Big White Women: Pt 2

by Dan (Jamaica)

Standing and looking down at them I was jerking off my hard cock, asking who wants it first!! June arched her back up off the sofa and pleaded, 'Me first, I haven't had a cock in months,' and she burst out laughing. April laughed too, calling her a whore! June looked back up at me pulling her pussy wide apart exposing invitingly pink inside of the moist slit.

She was almost panting, 'Ram it into me, come on, fuck my fat hot cunt,' she snarled. I dropped down between her open legs raising her thighs wide apart.

I pushed her hanging belly up roughly, exposing her whole pussy. Her belly was soft and her cunt gave in easily to my pressing cock down, and felt just how hot she was. Her pussy was on fire and she groaned out loud, bucking her hips to meet my penetrating shaft. Within a few seconds the cunt swallowed my 7” thick cock!!

I grunted, grabbing a huge handful of tit flesh. I called her by some filthy words, my cock was hard as steel. June screamed out ' OH,YES!' and bucked her giant hips again and again, but I didn't ram but preferred to sink my throbbing cock in seeking the end of her hole. Yes, now I did sink my cock into her hot, wet pussy all the way, stopping when my balls where pressed up against her soft ass, it looked incredible wrapped in her soft, heavy folds of pussy lips and fat.

She arched her back as far as it would go and growled like a dog. I wasted no time in pumping her with long, hard thrusts, getting a satisfied grunt from her each time. April grabbed her inch long nipples and pulled on them, stretching them to two inches each, and then she started mauling her soft belly while I fucked her hard.

She came a minute later, screaming and calling both April and me all kinds of names. Her pussy was so soft and velvety that my cock would slip out, and just as I was ramming it back in she would beg me to put it back. April was there each time to help slip it back and stroke her clit. My balls were at bursting point and I could feel my cock and balls covered in her pussy juices.

April knew what June liked at that point and helped me pin her legs up onto her chest so I could get a little deeper in, and sure enough, as soon as I started plowing it into her like that she came again with spurts of pees. I had to stop a moment later to catch my breath, pulling out and leaning back. As soon as I did April jumped around and started eating June's pussy lapping her ejecting pees.

I had never seen a woman do that so aggressively, she was sucking mouthfuls of pussy flesh and June was thrashing her head from side to side. All these gave me a hard-on…. I got up and slid my cock into April's pussy from behind trying to hold her hips but ended up clutching her fat ass cheeks instead. Her pussy felt tighter, but it was fat and soft the way I love it. She squealed and moaned as I slapped her flabby ass hard with my palm as she lifted her mouth from Jane's pussy.

'Ooooh, ummmm! Oooh, fuck, Fuck me hard,' she panted. 'Fuck my fat ass, go on plowing it, ravish it, and shred it into pieces!! June grabbed her by the hair and pulled her face back into her open, wet pussy. 'Eat me, slut, suck the juices out of me.' snarled June lying down with her wet pussy fully exposed.

The sound of slapping flesh was perfect, clear and loud. April's cunt was sopping wet and releasing down hot liquid onto my cock and balls. April came so hard she hard to stop sucking Jane's pussy, although she kept her face buried in her snatch and moaning and breathing hard as I pounded her violently.

After reaching body shaking orgasm she cried out, 'Do my ass, let me feel your big cock stretch my ass open! Come on, fuck my ass, big boy.' What a lady! I pressed my cock to her tight brown hole and was surprised at how easy it slid in, her ass sucked my cock like her mouth. In seconds I was balls deep up her ass and she was coming again, without even moving. I just held onto her vibrating hips and let her rip on my cock. Her strong ass clenched around my cock, really milking it, and the whole time June's slid her head down to suck her tits and massage them hard.

MMmmm! Do it slow, I'm coming she murmured. I started fucking her ass slowly, and it got better as she relaxed. I was able to pump it at a good pace, her ass getting slick with juice. 'Yesssss! Ooooh, yeah, that's sooooooo good,' she panted, lifting her head up for air.

'Rip the slut's ass, go on, she can take it hard,' snarled June, looking over her huge tits at us. Both women were sweating hard with heavy breathings now. It was time I was to cum and told them so….'Fill my ass with spunk. Fill me, you fucker,' shouted April, ramming her ass back hard against my cock. I came in gushes. June was now masturbating like mad using a large black dildo.

I was totally exhausted and I pulled out of April's ass hole. April got up and took me in her mouth, cleaning her ass juices off it and sucking whatever spunk was left. June got up too and made the bathroom ready for us to have hot shower together.

It was the start of a great friendship, and I spent a lot of time afterwards with both of them. They both are sex mad and sure enough, every time I meet them I did have hell of good time.

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