Being Blind Has its Benefits: Pt 1

by Bob Watergate (Missouri)

I was released from the US Army early due to the IED explosion that took my sight in both eyes! Months of care in the VA Hospital and the Doctors and Nurses were great! Besides the actual physical care provided, they have a team that is working on my transition back into the “Real World”! Best was their ability to find me an apartment setup specifically for Disabled People, with added benefits for me, a Disabled Veteran.

With my release day finally arrived and I was given a ride to my new apartment and help to get things going. Once there the two Military Aids started right in on what yet was to be accomplished.

The first Aid, established an ongoing grocery list that would be selected and delivered to me each week on a day that I selected! Seemed perfect and that was a service I could really use. So with this list the Aid left to contact the Grocery Store and setup the account for me, with the first delivery later this afternoon.

The second Aid, remained with the task of getting me acclimated to the new apartment. We started with the Entry to the apartment, unlocking, locking, etc. Then hallway leading to the Kitchen and Living Room. Other than remembering the number of steps between everything, I hand it! The Aid took me into the Bedroom and I got to know the bed placement and bathroom access.

The bathroom was the biggest challenge because right this moment because I needed to pee. I asked again for the location of the toilet and once I arrived in front of it, I unzipped my jeans and pulled my cock out and started to pee.

“Oh, let me help!” She shouted! Since my pee stream was missing the toilet the Aid grabbed ahold of my cock and aimed it at the toilet! “I am so sorry I should have asked if you wanted my help or I guess I could have just grabbed your waist and turned your cock, I mean, er, getting your pee in the correct direction!” She told me all of this while I was still peeing and she was still holding my cock!

I was not only enjoying the feeling of her grasping my cock but I knew that she knew I was becoming erect! I could feel her starting to bend my cock downward to continue hitting the toilet water, but finally she spoke again! “Ok you’re going to either have to stop peeing or make this erection go away!” She said.

So I stopped my pee stream long enough to say, “First I wasn’t done peeing, that was for sure and two if she had sat through Basic Biology she would understand that the male erection, once achieved either retreats because of an ejaculation or the lack of stimulation that caused the erection!”

“Well Bob, she began, “which is it going to be; stop peeing for a while or well hell I don’t know what to do, I mean it’s your cock, which by the way, I am going to release my grip on it right now for sure! And I guess it is up to you on how to best proceed!”

“Well since you have released my cock from your rather firm and if I might add pleasant grip my erection might in fact go down after some time, but the fact is that I really do need to continue to pee, please!” I pleaded! SO I started my pee steam again, knowing that while we were talking I turned to the right a little and two things quickly occurred!

“Shit, you’re pissing on the floor again,” She yelled! As she AGAIN grabbed onto my cock, erection and all, aiming it back towards the toilet. The difference this time was she had first "over reached" and her hand went right in front of my pee stream which reflected backwards onto to me and the left side of her shirt and pants!

“Bob if you can finish your peeing any time soon,” She fumbled her words, “I’ll find you some clean clothes for you to change into!”

I finally did complete my pee and I was impressed as she shook my cock to get the remaining pee off the end! Ok, so now you know the Second Aid is a woman, actually named Lois and just to catch you up the First Aid’s name is Thomas!

“So Lois, how badly did my pee get on you ma’am?” I asked her. “Do you need clean clothes too?” I could hear her going through my drawers and closet until she found everything I needed!

“Bob let’s get to changed first and then worry about me!” She shared. “I placed your clean closes on the bed, just to your left.” So I took that as the instruction to begin stripping and I did just that! Once I was completely naked, I began feeling around the clothing pile when she grabbed my shorts to help me step into them. Which I started to do until I felt my cock pushed forward against her face!

“Is this thing ever going to get soft?” She said laughingly! So thinking of the next proper move, I pushed forward again but this time I didn’t retreat! I felt her lips open as she took my cock into her mouth and began to suck on it! I was about to grab her head when I felt her place both hands on my hips pulling my cock into her very wet mouth!

