Best Date Ever: Part 4

by Linda (USA)

This time without hesitation Brian lowered my zipper. The zipper extended to below the top of my girdle. He placed his hands on my waist and moved them around to my tummy inside my dress. I held his hands against my firmly held tummy and started to cry.

"Linda did I do something wrong?" Brian said in a confronting voice.

"No sweetheart you haven't done anything wrong." I stepped away from Brian and turned around. Looking directly into Brian's eyes I took my dress from my shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Brian's eyes darted from my breasts then to my girdle then back to my eyes. I took him in my arms and gave him the most passionate kiss I knew how. Brian's arms were pulling me tight to his body. I could feel his hardness against my stomach.

After our kiss I slowly backed him up and sat him on the couch where he had been sitting. I laid down with my head on his lap. I looked up at him, took his hand and placed it on my tummy moving it about a little. So do you like my girdle now that you've seen it?

"Yes Linda your so gorgeous. Your just perfect. I can't believe you're here with me. Your girdle is so tight a silky, I love the way it hugs your body. Thanks Linda."

"Brian you don't have to thank me. I needed you to see me without my dress. It excites me. I'll wear it again for you before your dad gets home. We could go out to eat again."

"I would really like that mom."

I laid on the couch with my head on my stepsons lap talking and laughing till around midnight. We had a very nice time enjoying each others company. Occasionally he'd lean down and kiss me like you'd kiss your lover. It made me wet every time we kissed. He kept feeling of my girdle and looking at it lovingly.

It just made my heart melt. He was much to shy to go near my pussy so I took his hand, put it between my legs, and said touch me here baby. He wasn't sure what to do so I placed my hand over his and showed him how to please a girls pussy. I was so horny I orgasmed almost immediately. I pulled him to me and kissed him.

"You just made me cum sweetheart. Please do that again I begged"

He did and I orgasmed harder and longer this time. It felt incredible. I took his hand and put his fingers in my mouth. I couldn't wait another minute longer.

"Brian, if I gave you the chance would you make love with me?"

He looked at me not knowing if I was serious or what to say. After a pause he nodded his head yes. I'm sure he saw the lust in my eyes and felt the wetness in my girdles gusset. I got up from the couch and took Brian's hand. I pulled him to his feet and said follow me.

He hesitated so I said "Brian, follow me now!!!"

I led him upstairs to my bedroom and pushed him onto my bed. I laid down by him and started to unbutton his shirt.

"Mom, what?....we really can't be doing this"

I kissed him long and hard then whispered in Brian's ear, "Brian sweetheart, I want you to make love to me! I want to feel you inside me!" I kissed him again.

"But your my step mom and what about dad?"

"Hey I thought we already had this talk. Your dad isn't here, you are, and I want you in my bed tonight."

"But what if I get you pregnant, he'll find out about us mom."

"Brian you're so sweet and innocent, that's why I love you so much. I'm on birth control sweetie. You're not going to get me pregnant."

Brian just looked at me trying to digest what was about to happen. He slowly pulled me on top of himself. We kissed.

"I think we should get you undressed."

I knelt next to Brian and undid his pants and pulled them down and off him. Brian took his tie and dress shirt off. Now his boxers. I was about to see the virgin cock that was going to be pleasuring me. My heart was pounding. I lowered his boxers and saw the most perfect rock hard cock. It was the perfect size. Not to big, not to small. Six or seven inches long and average thickness. I lightly stroked it. Brian jumped.

"Sweetie you have the most beautiful penis. I love it."

I took it in my hand and raised it from his stomach. My lover was so excited that a drop of precum had already formed at the tip. I used my finger to spread it around it's large mushroom head. I straddled Brian and put my girdles gusset against his cock slowly rubbed it being very careful not to get Brian to excited. I wanted his first load of sperm inside me.

He deserves to orgasm inside me his first time. I leaned down kissed him and asked him if he was ready to make love to me. He had his hands on my thighs rubbing my girdle. I took his hand and worked his finger through the split crotch of my girdle. Then I guided it to my very wet hole and slipped it inside myself. This is where we're going to put your beautiful hard cock sweetie.

The poor boys cock was even harder and he was breathing deeply. I removed his finger from my pussy and licked it clean. I took Brian's cock and rubbed it's head along my pussy slit several times before stopping at my warm tight paradise.

This is it lover. I slowly lowered myself taking his entire cock inside me. He filled me perfectly. I sat on Brian's cock motionless.

Finally, I had Brian's delicious penis inside me!!! I looked into my lovers eyes and asked, "How do I feel? As good as you imagined?"

"Oh fuck me Linda, you feel totally amazing!! I can't believe I'm actually inside you. OMG, Your so tight and wet and warm. "

"Your definitely inside me lover and you feel so big. I'd never had sex while wearing my girdle before now. The tightness felt wonderful. I've been so horny for you all evening Brian."

I laid on Brian's chest and just enjoyed him being inside me. We kissed as we started to make sweet love. I was feeling a connection with Brian I never felt with his dad. His dad just fucked me. Brian was making love to me and I to him. I started to pump Brian's cock in and out of me steadily.

I couldn't believe how nice he fit inside me. I orgasmed hard while shaking till I eventually recovered. As I continued to run Brian's hard male member up into me I whispered nearly out of breath, "Sweetheart give me your seed. I want your sperm inside me."

And that's all it took. I felt Brian's body stiffen and his cock swell inside me. Then the sensation that every girl longs for. Feeling his penis twitching and jerking. Sure signs that you have excited your man to orgasm. I knew Brian was squirting his sperm inside me at this very moment.

He grunted with each thrust emptying the precious contents of his balls into me. He pulled down on me trying to get as deep as possible as he climaxed. I orgasmed again as I felt his warm wetness against my cervix. What a wonderful feeling. After we both calmed down I slumped over onto Brian's chest and straightened my legs out along side of Brian's keeping his now semi hard penis inside me.

After embracing the after glow of sweet sexual intimacy I rolled off Brian and laid on my side facing him with my leg over his.

"Brian are you ok my love?"

He was slowly recovering from his first intense sexual experience with a woman. He had pumped his heart a soul into me. I took his wet tool in my hand and just held it as I kissed Brian's cheek. It felt so good. So satisfied and well bred.

The sperm Brian just gave me had found a new home in me. My lover took me where I desperately needed to go. It had been a long day and we were both exhausted.

I pulled the quilt from the foot of my bed up and covered us. I love you so much. I wondered what Saturday would bring. We fell asleep in each other's arms.

End of part 4

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