Best Date Ever: Part 3

by Linda (USA)

As we drove home I kept my head on Brian's shoulder. We held hands and just listened to the radio. I felt like a teenager again on prom night. Brian took the long way home and I didn't mind. Spending time sitting next to him in the car was very nice. I assumed the reason he kept driving around was he didn't want our "dinner date" to end.

He probably figured that when we arrived home we'd each go to our rooms, change into our pajamas, and just watch TV till bedtime. Just like what happens nearly every night after supper. But not tonight, I knew better. After about an hour he headed toward home and eventually pulled in the driveway.

"That was a nice ride Brian, thanks."

"No problem. It's fun to drive around with a sexy girl sitting next to me."

"Aw how'd you get so sweet Brian? Your dad could take some lessons from you." I looked up and gave Brian a kiss.

"Let's go inside." I suggested.

"I think we should have some wine and get comfortable. Okay?"

"Yes that's fine." Brian answered.

I figured a little wine might help Brian loosen up some. I knew he'd had no problem with anything we'd done up till now including our kissing and having his hand up my dress, but I wasn't sure about our impending foreplay and him actually penetrating me. After all he'll be fucking his dad's wife.

I'm hoping that he's so horny for me that his hard cock will do all his thinking. As soon as the front door closed behind us I told Brian to get a couple glasses, I would get the wine and to meet me on the couch. I picked out a red wine that's not to dry. I've always liked it so I thought Brian would too.

Brian had the glasses on the coffee table so sat next to him and asked if he would open the wine and pour us each some. He was so nervous, it was cute watching him trying to be a gentleman. It probably didn't help that I had my hand on his leg holding it against my nylon covered thigh as I watched.

In a few moments he had the wine poured and we each took a sip. Apparently he liked it because he then drank about half the wine in his glass.

"So you like the wine." I asked.

"Yes it's good thanks. "

"Your very welcome sweetie."

We sat our glasses on the table then after some uncomfortable hesitation and silence started to kiss gently and slowly explore each other's bodies. In a quick moment Brian had his hand on my leg. He rubbed my silky smooth nylon stockings as our kissing continued. I held him tight to me and pushed my tongue into his mouth. It startled him and he pulled back breaking our kiss.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable." I whispered.

"No that's okay Linda, I've just never been kissed that way before. It felt kind of strange but I liked it."

"Then I think we should try it some more." I said giving him a little smile and wink. This time when our lips met our tongues slowly mingled in our mouths.

Brian continued to feel my stocking covered legs and gradually move his hand higher on my thigh then my hip pushing my dress up with it partially exposing my girdle. I could hear his breathing quicken as his tongue darted in and out of my mouth. All this was getting me extremely horny and very wet.

I needed him inside me so badly. I lusted to feel his warm sperm filling my pussy. He broke our kissing to sneak a look at my stockings and the exposed portion of my girdle. He did this a couple times before returning to our kissing. His hand continued to glide over a portion of my smooth tight girdle. Knowing what my young lover was lusting for I asked my stepson if he had ever seen a girl in just her underwear.

He looked down seemingly embarrassed and shook his head no. My suspicions were true. This barley eighteen year old boy was a virgin. My pussy starting to tingle.

"Brian," I raised his head and told him to look at me.

"You have nothing to be embarrassed about. I think you're so very sweet Brian. Would you like to see me?"

"Yes...yes....very much if you wouldn't mind." My young lover sputtered out.

"No of course I don't mind honey. I think I did promise to show you my girdle, right?"

"Well, you said maybe mom."

I stood up with my back to my stepson.

"Sweetheart would you help me with my zipper? "

I heard nothing, just felt some very nervous fingers trying to undo the hook at the top of my zipper. After Brian fumbled for a few moments I turned around and took his hands and placed them on my firm bottom and held them there.

"Brian look at me. Do you want to see me out of my dress?" He nodded yes looking down.

"Then calm down, kiss me, and undo my zipper." Brian kissed me while I held his hands against my bottom and our tongues explored each other's mouths.

"Are you ok now sweetie, have you calmed down?" He nodded yes.

I turned around and undid the little hook and eye fastener myself . After a few seconds of Brian not lowering my dresses zipper I calmly asked, "what's wrong?...what are you waiting for? Actually I already knew but I needed to hear it from him.

"Linda your so fucking hot and I'd love to help you take your dress off but............I just don't think I should be doing this. Your my stepmother and I've already done way more than I should've. My god I put my tongue in your mouth and I've had my hand up your dress in the restaurant, in the car, and here on the couch. Mom, your making me horny as hell. I just don't think we should do anything more."

I kept standing with my back to Brian as I spoke.

"Sweetheart there's something you need to understand. Listen to me.

"It's true I'm married to your father. But we're really not married in the traditional sense. Your father is actually married to his career, his business and his associates. Not really me. If he truly loved me he wouldn't abandon me for a month. Maybe he could've taken me with him. That was never mentioned. Now, I know what you're thinking. Yes we have sex like any married couple but it's more an arrangement than it's love. Can you possibly understand what I'm trying to explain Brian?"

Brian very quietly said, "Yes mom I can. Actually I've kinda figured that was the situation all along. It's nice to hear it from you though."

There's a long pause.

"Mom I want to tell you something."

" Honey what is it, is everything okay?"

Long pause again.

"I've always been really jealous of dad being married to you. Your so sweet and beautiful, he doesn't treat you right or deserve you."

I could feel myself falling in love at that very moment. I'd never felt so special. With tears forming in the corners of my eyes I asked this sweet adorable young man if he would please unzip my dress.

End of part 3

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