“God Lois, I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful this feels, so wonderful! “I said with a moan! “Six months in the hospital and not even a shitty hand job or blow job! I said now beginning to cry! Lois continued sucking my cock when I heard a quite hasty comment, “My God, cum already!” She told me.

“I’m trying I just don’t understand why things aren’t working!” I said in a panic! Then I felt her right hand slide from my hip and move between my butt cheeks as she pushed a finger into my asshole! Just as quickly as I felt her begin fucking my asshole any and all backlogged cum shot into her mouth and down her throat! I was impressed as she stayed right on my cock until I was completely drained! Then with one final kiss on the head of my cock she said, “Well never let it be said that 2nd Lieutenant Lois Camp doesn’t take her work in hand and ensures its completion to the satisfaction of everyone concerned!”

“Lois is this speech canned or did you just make this up!” I replied!

“Bob, if you could see my face, oh I am so sorry sir, I mean if you knew me you would know that what just happened, I mean everything that just occurred, from helping around your new apartment, then helping you pee, and just now if you will sir, helping you take care of business, was all with love, from my heart felt feelings for a Brother in Arms, especially disabled one!”

“Lois, I know your physical beauty has to match the emotional beauty that you have shared with me today!” I told her. “I say emotional beauty because I don’t have a clue what else to call it, you have been loving, caring, tender, and understanding to me . . .” I couldn’t finish my thoughts as I was now in full tears!

“Bob, thank you for being so understanding, I mean someone else could want to bring charges against me for Conduct Unbecoming an Officer or something, I understand that this was a first for you and trust me it was a first for me, well hell . . you’re the first cock I have su. . . .” She quickly stopped her address to me! “Please you must understand that I . . ..”

“Lois, please set down here,” I patted the bed next to me! “You must know from my stuttering and my crying, I'm crying with happiness, that everything that was done to and for me was done with love. I know you don’t know me well enough to be in love with me, but you know how to show love to another person!”

“I have to ask, I mean, is it ok if I ask you, well how did you know to push your finger into my asshole to help me cum? I stumbled with my thoughts!

“Well it was my girlfriend that, well, I mean, you know, she taught me, well, she . . . .” Lois tried to get it out!

“Lois, from what you shared before, and what you just said, or tried to say,” I began taking her hands in mine, “Are you saying that until today your love making has only included other woman and not men? I mean you have to understand that I am not judging at all, hell I think you should be able to love whomever you want, and I understand in the modern Army a “DON’T ASK DON’T Tell” policy is stupid! So trust me when I tell you to share openly with me, and it will go no further, no further!”

“Bob, you seem to be a special person and I truly appreciate your understanding that NOTHING TODAY was planned, I mean nothing!” She now began to share openly! “Yes your cock is the first cock I have ever had in my hand, I mean except for my little brothers and boys that I babysat for, Oh hell, I meant in my mouth! I mean yes I like girls I always have but there was always something in my back of my brain that kept tugging at me about boys I mean men and how they are to play into my life!”

“And since I am being honest at this point, my current girlfriend, Debbie, does that to me, I mean when she thinks I am close to cumming, she shoves her fingers, I mean only two fingers you understand, into my asshole and that in its self brings me home with fireworks!” Lois share with pride!

“Lois, all I can say is I thank you for ALL your help today, and you must believe me that since I am still setting her naked, and you, well let’s be honest you smell a little like a drunk that peed on themselves list night, I enjoyed this with love and well Lois, I feel something special for you at this moment and if you and I or I mean if I can be any kind of a SAFE testing board for you to learn more about, or practice on to better understand your feeling for men, then I openly request and offer myself to you, with no conditions and no special rules, except that we both show each other love as we know how to do!

“Bob, yes I do smell like piss, yes you are still naked so before Thomas gets back here let’s get you fully dressed and if you can offer me a change of clothes I will try to get gone before he gets back, you know to lessen the embarrassment!” She stated!

“But trust me I will be back to check on you officially and because of our new relationship, be back to try out your man parts too, if you will let me!” Lois said. With that she was redressed and gone in about 15 minutes before Thomas came back with all my groceries!

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