Big White Women: Pt 1

by Dan (Jamaica)

I always have fancied mature BIG white Women, preferably in their 40s for their ample jiggling boobs and bubbly ass cheeks. In my work place there were two – April and June, very jolly and care-free… care-free about body language with spilled boobs and swaying butts. They were still single but did have a number of flings with some young men.

Lately, they turn our discussions to sex and sexy things when we meet on coffee-breaks or after office hours and I did have eye-full of their physical assets. "Do you really like big women?" April asked me once in such a break-time. The answer was yes, and at my late 20s I felt it normal. I told them so. April invited me to her place on a weekend evening.

I headed to her place, nervous now I was there but was about to leave when the door opened. June was there. Her long dress hung from her massive spilled-out boobs sporting deep cleavage. She smiled at me as she opened the door and ushered me in. Ann was there in the living room, dressed in a tight fitting black dress with a deep cleavage. The dress clung to her body unashamedly and seemed to wrap around each tits, outlining the sheer size of each and those erect nips.

She invited me in and after a couple of gins I was feeling better. We all sat, April with her legs crossed, and her friend half lying down on the sofa. I chose to sit n the floor so that I have some glimpse of their crotch area. June was bigger than April and her friend did most of the talking and glass filling and, of course, the conversation turned to sex.

June, getting up and drew me to her to dance. She wrapped her arms around my neck and looked up at me smiling, pressing her huge tits to me and squashing her soft boobs and belly against me. She smelled nice and I could smell the wine on her breath as she kissing my neck.

She tried to step closer but couldn't. I was taken aback and shook my head slowly, laughing. She smiled too while taking my shirt off. She started to stroke my nips and started sucking on them. "I want you to fuck my thick pussy good and hard," June hissed her voice husky. Intuitively my hands moved to her enormous boobs - kneading and smashing them.

I looked over and April, without a word she came over and stepped up behind me, wrapping her arms around me so I was ‘burgered’ between them both. "I want to suck your cock," June now was impatient, one of her hands got hold of my cock, unbuckling my jeans with the other. June dropped down slowly in front of me, getting onto her knees to open my zipper. April joined to hold my throbbing cock up, and held it like that as it grew in her hand, kissing and biting gently. June started jerking me off with April, two women jerking me off at the same time.

'Let's see how he really likes fat girls,' said June, standing back up. She took the helm of her dress up and over her head. Her tits were monsters inside her red bra and her enormous belly hung down, curving in to forming a second belly covered by large red panties. She had stretch marks on her belly, and when she removed her bra her tits showed blue veins, the nipples erect surrounded by a large circular areolas. She smiled at me and lifted her tits up, trying to hold them in each hand. She pinched both nipples and pulled on them, stretching them to about two inches out, the whole time looking at my cock.

April let my cock go but stayed where she was, pushing her hand between my legs and cupping my balls, while June took her panties off. She turned around slowly for me, making sure I saw every last inch of her body. June was huge, her tits almost reached down to her waist and her belly hung down too. Her ass was bubbled out, so that her pussy was hidden from view.

April let my cock go but stayed where she was with her hand between my legs and stroking my balls while June took her panties off. Her ass was bubbled out and her pussy was hidden from view. She moved nearer to me smiling, and then bent forward to take my cock into her mouth. A large wall-mirror behind gave me a view of her huge ass bent over and even part of her puffy pussy lips hanging down the dark slit. She knew I was looking at her and she moved her legs apart for me and her entire cunt with the lips hung open. She gobbled my cock, taking most of it while April still busy with my ass and balls. I was in heaven. April stopped what she was doing and got up.

'Mmmmmm, OMG Ooooh, fuck, yeah, you're so hard,' growled June, coming up for air, her warm mouth fucking my cock again. April laughed from behind me, and when I glanced over my shoulder she was totally naked. She smiled and raised her arms above her head and spin around slowly to show her body. Even with her arms raised her tits were huge, but seemed firmer than June.

The nipples were brown, as was the thick bush of hair between her legs. Her belly looked huge but firm, and when she turned to show me her ass I almost came in June's mouth. I pulled June off my cock. April looked at it and grinned then walked over and squatted down with her legs open and wrapped her hand around it. I had two fat naked ladies on their knees before me, slobbering all over my cock, taking turns sucking it and jerking me off.

Suddenly June spoke. 'You can come, baby, come in our mouths.' She was trying to lick my balls while April blew me. But I chose to step back and told them both to lie back on the sofa and spread their legs. They giggled as they both flopped down onto the sofa.

I had never seen anything as horny as what I had there. Both women had their pussies open on show for me – their mass of outer pussy lips looked like about 10 inches long hiding the slits. They were both pulling on nipples and then pulling pussies apart exposing the erect 1” clits. June even shoved three fingers into her stretched meaty pussy.

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