Between The Cracks

by Ron (NV)

They were lying naked side by side together on the bed, with Daniel’s arm casually draped over Aaron’s shoulder, their penises, large but not erect, loosely flopped over to one side. They were just having a cigarette and enjoying the male-companionship.

This was something which had just worked out between the two of them. Neither of them was gay, or really even bisexual for that matter. They were just friends and it felt good sharing a moment like that together, just finding it pleasing male.

The two of them had started enjoying moments like this together about two months ago. It wasn’t so much necessarily sexual, but more two friends who had discovered that it could be nice sharing that sort of friendly intimacy.

Occasionally Aaron still had moments of feeling slightly self-conscious over being that way with another guy, and he uncomfortably found it difficult not to think in terms of labels. That they were both somehow gay but just didn’t know it, or that they were bisexual and had an equal attraction to both males and females. It was really neither of those things though, and he realized this. It was just two friends slipping through the cracks as it were, being none of those things.

Daniel seemed unconcerned about trying to over analyze and was more happy just to enjoy their naked moments of male friendship without attaching any significance more than that to it.

Addressing that, Daniel said, “This is nice, isn’t it?”

“Yeah,” Aaron agreed. He drew on his cigarette and flicked an ash into the small yellow plastic ashtray that sat on the bed between their hips.

It was nice that they could be loving, without being in love. That they could be that personal with one another. To just lie there on the bed together, enjoying the few out of the window by the bed of the attractive condo complex that was outside.

Aaron saw an amused sort of smile on Daniel’s face ad then he saw that Daniel’s penis was starting to stiffen with an erection, and doing so quite unapologetically. In response he smiled as well, and felt his own penis becoming motivated by his friend’s masculine arousal. In just a moment moe they were both enjoying how good it felt to be having an erection together.

They did a small affectionate kiss on the lips.

Stubbing out their cigarettes and moving the ashtray out of the way, they slipped their arms around and each other and kissed more fully and romantically, their smooth bare skin pressing warmly.

Daniel took a hold of the large stiff shape of Aaron’s erection.

“Maybe you should take care of this in me,” he said in a very calm and controlled manner.

Aaron smiled. They had only had anal sex half a dozen times, having taken turns with each other. It was sort of brave of Daniel to say that he was in the mood for that.

Daniel reached over to the small night stand that was next to the bed and produced a bottle of lubricant which he handed to Aaron. As Aaron slicked some onto his erect penis, Daniel turned over to lie face down. Aaron mounted him and, taking a hold of his erection, he guided the swollen head up to Daniel’s tight butt hole. With a gentle pressure, the head of his erection pushed in. Applying a little more pressure, his stiff male length slid easily into Daniel’s accommodating anal sheath.

“Mmm …” Daniel murmured as he felt Aaron fully in him.

Aaron started to gently slide his penis in and out, thinking to himself how incredible it was that he actually had his erection in his friend’s butt, that he was actually having sex with Daniel. It was both meaningful as a friend, and very exciting as he was only too aware of just how hard and stiff his penis was.

“Ohhhh … yeah …” Daniel breathed as he lay there once again feeling Aaron’s maleness in him. It was just so personal, the two of them doing this together as guys.

Aaron continued to slide his erection in and out of Daniel’s tight butt hole, feeling its stiff curved length going deep into his anal sheath again and again, doing so lovingly.

Their intimacy went on for the next full minute without interruption.

Finally Daniel gasped. “Oh … oh … oh … oh … oh …” he panted over and over again as he felt his erection suddenly ejaculating against the bed covers beneath him and his semen pulsing out in thick surges.

Aaron felt his own excitement rise and he was ejaculating, his penis throbbing deep inside of his friend, and doing so with the gratifying fulfillment of giving Daniel his sperm. While reproductively significant with a female, it was just as much a giving of himself biologically to Daniel as another guy.

“Uhhhh … Uhhhhh … “ Aaron grunted as his hard penis climaxed and pulsed again and again.

“Oh, yeah … yeah …” Daniel gasped, wanting to feel his friend taking his erection wetly all the way in him.

They both then let out an exhausted sigh.

Wearily Aaron climbed off and Daniel gave him a slightly modest look over just how desirable he had found it to be on the receiving end. Aaron grinned back looking just as modest but also prideful.

“This is really nice with a friend,” Daniel said. “Not being gay, not being bisexual … just friends.”

“Yeah. Sort of liking slipping through the cracks,” Aaron said with a pleased smile, aware of just how many friends did manage to navigate their way through all of that without concern.

Daniel knew this too, of course. That it was not always easy for friends to celebrate their friendship physically and lovingly, and yet they did manage.

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