Birthday Present

by Ken (Somewhere in Texas)

Legal at last! Eighteen years! Now I can do as I please. As usual I had no party. No one was home. My dad was dead, my brother moved out. I knew mom would be home late. I fixed a nice meal and ate it. Leaving enough for mom later. I went and showered watched some mindless movie and got ready for bed. Mom came home about midnight as usual. I heard her moving around. After about a half hour there was a knock on my door. Mom slowly opened the door and looked in.

I was sitting up reading. I smiled and waved her in. Mom was in her early forties, and not in the best of shape. Overweight and tired. She sat on the edge of the bed and rested a hand on my thigh. With a sigh mom said "I'm sorry I missed your birthday." I could see the tears in her eyes. I reached out and pulled her into a gentle embrace. It's okay mom I understand. She cried for a minute then straighten up. And said "Now that your eighteen what would you like to do for your birthday?"

I had thought about this question for a while. Then she said anything you want. I will do my best to fulfill. I just smiled and said Now that could get you in trouble! Oh yeah? Try me. I was looking her in the eye. She was nervous. I teach out and gently stroke her cheek. Letting my fingers rub across her neck, and down to her shoulder. She shivers at my touch. What are you doing son? Just thinking about what I want for my birthday. It was then she noticed the bulge in the sheet.

With a gulp she asked. And just what do you want? I want you my beautiful mother! You did say anything. Slowly she lifted her hand and placed it on my cock. A shock shot through my body. It was like she was in a trance. Just watching her hand stroke me through the sheet. Mom if don't stop your going to waste that load! Then she pulled the sheet down exposing my hard cock. Without missing a beat her head dropped to my dick. I'm only six inches long, so she was able to swallow the whole thing.

The feeling of her hot mouth was more than I could take! Mom I'm going to cum! Her head continued bobbing up and down as I shot my load in her mouth. Oh shit! Oh fuck! I just cum in my mother's mouth! Slowly she pulled up off my cock. Making a little show of swallowing my cum. Then she blushed and looked away. I hope you enjoyed that? I said "Mom that was fucking amazing! May I return the favor?" With narrowed eyes she said "Are you sure?" I want you more than anything else in this world!

Oh son I've needed someone for so long! I held out my arms. She collapsed into me. I found her lips with mine. It was a crushing kiss. And was met with equal force. Tongues battling we clung to each other. My left hand found her breast through her robe. I push it aside. Finally those breast that I suckled as a child was exposed to me. They were large with large dark nipples 40 DDD. I broke the kids I needed to taste these tits. I suck her right nipple into my mouth swirling my tongue around it.

It's hard in an instant. I feel my cock getting hard again. I pull mom to me and turn her on her back. I strip the robe off her. At last her body is before my eyes. I want to see everything. I just stare at first. Mom tries to cover up. "Am I ugly to you?" She asked in a meek voice. God no! Your beautiful! I can smell her excitement. Now where was I? Oh yes I remember now!. Without warning I drove between her legs. And buried my head in the sweetest pussy I have ever tasted.

She screamed and almost jumped out of bed. I held on and starting all the way down close to her asshole and licking up to the top around her clit and back down. I have been blessed with a very long tongue and I've been told I know how to use it. After about ten long licks I spear my tongue deep in her cunt. SHIT EAT MY PUSSY! She screamed! I could feel the trimmers through out her body. I getting ready to cuuuuuummmmm! Was all I heard. Then her meaty thighs were clamped around my head!

Her legs were shaking so hard it was about to rattle my brain. I lay down beside her. I felt her trimmers subside. Are you okay mom? Slowly she turned her head and looked at me. Son that was wonderful! Thank you. Was that all you wanted for your birthday? I gently pushed my semi hard cock against her hip. Well I can think of a few other things we could do. I lean forward and slowly kiss her lips. Gentle, soft like a lover. I start to rub her breast again. I feel a response. Her breath quickens.

Her hands move over my body. I slip my hand to her sweet pussy. She is soaked. I asked "condom? Or no?" It only takes a second. "Fuck me son! I want your cum in me!" I climb on top of her. And ease inside of the pussy that brought me into this world. I don't care how many women a man has. There's nothing like fucking the woman that gave you life. I feel her heat engulf my whole body. It sets me on fire! But I want this to last! I bite my tongue trying not to cum! It feels so good. Mom starts thrusting her hips to meet my thrust. My balls are slapping her ass. I feel my load building? I look into her brown eyes. She smiles.

I'm getting close she said. Fuck me harder son! Shoot your cum in your mother's cunt! That's all it took! As the first shot erupted into her her eyes glazed over I leaned in and kissed her mouth. Then she started thrusting her hips hard. I feel her hot pussy gripping my cock. She is sucking on my tongue, trying to swallow it! Then mom said"I need a shower." A rolled out of bed. I watch her sway across the room. At the bathroom door she looks back. "Wash my back?" I may be young but I'm not stupid!

As we showered just enjoying the sensation of the moment. I asked her. How long will you let this last? She looked up at me. As long as you want me. I hugged her close. Well, that will be forever! She hugged me back. Thank you for that. Now let's get some sleep. We still have one unexplored hole. After drying off we retired to bed. The next morning I wake up and look around a little disoriented. I'm not used to having somebody in bed with me. Then I remember the night before.

Mom is sleeping soundly beside me. I think about the third hole. I slip from bed and go into the bathroom. There in the cabinet is a jar of lube. I grabbed it and heading back to bed. I've always loved rimming ass. And always wanted to wake up someone that way. I ease the covers aside and slip back in bed. Then I ease down to her big ass. It's not huge, but more than enough to hold on to. I gently spread her cheeks. And there it is, her beautiful little rosebud. The smell is intoxicating.

I lean in, my tongue barely touched it. I feel a little resistance as I slowly push my tongue into her ass. Now mom moans and pushes herself back against my probing tongue. I feel the moment she excepts the probing invading tongue. Her Spencer relaxes. Giving me easy access. I'm lost in heaven. I'm eating this ass at last. Then I hear her say "If you don't fuck me in the ass soon I will cum without you!" I grab the lube and smear a generous amount on her ass and on my cock.

Then going slower than slow, I start pushing my cock into her asshole. At first she tenses up. Then relaxes and I slide in just passed the head. I let it rest for a minute then I feel her pushing back. I ease in another inch. Her ass is tight and hot. Now she has her hand in her pussy. Fucking herself like crazy. I pick up the pace. And start to really fuck her ass. I reached around and grab a breast.

Mom rocks back taking all of my cock in her ass, I feel the cum boiling in my nuts. I want to cum! But I want this moment to last. Mom settled it for me. Oh baby fuck my ass, cum in your mommy's ass! Please! That's all it took. I felt spurt after spurt of cum coat my mother's bowels. And then I woke up. To feel a tongue probing my ass. Good morning mom.

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