Blackmail My Sister

by Dylan (UK)

Hello...if you already read my true experience incest (brother & sister). I’m a 42 year old Indian guy who had been married to my wife for 15 years and have two bambinos’ Aged 14 & 17.

As hopefully u also be aware (if you have not read my story) that my sister who is 43 years old and married to her husband for 20 years and has three bambino’s aged 10 & 17 &. 21.

I never noticed or been attracted to my sister sexually before we always get on like my sister lives 121 miles away from my very rarely I see my sister.

Anyway regardless me and my wife have separated and I live on my own in a lovely four bedroom house which I built I mean I got a big heart shaped bed swimming pool etc...

My sister loved my house and when my sister worked away from home my sister always came and stayed with me and my wife because we live only a few minutes away from my sisters work headquarters’.

This is what happened a few months ago I was home alone it was about 5 pm and the phone rings it was my sister she said can she stay a few nights because she is working near by, as I had a big house I said yeah sister got to my house I already made dinner for sister we had wine and my sister said she gonna shower and go sleep in one of the spear bedroom.

I was going to my bed room and my sisters room was open she was naked and on the phone with her husband FaceTiming on speakerphone and my sister’s husband was telling her to do sexual acts and I saw my sister started to dress up in black knee length stockings red gstrings and bra with red lipgloss wow my sister looked beautiful sexy and stunning.

My cock shot up 8” z. & started to drip, I got my phone out and started recording her act, it was for about seven minutes...then that night all I could think about was my sister and masturbating about three times.

Then in the morning my sister left a note saying she will be working late nights and she be back from work at about six..I live in house with no people near me... so I sort up a plan... I knew if I forced my sister to have sex with me...she would not tell anyone because she wouldn’t want to lose her respect, she wouldn’t want to lose her husband, and she wouldn’t want to lose her kids.

So I thought if I forced my sister to fuck me and recorded it then blackmail her, she would definitely agree to my demands.

During the day I was masturbating to my sister and drinking vodka I waited for her to arrive soon as she walked in I gave her dinner with loaded sleeping pills and Viagra. My sisters wine was spiked with the drug called GHB which relaxes her body within minutes.

She started feeling sleepy and horny, and started touching her pussy, I took the chance and said hey sis you look beautiful and sexy today, she didn’t reply.

I went upstairs took my clothes off and only wore my tracksuit bottoms and my cock was showing big time, I called her upstairs and she walked into my bedroom I grabbed my sister, taped her hands behind her back, she was confused then I sat her down and said I had not had sex for about few months and I wanna fuck her.

Spreading her legs apart, ripping away her stockings and pulling her gstrings apart I started licking her gorgeous clit, sucking all her fanny she came quick, I got a chair stripped naked and made her sit on my cock bouncing up and down she was moaning loudly I ripped her top off and started licking and sucking my sisters tits they were beautiful and perfect.

Within minutes I shot my CREAM load 8” z deep inside her hot pussy but carried on FUCKING her, I FUCKED and made love to her every way possible and cum inside her Fanny seven times and twice in her asshole, all recorded on my video camera, it was about 1 hour 45 minutes long.

When she came around at about 4am laying on my shoulders and holding my dick I started kissing her, she thought I was her husband and started kissing me back then I got on top of her spitting her legs apart and started FUCKING her again, it lasted about a minute before she hear my voice at this point I just shot my CREAM inside her again.

She got up and said what the fuck have you done, I showed her the video I recorded and emailed it to her and said I will put it on Facebook, YouTube and porn channel if she don’t agree with my sexual relationship and demand.

All you need to know is that my sister agreed...

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