Bi Lockdown Females

by Anna (WA)

It all started when Chris laughed and said, “Let’s be naked.”

It was the beginning of the lockdown, and in the city this was a major event, and it was also, after just a week, very boring.

Cyd was surprised and not surprised, knowing that Chris was just trying to come up with something that was fun to do. Cyd was thirty-one and Chris was thirty-two, and they were both single and lived on the same floor, and after a year had become sort of more casual acquaintances because of this rather than friends. But with the lockdown, it was natural that they spend time together. They actually had a lot in common.

Still, that morning, having gone over to Chris’s apartment for coffee, the idea of the two of them taking off their clothes and being naked was a bit unexpected.

“Well … it’s not like anyone’s going to be coming over,” Chris pointed out, being entirely practical about the matter.

“No. Not likely,” Cyd agreed.

With a nonchalant flare Chris had then said, “I like going without clothes around the apartment. And it’s more fun having a friend to be naked with.”

“I suppose,” Cyd allowed.

So the two of them had taken off their clothes and Cyd, not exactly being used to doing without clothes, was a tiny bit modest. Although it was teasing and fun and a bit delightfully sensual. They sat and had their coffee and talked and did so in a quite a natural and uninhibited fashion which Cyd was finding that she liked, and that Chris obviously did. Still, Cyd did feel just a bit apprehensive.

“Everyone will probably think that we’re a couple of lesbians,” she said mindfully.

Chris smirked at the implications. “Well, no one’s going to know.” Carelessly she threw in, “Besides, there’s always bisexuality. Not everything is lesbian.”

“Oh,” Cyd said and almost blushed a tiny bit. “I don’t know about that.”

“I’ve indulged on a few occasions,” Chris confessed without making it sound like it was a big deal. “Mostly as a girl. But it can be nice with a friend. Just fun and uncomplicated.”

“Oh,” Cyd said.

Curious Chris asked, “Have you ever kissed another woman?”

“No,” Cyd responded. “Well … not on the mouth, I mean, not romantically.”

Chris smiled in an amused fashion. “Want to try?”

Cyd was at a loss to know what to say.

Not waiting for an invitation, Chris leaned over and applied her lips to Cyd’s, doing so in a mild, and yet quite generous fashion. Cyd just allowed it to happen, and was surprised to find that it was not at all awkward like she might have imagined.. That the softness of Chris’s lips gently pressing against hers was quite nice.

“Ohhh …” Cyd said when Chris drew back.

Chris then kissed her again. This time Cyd felt Chris’s lips moved against hers, and she found her own lips responding and moving back, and there was very much a sensation of shard wetness that was exciting to feel.

“Oh! That was outrageous!” Cid said a bit breathlessly when they both drew back after quite deliberately allowing the effort be an unhurried and lingering one.

Chris had a broad and pleased smile on her face. “Kind of nice with a friend, huh?”

They moved from the table to the sofa and started to make out. As they did, their hands just naturally found and started to fondle the soft pliancy of each other’s bare breasts, their nipples becoming firmly erect, adding to the seductive appeal of doing what they were doing together.

It was not until Cyd felt Chris’s fingers working their way through her wiry tangle of pubic hair that she realized just how aroused she had become. Chris’s fingers, with another woman’s knowing, supplied just what was needed to make Cyd want to reciprocate. And again she was surprised to find that it was not awkward to be feeling another woman’s clitoris or even the soft moist vaginal opening that her fingers slipped over with an appealing delight.

They had spent the next twenty minutes masturbating one another and achieving a much needed and wanted mutual orgasm. Something which Cyd had no problem in responding to quite bisexually and finding it so pleasurable and satisfying to do as she was introduced to a shared female chemistry that was so exciting and remarkable to experience.

The lockdown ended, of course. Their friendship of shared womanly love and passion did not, however. It seemed that some things were just meant to continue.

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