaning the room.

Later that afternoon Susan saw Hosea and Bob at the beach. Hosea asked Susan if she had enjoyed her visitor. That amused Susan and she had a good laugh. Hosea told her about his conversation with the maid. He assured her that the woman was very interested in her. She had assured him that she would make a point to drop by every morning if Susan wanted. Susan assured him that he should tell her that she would love a morning visit from her, and any friends, every day if she would come to her unwashed. Hosea was amused that Susan still preferred the natural odor of women.

Each morning of their vacation the maid made a point of coming by after Hosea and Bob headed off for some place to amuse themselves. She was wonderful; Susan suspected she didn't wash her crotch during the remainder of their vacation. Susan also made a point not to wash her pussy either. The day before their vacation was over the maid brought with her two other maids. Both were young things. Both of them were unshaven too. Susan's Spanish was terrible but she figured out that the maid was telling her that the other maids were gay. What a turn on to have sex with three women at the same time.

One of the younger women revealed a strap on dong as she stripped off her uniform. As she crawled up between Susan’s legs the older maid moved up to set on Susan’s face. Susan felt how large this dong was and how hard this girl was fucking her! As usual the older maid was nasty tasting and completely unwashed! Susan had a very hard orgasm as the two young girls switched the strap on dong and places.

The new girl had such lovely large breasts and cupped them both sucking on her nipples as she pounded Susan’s pussy. Susan had no idea how long these women had been there, but before they left all three of them took turns eating her pussy out and the old maid even took a turn with the strap on fucking Susan’s asshole! They left Susan lying well used on her bed.

Hosea had taken Bob down town to a strip club where they enjoyed the show. Yes this club had both women and men stripping but Hosea began calling the men over to their table. The first man offered Bob his cock and he sucked it in quickly. This man was skilled and made Bob suck him for over 20 minutes before cumming. The second man approached the table and spoke to Hosea in Spanish. Hosea took Bob by the hand and the three of them went to a private room. Well it looked private, but no sooner had they arrived that the stripper began fucking Bob’s ass, Bob saw a window curtain go up and he realized this was a stage too!

Both men and women were watching this new sex act as Bob saw a man in the last row with a professional looking camera filming the entire event! Once the stripper pulled out Hosea moved in and took his turn fucking Bob. After Hosea finished the camera man spoke in Spanish which got 3 men from the audience to move up on this stage and; each taking their turn; all fucked Bob making this video show outstanding. Before the last man finished the camera man moved his unit around so he was now getting a close up of Bob’s face.

“Smile Bob,” Hosea said. “You’re going to be an Adult Film star!!”

Bob tried to speak but the stripper had moved in front of his face and pushed his shitty tasking cock into Bob’s waiting mouth! Bob watched the camera man move up even close capturing this brown cock sliding into this white man’s mouth!

Once Bob was able to stand up he saw Hosea walk back from a Hispanic woman he had talked to and heard Hosea say, “Bob she gave me a tampon to keep all this cum inside you until we get back to the timeshare. I can’t wait to let Susan see all this cum run out of your asshole. Who knows I bet she might even want a taste to celebrate your new film career!”

Hosea walked hand in hand with Bob from the taxi to their condominium speaking to several of the Hispanic workers as they passed by. Bob didn’t need to understand Spanish to know Hosea told them about him getting fucked on the stage and the movie that was made. The part Bob didn’t understand was that Hosea was going to receive a 30% royalty on ever film sold!

Back in the room they found Susan still on the bed, but with the Front Desk Bellhop! Susan quickly explained that he heard the maids talking and thought he might get lucky too!

“Bob once I saw his twelve inch cock I told him to bring it on!” Susan shared. Susan then told this man to finish up and the three of them watched him offer an amazing cum load, much more than ever expected!

Susan asked Bob to suck his cock clean since he had to go back to the Front Desk! Bob complied and cleaned him well. Then I heard Hosea speaking to him which brought on a big smile!

“Susan get ready for another show!” Hosea told her. Bob was quickly turned around and the Front Desk man pulled Bob’s open and sloppy asshole onto his giant cock. Susan and Hosea both watch with interest as Bob received the best fucking of his entire vacation!

On the flight home Susan and Bob spoke about everything that had happened on this trip. They both agreed that they were keeping this timeshare in Cancun! Susan was also wondering when, if ever, she would share with Bob the additional income they would be receiving as Hosea told Susan he would gladly give her half of the royalty he was receiving!

Sex is so rewarding, thought Susan!

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