Being Blind Has its Benefits: Pt 2

by Bob Watergate (Missouri)

It was about the 3rd or 4th Grocery Delivery that caught me in a bind. I had just finished my shower and was still not dressed when I heard the doorbell! I wrapped a towel around my waist and headed over to answer it.

“Hello sir, I have your groceries and will gladly put them away for you if you can just show me where everything is.” The young man told me.

“Well since I am blind you’ll have to do the best you can locating where everything is. You might even have some new items that need a location too!” I told me. “By the way, could you help me first, I was going down to the Indoor Gym in our building and I know I got out a jock strap but I have felt everywhere and I cannot find it!” I asked.

“Sure I’ll be glad too sir.” He replied as I felt him follow me into the bedroom. He found it quite quickly, I figured, and after handing it to me, I felt him behind me as my towel dropped to the floor!

“Sir, you are beautiful, I mean beautiful and if you will allow me I would like to make you feel really good!” He shared and with that he dropped to his knees, spread my butt cheeks and drove his wet tongue into my asshole! It did feel amazing and I was so glad I had just showered! He only licked my asshole was a short while longer when I felt him pull against my back which drove his very hard cock into my asshole!

“Oh sir, oh, you are so tight!” He moaned, “Oh my God, oh oh oh....” As I felt his cum get unloaded into me! Wow, for my first bisexual experience, well if you didn’t count Lois’s finger in my asshole, this was amazing! He withdrew his cock asking me if I would like to suck it or not, your choice sir, or I will gladly suck your cock sir, either way I mean!” I could tell he was a little flustered and I determined that he didn’t offer this Special Service to every man he delivered groceries too!

“No that felt very nice and if you don’t mind, help me set down on the bed and stand in front of me so I can suck your cock for you, what is your name please” I asked. He helped me quite gently and pushed his cock against my lips. I opened my mouth and kissed his cock and then sucked it into my mouth!

“Billy sir!” He mumbled as he felt my lips and then my mouth sucking on his cock! Wow, this felt really good, better than I had ever thought it would be as a straight male, with only female desires, at least prior to this!

“Oh oh oh shit sir oh no . . . .” Billy cried out as he emptied his cum into my mouth and then the side of my head as he pulled out!

“Thank you Billy, I spoke, “you have no idea how good this felt, both the receiving and the giving! You are welcome to deliver my groceries every chance you have, and tell the Manager that I am a special case that requires extra time to put EVERYTHING IN THE CORRECT PLACE!”

So Billy left and I was dressed and heading to the Gym. The elevator opened a floor too early and it was Lois!

“Hi Bob, headed to the gym?” She asked.

“Yes, I am, I mean I was, well what are you doing here?” I asked her.

“Well you were between stops I had to make today and I thought I might just stop in, check things out and say hi!” She replied. “Well to tell you the truth, I really have to pee, so can I use you apartment and then I continue on my official mission, please?”

“Sure, I actually just had extra keys made so take yours and do what you need to do, I can come with you if you would like” I told her.

“No, well yes for some other time, but today I just need to go pee please . . .” She all but begged! SO Lois headed up to my apartment and I went to the gym!

“Oh God this feels good,” Lois moaned as she peed! She sat there for a few minutes trying to determine if she wanted to actually poop or not, then she decided maybe that wasn’t the best idea right now! Once wiped and redressed she walked into my bedroom and thought she would straighten my sheets and bedspread, you know just being nice!

“What the hell?” She asked herself. As she grabbed the bedspread from the end of the bed, she saw an unexpected poop stain, hell it was a real poop spot, and she saw just up from it, what looked like a fresh line of cum, you know shot in a line that men do! How did Bob set on the end of his bed and get poop on it and still be able to shoot his cum towards the head board? And why would he set at the very end of his bed to masturbate when lying down or setting in a chair would be more relaxed! But more importantly knowing Bob why would his asshole be unwiped, I mean really? I guess time was getting away from me . . .

“Lois, what are you doing here dear, I thought you had other places to go today?” I said. “Are you ok; I mean I am very happy to see you, but what changed?”

“Yes Bob, I’m ok I stayed because I needed to find out if you’re ok, I mean really ok!” Lois replied!

