Betty's Payback: Part 1

by Jimmy (North Carolina)

As the phone rang, I grinned and showed the caller ID to my son Jimmy. Hello Sue surprised to hear from you is everything ok I ask with a perverted grin as Jimmy moves up behind me and hugs me close to his bulky frame. No Betty Maggie is home from college watching the house while John and I are out of town on business, and it appears the house AC is broken. OH no Sue it is going to be brutally cold hot here what can I do to help, grinding my ass onto my sons rapidly stiffening cock.

Two things Betty first could Jimmy take a look at our AC unit and second could Maggie spend the weekend at your place till it is fixed, I hate to put you out but....... I cut Sue off... ooohhh don't be silly Sue you call Maggie and tell her Jimmy will pick her up in about an hour and will see about fixing the unit as soon as he can.

Thank you so much Sue exclaimed in a relieved voice. SUE ....SUE don't be silly I have always wanted to get closer to Maggie being my big brothers' daughter and all..... trust me I and Jimmy will treat her like she has never been treated before we will all get to know each other much better than you can even think.

Well, it appears poor Maggie needs our help I say as I turn around in Jimmy's snug grip. As I stand face to face with my son, he grabs a cheek of my ass in each hand and pulls me tightly against him. Jimmy is 6'6"250 and towers over me, grinning down on my upturned face sounds like payback time mom and backpack is a bitch.

I run my fingers over his chest and ask are you sure you want to be part of this honey? Jimmy scoops me up into his arms like I was a toy and starts walking toward my bedroom but first things first my throbbing cock is killing me he chuckles as he carries me to the bedroom. With my cunt juices already running I look into his eyes and smile; I think I can fix that problem for you honey.

Jimmy was running late picking up Maggie but was very relaxed and I went about setting up Maggie's room for her stay. Sweet Maggie walked into my house with an uncomfortable look on her face, Maggie and I not being close over the years. Maggie was 18 years old 5'2" a little muffin toped at 140 short dirty blond hair and blue eyes.

I did a slight inward gasp as I saw that for her size Maggie's tits were huge...just like her mother. I run my eyes up and down over Maggie body, the short blue jean skirt and over size tee shirt caused my pulse to quicken. I walk over to Maggie and give her huge tight bearhug, I have waited a long time to get..... closer to you honey, this will be a fun weekend, let me show you to your room for the weekend.

As we walk downstairs, I lead the way Maggie following me and Jimmy bringing up the rear. As I walk into the room the look of Suprise and bewilderment race across Maggie's face, and she pumps as the door slams behind her. Jimmy quickly wraps his huge arms around Maggie pinning her arms to her sides. I step up Infront of her and can smell her fear which only adds to my excitement. Maggie's eyes move around the room a queen four poster bed with silk ribbons attached to each post and a full-size mirror on the ceiling over the bed.

Maggie starts to fight against Jimmy's hold on her as I step up even closer to her. I lean forward and lick her left ear her body trembling with fear. Maggie my dear your beloved daddy and my own father broke me, used me just after I turned 18, just like you are now.

Sadly, unlike my mother your mother is not here to watch, but maybe someday I laugh as I point to the several camas around the room. Maggie started to scream for help and Jimmy, and I laugh, Jimmy leans down and snicker an evil snicker, Maggie this room is all but soundproof, can't have people hearing mom beg me to fuck her harder...harder SON HARDER!!

Jimmy moves his right hand over Maggie's mouth and nose cutting off any chance for her to breath. I move inches away from her face as the darkness starts to overtake her just before she blackout I whisper, I have waited a very long time for my revenge cunt and I am really going to enjoy this...

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