Best Biology Teacher: Pt 2

by Robert (TX, US)

I asked my friend to have a turn. He took over rubbing her pussy from me. And I moved my mouth to her tits to suck on them. Suddenly she pushed us away saying whether we had ever seen what a mature woman was like between her legs? We answered in the negative but told her we had seen some pictures of ladies bottoms in magazines and drawings of ladies’ reproductive organs in biology. But we expressed our wish to see more – more intimately.

I felt myself getting hotter, and breathing heavily as my erection seemed huge in my pants. I was worried I would ejaculate. I and Mike got our dresses off – now fully nude exposing our erection high! Ms. Liz began to lightly touch herself – she began with her nipples and then slid her hands down onto her tummy, lower and lower, eventually just letting her fingers trace along the engorged pussy lips, then letting a finger slip inside. She was teasing us. She looked at me straight in the eye and I could hardly begin to tear my look away from her face, as she began to massage her pussy lips.

Then the moment we were waiting for. She was going to expose herself to us; the holy of hole. We knew theoretically what we were about to see, but had only ever fantasized about what it would be like. I desperately wanted to touch my penis, but I knew that if I did I would ejaculate.

The secret part came into our view now. First the folds of skin, framed by a light dusting of little hairs. Then, as her legs parted a little more, the folds came into better view, glistening with moisture, shining in the light. Then the folds revealing themselves as lips, quite puffy and full with a slit down the centre. Then the slit opening slightly, un-sticking, and a pink wet line of brighter skin coming into view - the inner lips of her vagina were displayed. Ms. Liz was panting.

She placed her fingers at each side of the puffy lips and pulled them slightly open. I almost ejaculated at that point. I could see right up inside her. The lips joined like a hood at the top of her slit, under the pubic mound. She was wet and too moist down there. As we watched we could see juices coming from her vagina. We studied her sex organs.

“Can you see that little button – here”, she touched herself, just below the hood of her lips,” that’s my clitoris. Never forget where that is – treat that well and any woman will be happy!” She began to rub it slowly, then opened her legs even further and raised them up. Her anus came into view – her whole secret area was up for attention, and OMG! we were giving it attention!

‘Wow Miss’, I said, ‘this is amazing. Thank you very very much!’ She looked at us, red-faced, and nodded in agreement. Lick me, she invited me, you need to taste a woman’s sex! This was new to me, but it sounded great. My mouth was ridiculously dry but I managed to get some saliva going by swallowing and put out my tongue onto that little bud she’d shown us. I inhaled the musky aroma from her, and let my tongue probe all around her flaps of skin and inside her vaginal hole. Suddenly she asked me to stop and said: ‘otherwise I’m going to cum. It’s the same as you ejaculating!’ This was news to me; our biology lessons hadn’t mentioned any of this.

She asked Mike to come towards her and asked me to lift her legs wider. Then as I held them open and apart, she asked Mike to put his penis in-between between her slit. It just slipped inside her. Just like that. Then: ‘Oh no. I’ve shot off inside you. Oh no’, he almost screamed.

‘I’m not surprised’, Ms Liz hoarsely said. Mike got up quickly as she went on panting…his penis got out. Intuitively I slipped my throbbing cock right into her without any problem. It felt lovely. It was all wet and slippery with Mike’s semen. I pumped away at her, her buttocks thrusting back and forward. I groaned and gave a final great thrust as I came deep inside her.

I looked down at Ms. Liz as she lay there and looked at her crotch; it was shining, her vagina was wide open and semen from two of us was running out of it, but also some visible inside. She was gaping open and the semen and juices ran out and over her anus and down. Mike and I had anal for a couple of times and I now would like to do it with this horny woman.

I asked Mike to hold her legs high putting cushion beneath her bum, my penis pushed down a little of her cunt as I sought her anal entrance. I looked at her face as I pushed my cock forward. She gave me a quizzical look as I found a tight wet hole, but with a little resistance. I pushed forward with some pressure and Ms. Liz’s eyes widened in surprise. I was in. It was tight and warm and gripped my penis strongly. “Oh my god – you’re up my arse!” she shouted “Don’t stop, Don’t stop. Rub my clit! Rub my clit! Quick!”

I did as she instructed, sliding my erect penis in and out of her bum-hole, I reached down with one hand and touched that little button. Seconds later she began to rock and thrust her buttocks up against me, as if she wanted me even further inside her. I couldn’t go any further. She was having a series of orgasms, and as I did so I felt myself coming up her bum, flooding her rectum with semen. The release was overwhelming. It was so wonderful and the feeling so intense that I almost cried. I held her and she held me for quite some time, our breathing gradually getting back to normal.

Mike was awestruck, just standing and watching us. Breathing heavy Ms. Liz, said that: ‘I had never had it before, but I knew about it books. I never knew it was so fabulous’! It was difficult to be in her any more as I was beginning to lose my erection.

Addressing Mike she expressed about a new idea to see if she can have two of us into her at the same time. I left her for Mike. Mike laid himself on her back and Ms. Liz stood up to ride his cock quickly. I gave Mike some space by raising my torso. Miss Liz sat astride him and guided his erect cock up her vagina, then leant forward onto his chest. Her lovely wet bottom was open and I watched Mike’s knob going into her pussy at ease. Her anus was open and wet. She then asked me to enter her bottom.

It was initially awkward but somehow I could manage it all right. I crouched down behind her, with my knees either side of Mark’s legs and between Ms. Liz’s open thighs, and with a bit of adjustment, got my dick back up her second hole. I pushed it in as far as I could and felt Mike’s dick pressing against mine through the skin between her two openings. She groaned as I began to thrust, and Mike began to move his dick in unison. I came into her again and then, not able to take it anymore, I withdrew, and my penis spouted sperm all over her ass cheeks, Mike too came almost at the same time as she reached orgasm!!

For the time being I think we were all pretty well spent. We spent some time just feeling her all over, putting our fingers up her vagina and her anus, feeling her breasts and nipples, kissing all over her body, licking her labia, her navel, her armpits – you name it. Then she amazed us all again. “I need to pee,” she said, “I hope you don’t mind”.

We took her to the bathroom. She squatted over commode with her knees wide apart and her vagina wide open, and we saw a slow dribble of piss emerge from a little hole just under her clit. This soon developed into a full gush as she emptied her bladder. Fucking hell! We came close and studied her privates as the fluid dripped out of her. Once she had finished I couldn’t resist putting my fingers up her wet hole and feeling her anew, now wet with pee and her own juices. I felt the stirrings in my penis as it began to swell again. “Oh I see you’re up for more! Let me see what I can do for you!”

She turned herself on the floor and got on all fours, presenting her backside to me. “Ok, in you come!” she commanded, and I buried my cock in her wet vagina in one go from behind. I went right in full length and pumped away for a while Mike was feeling her breasts and her clitoris and she massaged his cock to ejaculation.

My favorite teacher, Ms. Liz taught us Biology too well this evening. It was getting dark and we left requesting Ms. Liz to teach us more when we needed. She had definitely introduced us into a new world of carnal pleasure. We still remember her after so many years now.

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