Blind Dating

by Bryn (Cheshire, UK)

The best thing about blind dating is that you never know who or what is going to show up. I had my own flat after branching out from home and leaving my folks and my siblings, I was twenty years of age, had a good job and enjoyed being boss in my own home.

I'd been on several, using a dating website on my laptop, three had been very satisfactory with plenty of great sex, one girl had refused point blank to fuck me saying that my cock was too big and might damage her, while another with a bi guy had been eager to bed me and was in raptures when he managed to anally engulf my somewhat over sized appendage, so he went home contented after spending the night in my bed with me.

All in all I was feeling enormously happy with my life, until my latest date replied to my message on line....My Profile read..........

Young 20 yr old, said to be good looking
Gym fit body, no body or facial hair, v.w.e
Caring and considerate, wltm older mature
Lady for fun times indoors or outdoors
Short or long term relationship considered
Please reply stating likes dislikes, wants
or not wants, no hangups.

I started getting replies after a few days from a Lady who seemed to fit the bill..........

Mature warm attractive woman, seeking young
fit athletic young man, must have broad experience,
I am the adventurous type with a no holds
barred attitude. Please reply stating likes and dislikes
be honest all things on the table.

She sounded just the job and we started an on line exchange of views, wants and desires, said I wanted good fulfilling sex, no silly shyness about nakedness etc. Her replies were couched in similar terms, she was unsatisfied with her home life and hardly any sex, she wanted to be able to unleash herself sexually and needed someone who would not be repelled by her needs.

Right away I replied and we agreed to meet in a weeks time when her husband would be away on a Golfing holiday with his friends and it would be best for us if I could accommodate us both. I agreed and said to meet me at a quiet pub I knew outside town. I described what I would be wearing and hoped she would not be disappointed.

Came the day a week later I was in the large lounge bar of the pub and only a few patrons were present. I sat at a table looking out over the countryside when a familiar voice behind me made the hairs on my neck bristle.......

"Bryn!! what are you doing here, this is most unexpected......"

"Mum!!! I, errm, I'm waiting........I'm waiting for someone I'm meeting"

My mother! of all the most unexpected people to bump into it had to be Mum.

"What are you doing here mum, I didn't know you knew this place...."

"What a coincidence son, I'm supposed to be me.........Oh God!....Oh God...
Oh no, no, no...Are you're the man I've been.......Oh God this is awful.

End of Part 1

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