BJing Buddies

by Greg (NV)

I couldn’t believe it. I was lying there naked on my bed with Derrick, and he was sucking on my dick.

He was four years older than me. He was good looking and played football and all of the girls loved him. And in a very calm and straightforward manner he had told me that he wanted to do that with me.

I was surprised and kind of hesitant, but I went along with it.

We both got undressed. I didn’t have an erection, but Derrick and a big boner sticking up. We played with each other’s dicks for a minute and I started to get an erection, too. Then derrick started suck on my dick. It felt wet and good and was so exciting, and it was so exciting having Derrick to do that to me as another guy.

I felt nervous, and could only imagine what my mom would say if she happened to walk in and see me getting my dick sucked like this by another guy. Thankfully I knew that she would not be home for several more hours.

I moaned a little as Derrick’s mouth wetly stimulated my boner.

I heard him moan a little, too.

“Ohhh …” I gasped and felt the urgency building within my stiff penis. “I’m going to cum.”I warned.

Derrick just kept going.

In the next moment I was ejaculating and my penis was pulsing in Derrick’s mouth.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” I gasped as his boner throbbed.

I put out a lot and some it spilled from Derrick’s mouth, but he took most of it and swallowed a couple of times, having no problem in gulping down my liquid.

When I finished, Derrick pulled his mouth away and stood up. He took a hold of his boner and quickly jacked it off, shooting creamy cum across my chest and nipples. I just laid there and watched and felt his cum splash down on my bare skin.

“Yeah … yeah … yeah ..” he panted repeatedly as he ejaculated all over me, delivering surges of his semen.

I was kind of amazed to find myself the recipient of another boy’s spermy semen. It was wild and exciting.

When he finished he sighed and looked at me and smiled. “That was great,” he said and licked his lips.

He laughed and stepped closer, pushing his dribbling dick toward my face and mouth. I opened my mouth and took it in and immediately tasted his male flavor. It was exciting being able to do that.

“Oh, man …” he breathed, gently pushing his dick in and out of my accommodating mouth. “I could get hard again and come in your mouth.”

I was surprised to feel his thick penis become stiff in my mouth. I sucked on him, sliding my mouth up and down, having no plans on doing this, but suddenly there I was sucking on Derrick’s boner and it was so thrilling.

“Uh! Uh! Yeah!” Derrick suddenly grunted and I felt his thick liquid surging into my mouth. I could feel it spurting out again and again. I swallowed and then swallowed again, just as he had done with me.

I couldn’t believe that another boy was ejaculating in my mouth. I couldn’t believe how exciting this was.

When he finished I pulled my mouth away, tasting his strong flavor, and not minding it, but liking that I was.

I looked up him almost helplessly and he smiled down at me. Then he leaned over and kissed me on the lips. Right then I knew that this was not going to be the only time that we would do this together. I wanted to suck on his dick as much as he wanted to suck on mine.

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