Black To The Movies

by Carol (Florida)

My hubby and I would always go to the movies when it was raining outside and only on the weekends. This was no ordinary movie night. We would go to an xrated movie and I would wear a rain coat with a zipped front and I’d be naked underneath.

There was only one rule to this game and that was to find an old black man who sat in the rear of the theater. It’s a Saturday night and Rocky says Carol it’s raining let’s go to the movies. I say ok thinking it was a regular movie.

I go upstairs to get dressed and Rocky says put on your raincoat and nothing else. I didn’t know what was happening but I did like he asked me to do getting a little excited. We get there and it’s on a dimly lit street in the inner city. We park get out and go up to the window. Rocky buys the tickets and we go inside.

We look around and Rocky says cmon Carol I found us a seat. I see an older black man and he has his jacket over his lap. Rocky says ok sit next to him. I sit down and the man says hello and I say hi back. Rocky sits down and when I look up at the screen it has a black man with a huge cock fucking a big tit white woman.

I’m getting so hot watching this that Rocky says Carol you must be sweating like crazy with that coat on. The man says hi I’m Earl and I tell him I’m Carol and my husband is Rocky and Earl says glad to meet you. The next thing I know Rocky has pulled the zipper down half way on my coat and he exposes my big tits.

Earl oks at me and moves his coat so I can see his big black cock. Rocky is pulling on my big nipples and then starts sucking on them. I moan yes Rocky suck my tits. Earl is now jerking his cock faster and faster when all of a sudden he stops and puts his coat over his lap once again.

Rocky now unzips my coat all the way down and let’s open so now Earl can see my shaved wet pussy. Rocky says Carol our two fingers in your pussy, which I do. Rocky looks at Earl whose eyes are popping out of his head and says Carol let Earl have a taste.

I look at Earl and his mouth is open, so I put my fingers inside his mouth. I felt a little funny because Earl had no teeth. Rocky then asks Earl doesn’t Carol have great tits and Earl says yes they’re big and beautiful. I’m sitting here naked in front of this man and I don’t know what Rocky has on his mind.

Rocky says Earl would you like to play with them. Earl again says yes and he grabs my tits. Earl sucks on my nipples making them hard and me very horny. Again it felt strange as Earl was gumming my nipples. Rocky tells Earl move your coat and let Carol see your cock.

Earl moves his coat and his cock is huge and rock hard. Earl then grabs my hand and puts it on his cock. I begin to jerk it. Earl grabs my hair and says Carol suck my cock and I lower my head down and take his cock in my mouth. Earl’s cock had a little sweaty smell to it and that was making me even hornier, so I locked his sweaty balls and this was driving me crazy.

I pull Rocky’s cock out of his sweat pants and begin to jerk it. Rocky says Carol don’t you go for a little ride. I grab Earl’s cock and climb on top sinking his black cock into my white pussy. Earl is fucking me and he’s also sucking my nipples. I look at Earl and say fuck me Earl.

I’m slamming my pussy on Earl’s huge cock when Earl says I want to fuck you doggy Carol. I climb off him and he gets behind me and slams his black meat inside me. What I didn’t notice was another black man playing with his huge cock. He says hi I’m Will and I’m enjoying the show.

Will is a short fat bald guy and he says Carol could you please suck my cock. I say sure Will and I put Will’s cock in my mouth. I look at Earl and he’s fucking me like crazy and I tell him Earl I’m cumming and I cum all over his huge black cock. I feel Earls’s cum deep inside me and he pulls his cock out of me.

Earl says to Will let’s switch and so now I’m sucking Earl’s cock and fucking Will. Rocky says Carol now you have two cocks and I tell Rocky I love it. Will sits me in the seat, reclines it then puts his big black cock inside me. I feel Earl’s cum running down my ass as Will begins to fuck me. I’m sucking Earl’s cock and he’s hard again.

I cum all over Will’s cock and Will cum inside me and gets up and leaves. I put my fingers in my pussy tasting all the cum inside me when Earl again sinks his huge cock in me. Earl is fucking me hard and deep the way I like it and I cum again. I wrap my legs around Earl wanting to feel every inch of his black cock.

OMG I whisper in Earl’s ear fuck me Earl. He looks at me and gives me a big passionate kiss. Earl then cums inside me and gets off of me. Earl is sitting there satisfied as am I and Rocky says Earl did you enjoy fucking Carol and Earl says yes. Rocky says maybe we can do this again.

Earl asks me Carol did you like two big black cocks and I said liked, I loved it. Rocky tells Earl maybe next week. I’m zipping up my coat and Rocky says Earl how would you like to come home with us. Earl says yes and I say whatever you want me to do Rocky and the three of us leave.

We get home and Rocky says Carol show Earl the bedroom and I grab Earl’s hand and up the stairs we go. Rocky is downstairs and Earl and I are in the bedroom. Earl unzips my coat throws me on the bed and says Carol I’m going to fuck you all night long.

OMG Earl Yes fuck me all night as I lay on the bed and spread my legs and Earl slams my pussy with his cock. I can’t remember how many times Earl fucked me, but in the morning I need my morning fuck and I climbed in top of Earl and sank myself down on his black cock.

Oh yes Earl fuck me as I bounced up and down on his cock. I came and then Earl came deep inside me. I climbed off Earl and cleaned his cock. I went downstairs and Rocky was gone and he left a note. It said went to work and have fun. I went back upstairs and told Earl Rocky isn’t here so it’s just you and me.

Earl laughed and said come here Earl is going to fuck you all day. OMG I’m thinking I’m going to be so sore as I lay on the bed spread my legs and say fuck me Earl and he climbs on top of me and slams his huge black cock deep inside me. What a day this is going to be.

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