Blind Dating: Part 3

by Bryn (Cheshire, UK)

Mum got us to sit on the sofa together, she idly fondled my throbbing cock while I helped myself to her ample soft white tits and the big dark nipples, teasing and pinching them and making her moan softly, then.....

"Bryn, we have to come to an agreement before we go any further, right, so, in this flat I am Helen, my given name and not Mum OK? and at home I am once again Mum with all the respect which attains to it, so no touching, groping, quick kisses or little remarks that might give things away, OK?"

"Sounds good to me M..Helen, you have my word on it that all will be as you say."

"Right then, so leave my tits alone take to your bed and shag me bandy legged, I want that big stiff thing punching into me, d'you know its the first time I have ever seen it erect, or even touched it, mmmmmmmmm!!"

We stumbled into my bedroom and Helen immediately pushed me onto the bed and followed me then getting us into a sixty niner. She was on top and while trying to get all my dick in her mouth she was mashing her hot slimy wet hairy pussy onto my face and with my nose pressed against the gark star pf her wrinkly anus.

Helen gobbled away on my dick whilst I happily feasted on her delicious thick lipped gaping cunt that drooled grool freely, smearing my face and mouth with rich grool. I wondered how long I could hold out with out cumming in Helens mouth as she was sucking away like a Dyson vacuum cleaner but then as if reading my thoughts she let my cock go and still straddling me poised herself and her splayed open cunt above my rearing cock and very slowly, nervously in fact, began lowering herself until her puffy wet cunt lips were just lightly kissing the plump purple pink knob of my cock....

"I hope I can do this darling," she whispered, "Its so fucking big, please don't try and just stuff it in me...Oh!..oh shit!...Oh dear Lord!....its going in....its stretching me open Bryn...OhhhhGodohhhGodohhhGod!!!"

Helen had deliberately impaled herself on it, taking about six inches or so, its girth really was stretching her tightness and making her gasp brokenly as she supported herself pushing on my thighs with her hands. Then by degrees she relaxed and still very slowly she worked her body down and I had the sight of her big soft white arse with its dark anal hole, open slightly as she forced herself down harder, bearing down as if giving birth in reverse until we both sighed our spontaneous delight of being welded together with my cock lodged deeply in her molten heat.

Totally conjoined now I did not move, she asked why I wasn't fucking her....

"I'm letting my cock bake in your heat my sweet slut, it might rise even bigger. Try squeezing with your pelvic muscles, see if you can milk a load of spunk out of me"

"Oh you mucky swine, I like it when you talk like that, I feel all quivery and squidgy inside........God that thing feels Soooooo good in here..."

Helen was gently rocking herself on my dick, I gazed lovingly at her glorious arse as it moved on my pelvis and the devil in me decided that her arsehole was on my menu next, unless she drained the life out of me

End of Part 3

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