Blind Dating: Part 2

by Bryn (Cheshire, UK)

"But mum, I never in my wildest dream........"

"I know son, me neither, all that stuff I wrote..Oh God, so bloody embarrassing what must you think of me, your own MOTHER, ohhh GOD!!

"OK Mum, don’t be upset, I’m to blame...we'll stop it right now....and I'll erase everything on my laptop, promise. Look let me get you a drink and we can both calm down"

Shortly we both sat quietly and sipped our drinks, then came the Bombshell

“ seem that things are out in the open....I suppose...that is...I suppose we could sort know........."

"Mum, are you suggesting what I think you’re suggesting?"

"Well, we both know much more about each other now that I think I could really be tempted to.........."

"What and I......Dating and........"

"Yes Bryn, why not, it’s sort of dirty, so forbidden, so, so, so exciting. Shall I tell you something......."

"Yes Mum...what? might as well feel free now....."

"Well........I'm....I'm wet...I'm so damn wet my knickers are.......goodness listen to me, I must sound like a....."

"Mum, You're making me're making my cock stiff......I want to do it with you...."

"What darling, what do you want to do with me....OhhhhhGOD!!!"

"I want to strip you naked and fuck your brains out, I want to stuff my cock in you........"

It was sheer madness, the two of us, mother and son sitting there talking like that, but we had seemingly come to a mutual conclusion that we were going to live out what we had indicated in our messages.

She said that perhaps it was time we left and would I like to invite her back to my flat. Feeling strangely elated I agreed and we both got to our cars and left to our rendezvous at my place.

We were hardly in the door when I locked her in a tight embrace, crushing her voluptuous body against me, my erection pressing through my pants against mum’s thigh. She sighed and then we were kissing wildly, our hands roaming freely over each other’s bodies.

"Bed...Bryn...get me into bed....GOD!! I’m streaming....ohhh God, I'm just so HORNY darling.....take me to bed....I need it, I need FUCKING"

My Mum was hissing her urgent demand while grinding her pelvis against me, the devil was in me and I tried delaying as much as I could, grabbing her heavy boobs through her top with one hand and squeezing her sumptuous arse with the other and making her gasp with pleasure.

I forced her against my sofa and she collapsed onto it, her legs spreading as wide as her skirt would allow and showing the crotch of her white knickers, white but with a dark patch where she was juicing. I stuck my head under her skirt, I could smell the pungent odour of hot pussy and I pressed my face against it. I heard Mum gasp loudly and then moan when my mouth was on her cunt.

I struggled a bit to pull her knickers off while kneeling there but she helped enough so that I was free to return to my previous act of licking and sucking Mums wet cunt lips and very gently teasing her cheeky stiff clit which made her wriggle and squeal softly till she bucked hard onto my mouth and cried out that she was cumming.

Mum had an explosive orgasm and she gave a series of little squirts on my mouth each time she convulsed before sagging and becoming limp and breathing raggedly.

I pulled Mum to her feet and gradually undressed her till she was naked whereupon she undressed me and on pulling my shorts down murmured that she had done a great job on growing me in her womb. She meant my cock which was iron hard and pointing obscenely at her.

She took it and curled her soft fingers around the shaft, not quite encompassing its thickness, then squatting she licked the small blobs of clear pre cum that leaked from my pee hole. I thought she was going to return the compliment and suck me off, I was wrong.

End of Part 2

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