“Yea, I’m great you know, good workout with some cardio first on the tread mill, then weights on the mat.” I told her, “It was pretty much my standard workout! But I really need to shower right now, is that ok, I mean is there something I can help you with? I guess you wouldn’t feel like a shower too, what do you say good looking?”

“Sure Bob a shower sounds wonderful; it will be lots of fun!” Lois told me! So into the bedroom we went and we both started stripping out of our clothing when Lois almost shouted, “Oh my God Bob, right here on the end of your bed, there is poop, I mean real poop! How in the world did that get here, are you ok dear?

“Poop on my bed, well I don’t know I mean . . er . . well, oh Lois, can we set down for a minute please, please?” I begged her! "Lois the strangest thing happened today, actually not that long before I ran into you at the Elevator! The man that brought the groceries today, well he caught me right out of the shower and I . . well I just . . I had on a towel and well, I asked if he could help me, you know in the bedroom that I couldn’t find my jock strap, I mean I had lost it somewhere. He found it quite quickly, but next he took my towel, I mean the towel fell to the floor, and then the kiss, oh yea he started kissing my asshole, I mean Lois with his lips . . yea his was kissing my asshole and then he licked it and and and then he just stood up and pushed his cock into my asshole and fucking . . yea fucking me hard and then I felt his . . you know his cum shoot into me, and well . . it felt so good! Then he asked me to suck his cock and he pushed it into my mouth . . I mean Lois right into my mouth and I just started sucking it. God Lois, I have never, I mean never ever had a cock in my mouth . . I mean I have never sucked a cock before!”

“You mean you had never sucked a cock before TODAY, right Bob?” She asked me as she took my hands into her! “Bob that must have been quite the experience today, I mean feeling a big erect cock fucking your asshole, and then feeling a man shoot his hot man cum up your asshole, God how hot how sexy Bob! Bob you cumming again right this second!”

I could feel my legs getting wet, I guess with cum, but I had know idea it was coming from me, I mean why, how . . .

“Bob hold me dear, kiss me and hold me love!” Lois all but whispered to me. I reached out and took her in my arms and started kissing her long and hard, more than ever before! “Bob I am so happy for you, because you got to enjoy sex with another man, without an planning, it just happened . . it just happened out of the blue, plain ole sex between two people for the pure pleasure of sex, they way it was meant to be enjoyed!”

“Oh yes Lois, it sure wasn’t planned today, it just happened.” I told her, “but Lois I told him I enjoyed it so much that we could do it again every time he delivered my groceries! Oh God Lois, what did I do, I mean I told him I would let him fuck me, fuck my asshole whenever he . . I mean I don’t really know if he will come back or if he will come every week just so he can fuck me, what have I done?”

“Bob, Bob, it will all be ok, this is almost how I became involved with my girlfriend Debbie just fingered my asshole last night and I cum, like really hard. Bob it appears that you and I . . I mean the both of us like getting our assholes fucked, me with fingers and you with a hard cock! You enjoyed the feeling and taste of his cock in your mouth right? So it’s all good, for both of us. There is nothing that says we both can’t keep on doing what we are both doing with other people, nothing has to stop us from enjoying our bodies does it Bob?”

“I’m just confused right now!” I shared.

“Bob you and I need to get into bed and explore each other’s body to every last detail and . . well if we get confused or lost in any way, or if something doesn’t appear to be working, well hell, we can just call Debbie or; what’s that boy’s name from the grocery story, anyway, the two of them and finger and cock fuck our assholes to finish us off . . right?”

“Lois, I feel so happy being with you and can’t thank you enough for helping me understand my sexual feelings right now!” I told her.

“Who knows Bob, Lois commented, “I might even come to enjoy a cock in my asshole, and you might even like fingering two pussies at the same time! Trust me, Debbie’s pussy tastes very different from mine and she is totally shaved not like my hairy forest!”

“Lois are you starting to pee? I asked feeling warm pee running into my mouth!

“Sorry Bob, Lois replied, “I was just sharing my pee with you like you, well . . like you gave me your pee, at least on my hand. Can you pee in my mouth soon, please?”

“So does this make the two of us bisexuals?” I asked.

“Bisexuals and more Bob, I think you and I might have gone beyond those basic definitions! Lois told me as I felt cum flowing into her mouth yet again!

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