Best Date Ever: Part 2

by Linda (USA)

Once in my bedroom I started gathering up the outfit that I was going to wear for Brian. First my dress. Best way to describe it is it's a little black dress except it's dark blue. It comes to about four inches above my knee, has a scoop neck line and the material has a sheen to it.

Next I had to find my girdle and the bra that I always wear with it. My girdle is a black long leg and quite tight once I have it on.The bra that I'm looking for is also black and very lacy. After digging in my dresser for a short while I found them both. My bra looked fine but my girdle was missing its removable garters.

I recalled that I had put them in my jewelry box since I almost always wore pantyhose with this girdle. After retrieving the garters I reattached them and my girdle was ready. Ok now what shoes to wear? After seeing the many options I quickly decided to pick shoes after I was dressed. I have to get going or we will be late for our reservations.

After a quick shower I sat at my dressing table in my towel and did my makeup and hair. Nothing fancy just the basics. Now to get dressed. First my bra then the girdle. I bought the bra to be a match for my girdle. It's a pushup bra and low cut. It looks very cute on me and fits just right after getting it on properly.

The lace on the bra and the lace on my girdle almost make them look like a matched set. It took a bit of struggling to get my girdle on but when I got it pulled up and in place it actually felt really nice. I hadn't remembered that getting into it was so difficult but I realized that pulling it on over pantyhose would definitely be easier.

The waist of my girdle almost comes up to my bra giving me a very smooth look. Wearing a girdle always makes me feel sexy and a little horny. I'll have to start wearing it more often. Now the stockings. I haven't wore stockings in a very long time either. I've just gotten in the habit of wearing pantyhose. I even wear pantyhose under shorts and jeans. I remembered the last time I wore stockings I had trouble getting them attached to my girdles garters.

Hopefully it'll go better this time. I opened the stocking package and carefully removed them. Wow these are really nice I thought. So silky and sheer. Brian's going to love these. I can't wait to get them on and show him. I very carefully slid them up my legs first one then the other. They felt wonderful. I folded the legs of my girdle up exposing the garters.

Then attached the front garter on each leg to the stocking tops. The front was easy but I knew the back would be more difficult. I stood to repeat the same for the remaining two garters. I struggled some but I did managed to get them attached to the stockings. I folded both girdle legs down covering the now attached garters. I stood in front of my full length mirror and adjusted my girdle up slightly.

Perfect, I looked hot and I felt sexy as hell. Brian is going to go out of his mind when he sees me. Especially when he helps me out of my dress. My heart was already pounding. Slipping into my dress was easy. It still fit me perfectly. My girdle and bra really makes the dress look perfect. We had to get going so I quickly picked my black two inch heels.

There open toed and very sexy with stockings. Ok I'm ready, I hope Brian is also ready to go. I came down the stairs quietly. Brian was standing at the kitchen sink with his back to me. I could see that he was wearing a sport coat and dress slacks. When I reached a couple steps from the bottom I spoke to Brian.

"So how do I look? Okay I hope."

Brian turned and looked over his shoulder. His mouth slowly opened while his eyes got as big as half dollars. He sputtered for a moment then said, " Linda you look amazing!!! OMG your so hot!!!"

"Thanks sweetie that's the response I was looking for."

I walked over to him, and kissed him on the cheek. He turned three shades of red. You look so handsome Brian. You even wore your new shirt and that tie that I like.

"I hope you won't be ashamed of me Linda." He mumbled.

"Are you joking? I'm proud that your my date tonight. Every woman there is going to be jealous of me." Brian smiled and blushed again.

"Honey we better get going. We should just make it if we leave right now."

As we walked to the car I gave Brian the keys and told him to drive. He was such a gentleman. He actually opened the car door for me. After we were both in the car I slid over next to Brian.

"You don't mind if I sit next to you do you?" I asked very softly.

He shook his head no. After we got going I noticed him glancing down toward my legs.

"How do you like my new stockings Brian?" I took his hand and placed it on my nylon covered leg right at the hem of my dress.

"I think they look.....ah feel great mom." He pulled his hand away, he was obviously shaken.

In a few short minutes we arrived at the restaurant. He opened my door again and took my hand to help me out of the car. As we walked to the restaurant door and even as we entered the building he held his hand at the small of my back. Occasionally his hand would slowly drift down to my bottom but then he'd bring it back to my waist. I was getting so fricking horny I was about to scream.

The combination of not having sex in almost two weeks and being with Brian while I'm dressed in stockings and a tight girdle underneath a sexy short dress was really getting me fired up and horny. I decided right there that this boys sperm was going to be inside me by morning. Hopefully he'd be cuming in me more than once by daylight.

We were seated as soon as we entered the restaurant. It was a secluded table and we sat next to each other. After we ordered Brian told me how great I looked and put his hand on my leg again as it was before. But this time I placed my hand over his and slid his hand up under my dress. I could feel his fingers exploring the lace at the bottom of my girdle and the garter attached to my stocking.

Suddenly he stopped and looked at me and asked if he could ask a personal question. Of course you can Brian.

"Linda are you wearing a girdle?"

"Oh Brian, you know I am." I blushed.

"Why don't you like it sweetie?"

"No Linda I love it, you just get sexier all the time." Brian said with wide eyes.

"I'm glad you like it. Actually Brian I always wear it under this dress so I look right. Maybe when we get home I'll show it to you. " I whispered.

I leaned toward Brian and kissed him passionately. He didn't move his hand from my leg. Fortunately due to where we were sitting know one could see my date had his hand under my dress. But at this point I really didn't care, I was enjoying Brian's touch so much. It gave me shivers.

Soon our meal arrived and we both enjoyed it very much. It was delicious. After some flirting and small talk we were ready to head home. I paid the check leaving a sizable tip. The table I requested was perfect and the waiter gave us very good service but also some privacy.

As we walked to the car Brian held my hand. It was so sweet. This time we walked to his side of the car. He opened the door and I got in and slid to the middle. After he was in I moved up against him and laid my head on his shoulder.

"Thank you for taking me out tonight." I said softly.

"Linda I should be thanking you."

End of part 2

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