Being Male Friends

by Dyson (NY)

I was lying there waiting for him to insert his boner into my butt. And then I felt the firm pressure of the swollen head of his penis start to push in against my tight opening.

The lubrication allowed his dick to slide smooth in and I gasped just a little. It was always so amazing to be fucked like this by my best friend.

I looked up at him and he looked down at me and we both smiled over once again achieving this intimacy.
I murmured a little as he began to fuck me.

“Oh … that feels so good,” he breathed.

He didn’t have to tell me. It felt so wonderful to have his stiff male organ sliding in and out of my butt and for me to be using this male capacity.

Guys were lucky because they had both a dick and a vagina and could experience having sex both ways.

It was just in the last six months that Ben and I had worked up the nerve to try being sexually expressive of our feelings of friendship, and rather quickly this had led to our trying anal sex.

I had fucked him a number of times, but I much preferred to be on the receiving end, and to enjoy feeling his male organ doing that to me.

There was nothing more pleasurable nor exciting than to be fucked like this.

Feeling perfectly safe with one another, we never used a condom. Instead we both preferred to do it without a rubber and as nature intended. It was so much more satisfying to feel him ejaculating his sperm into me nakedly.

For the next several minutes Ben stroked his stiff boner back and forth through my tight, sensitive butt hole, with its length going deep into my anal sheath.

I enjoyed watching him exercise his male sexuality in this way, feeling his balls bumping up against me., while I lay there enjoying the magnificent boner that I had, feeling it straining with its stiffness.

“Oh, man …” I breathed. “That feels so good!”

“It feels so good having my dick in you,” Ben said told me.

I continued to lay there on my back with my legs apart and up, allowing Ben to fuck me smoothly And easily. I still found myself not only surprised, but slightly amazed to be fucked like this by another guy. I certainly had never had any gay feelings of male attraction or gay urges. But with Ben my urge to be sexually uninhibited came so easily.

“Oh … I’m going to come … I’m going to come …” Ben said.

I saw him squeeze his eyes closed and I waited.

Then suddenly he was discharging deep inside of me. I loved the moment when he did that and I knew that he was giving me his sperm. It excited me so much. In the next moment my outrageously rigid boner was ejaculating too, squirting pulse after pulse of my own sperm-filled liquid onto my stomach with an overabundance.

I groaned and squeezed my own eyes shut as I endured my gratifying release and lay there climaxing.

Then we slowly came to the conclusion of our of our commitment.

Once again with his sperm now in me, and my spermy liquid spilled across my stomach for him to see, we had once more achieved the ultimate expression of male-friendship. We both felt so gratified to be sharing this.

Ben kept his penis in me until it softened and slipped out. Immediately I missed his male-presence in my butt. Yet, the satisfaction remained for both of us. Nothing could be better and I was so glad that we had not only made this discovery, but that we had made it with each other.

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