BJ With A Friend

by Tommy (WA)

Brian and Benny had walked up to the creek together that was near their houses, in a secluded woodsy area. It was summer and the weather was hot. Benny, being overweight, was sweating and complaining about the heat.

“We could take off our clothes and go skinny dipping,” Brian said. “That would cool us off.”

Benny looked reluctant. “I don’t know …” he said, unsure.

“There’s nobody around. Nobody ever comes out here.”

“Yeah …” Benny answered slowly, knowing that was true. “But I don’t know about taking my clothes off.”

“Why not?”

“Because I’m fat,” Benny said, feeling self-conscious.

“Don’t worry about that,” Brian assured.

Benny still looked unsure. “Also … if I’m naked, it’ll probably give me a boner.”

Brian smirked. “So? It’ll probably give me one, too. There’s no one here to see.”

“Oh,” said Benny. His friend’s careless attitude made him feel less concerned. “I … I guess we could.”

Brian grinned and started to tug his t-shirt off and Benny followed his example.

In a moment more both boys were naked. Brian was just average and Benny was fat. He grinned modestly over being s revealing as they say down on the low grassy bank and put their bare feet into the water.

“It’s cold!” Benny exclaimed.

“No kidding!” Brian agreed and they both took their feet out of the water.

As they sat there together, just as Benny feared, he started to get an erection. His penis was quite small, although it was thick with a very large broad tip. He blushed a little as his penis pushed upright. Brian grinned.

“I knew that would happen,” Benny said.

“Don’t worry,” Brian said. “I’m getting one, too.”

Benny could see that Brian was, and watched his the six inches of his friend’s length pushed up to match his own, although looking much more impressive in its length.

“Wow! You have a big one!” Benny remarked.

“It’s just average,” said Brian.

“Yeah. But compared to mine …” Benny said self-consciously.

“You have a nice dick,” Brain complimented. “It has a big tip on it.”

Benny grinned shyly and blushed some more, but did not mind the compliment.

As he sat there, suddenly he gasped. “Oh! Oh! Oh!”

Brian saw the pulses of liquid squirting from Benny’s dick and was surprised to see him climaxing.

“Oh, geez!” Bennt said. “That always happens. I get really excited and I start squirting.”

“Wow!” Brain said, impressed by his friend’s show. He laughed and took a hold of his stiff male length and started stroking it. Very quickly he started climaxing, and let Benny watch as he ejaculated. “Ohhh …” he breathed as he finished. “That felt so good.”

“Yeah,” Benny agreed, thinking that it had. “It’s pretty neat doing that together.”

“Well, there’s no reason why friends can’t,” said Brian with a small shrug.

It was the following morning when the two of them went back up to the creek.

“Do you want to get naked again?” Benny asked hopefully.

“Sure,” said Brian enthusiastically.

They wasted no time in taking their clothes off and almost immediately they both achieved an erection. They laughed and grinned and it felt good to be displaying their pronounced maleness, encouraging a lack of inhibition.

“Man, my dick’s hard!” Brian exclaimed, feeling the straining stiffness of his penis.

“So is mine,” said Benny, exhibiting his short thick boner, as the broad tip mushroomed impressively out, becoming a deep shade of red.

“Are you going to squirt?” Brian questioned.

“I’m trying not,” said Benny, doing his best to keep that from happening, and having some success. He really wanted to avoid that and to just enjoy having a boner for as long as possible with his friend instead. It was more fun that way. Certainly Brian seemed to be enjoying showing off his stiff penis. It was great to do that together as boys and was so rewardingly male in a way that they could both appreciate.

As they sat there together Brian was gazing down at his friend’s short, thick cock.

“Let me try sucking on your dick,” brian said impulsively.

Before Benny could say anything. Brian was leaning all the way over and talking his boner into his wet mouth.

“Ohhh …” Benny moaned as he felt the warm wetness enveloping his penis. Then, very quickly, he could feel it happening and he was squirting in Brian’s mouth. “Ohhh!!!”

Brian felt the liquid pulse out and that made him uncontrollably excited and suddenly he was ejaculating just as unexpectedly and easily as Benny had the day before. His cum splashed over Benny’s bare feet and dribbled between his fat toes. When Benny fished ejaculating Brian pulled his mouth back. Brain licked his lips.

“What does it taste like?” Benny asked, curious.

“Not bad. Sort of like salty mayonnaise,” Brian appraised. “here,” he said and stuck his tongue out. “Have a taste.”

Benny hesitantly stuck his tongue out and Brian licked it, providing him with a taste of some of the male flavor.

“Not bad,” Benny said.

He then looked down and saw Brian wet excess on his bare feet and leaking between his fat toes. They both laughed.

Twenty naked minutes later they were both having another erection and Benny decided to see what it was like to have Brian penis ejaculate in his mouth. He sucked diligently on his friend’s boner, finding it thrilling to do that, and even more thrilling when he was rewarded by Brian climaxing fully in his mouth.

Just for fun he stuck out his tongue and Bran tasted his own flavor and then they kissed to share it some.

When they had satisfied himself Brian said, “You know … we could try sticking our dicks in each other’s butt. That’s what friends do.”

Benny was surprised. Yet, he found the idea of the two of them doing that very exciting and quite appealing.

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