Best Biology Teacher: Pt 1

by Robert (TX, US)

It was in early 70s, days of rock music, Hippy and liberal sex. I and my friend Mike, both then 18 yo, were well into these fads. We were not quite popular with girls in the high school. They might have known that we were fan of sex and porn magazines and would carry some such mags in our school bag to browse the revealing pages sitting at the last row of our class. Once so engrossed with the glossy pages of revealing hot girls, we were caught by Ms. Liz, our biology teacher. We loved her class while she taught us reproductive system of humans in great length. We used to seek matches with her slim frame of body and enjoyed her class and visually almost made her naked!

Standing before me she looked directly at some of the photographs and to our amazement she invited us to her place next afternoon for tea. Next afternoon we went her home – she was living alone, we guess. We sat in the living room and she started to talk – ‘I’ve heard you talking about girls and discussing those magazines of yours! But sometimes you need to be more careful about them. This evening I would like to come up with something you would remember all your life’.

She came closer in front of us – a ripe body of 35 yo attractive divorced woman. She was wearing a knee-length skirt and a plain white blouse, under which one could trace the light pink bra line quite well. She looked fabulous as usual. We instantly stood up in front of her. What happened next was unexpected and mind boggling.

She started to unbutton her blouse, put it off, while speaking that ‘You’re pretty obsessed with women’s breasts aren’t you? That’s about all you see of naked women in your magazines isn’t it’? We just kept quiet staring in awe to her 34C or so boobs encased with her bra. Her breasts seemed to be struggling for freedom; the tops of them were spilling slightly over the lacy top. She had a magnificent cleavage, and I had to adjust my underwear within trousers as my erection grew.

She pushed her chest forward a little making her breasts enhanced and asked Mike to unclasp her bra hook nudged between the valley of her tits. Mike gulped. I pushed him ahead to obey her wish. Mike, looking nervous, and with fumbling fingers reached for the clips. They were tightly fixed between her peaks, his hands were clearly coming into contact with them.

I asked Ms. Liz as to whether I could help my friend! I lend my fingers with his and more often could not help but lightly touch her firm boobs. At last we undid her bra and she opened it completely and removed it. She stood proudly naked from the waist. ‘Do you like it?’ she asked. ‘Oh, yes glorious,’ said Mike, ‘thank you so much, Miss!’ I added to Mike …

She had a slim waist and her breasts glistened with pearl color – some bluish veins running along to her small nips. They stood proud and erect, they had hardly sagged. They were simply beautiful.

She smiled with quick breathings and invited us to see how they feel like. Mike first went up to her and put his hand to grab her tits as she caught them in hers, and advised to go gently. Mike was red-faced and breathing hard as he ran his hand over her breasts. He put one hand behind her back and used the other to run all over her bra cups and over her flesh and cleavage. Then she asked him to come around behind her – cup her from behind. Mike did as was told fondling and rubbing her boobs slowly.

‘I can tell you’re enjoying this!’ she said, it was evident his erection was pushing against Ms. Liz’s butt. She asked me to come closer to kiss her. I did kiss a few girls before but this was amazing – she took my lower lip first and intuitively I took her upper one and meshed our mouth together. Soon she was breathing hard and inserted her tongue into my mouth…Then she turned around and Mark had to reluctantly let go. We stopped for some time and had some drinks.

She laid herself on her back on the sofa and invited us to come and feel her boobs well but advised not to fight over them. Her breasts changed shape subtly, but were still firm. We sat beside her on the floor and began cupping and fondling her. We took turns enjoying the experience. I still cannot forget this experience.

We watched with great interest our biological teacher and saw that her nips seemed to grow and darken as we ran a finger over them. She was developing a pink blush on her chest and throat, and her breathing was getting faster. I realized that she was getting pleasure from this too - an unknown finding of ours. We took turn t kiss her nips. She also allowed her to suck on them for a few minutes and then pushed us away!! I guessed she was sex starved for a long time.

‘You are really good for me but I’m getting a bit hot,’ she said. She needed to take her skirt off! She asked us to unzip her skirt. I pulled down her zipper on her left of the waist while Mike pulled down her skirt below her knees. Mike and I looked at each other in anticipation as the skirt fell to the floor. Slightly disappointed we saw that under the skirt Ms. Liz was wearing nothing and some trimmed hairs became exposed.

Our faces were almost level with the front of her crotch area and I inhaled deeply to receive a sweet musky and warm aroma from her crotch area. A great and first experience for us both!!

In this position her lovely breasts hung downwards under her body. I was closest and happily grabbed a boob in my hand to feel its weight and its warmth. I manipulated the nipple to make it stand even more proud. Mike was taking care of the others. Ms. Liz was looking excited. This was a continuation of the experiment as she laid herself on her back on the sofa. I moved towards her legs while Mike was busy with her boobs – massaging and sucking on them; I wanted to look well at her crotch – looking for a mature pussy area so long I only fantasized about!!

Ms. Liz seemed to have abandoned her body to us two. I had a huge erection in my trousers. She asked me go ahead and to have a feel of it. And with that she moved her knees apart a little and her pussy came into view. I rubbed gently over what felt to be a fleshy mound. I wondered at the delights that were obscured from me. It felt too warm and slightly damp.

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