Being Bi Is Best!!!

by DKink on xhamster (Hamilton, NJ)

Hello Everyone

A long time ago a teammate told me his secret strategy for picking up girls was either:

Go Big or go home. Or Go Ugly early.

Both methods proved successful for me. There's lots of face ugly girls with kickin' bodies as well as lots of BIG women who love sex and can get pretty freaky.... so fast forward 20 years.

I ran into the aforementioned friend a month ago in a bar. Hadn't seen each other in like ten years..we were both divorced a d out looking to get laid. After lots of drinks and old stories a d lots of laughs, we ended up the last two in the bar...he says "Oh well, i guess neither of us is getting lucky tonight."

He was way to drunk to drive a d, seeing as i lived walking distance from the bar, i invited him to crash at my place.

Back at my apartment he asked what i meant when i told him i had added to our list of how to pick up girls. So i told him the simple addition to the list:

If You go both ways, you double your chances.

He opened the beer i gave him and asked:"Does it work?" I told him I've had great success with the strategy. And if you're ok with it, I'd like to help you out....of those pants.

He let me unbuckle him and unzip his Jean's. I put my hands inside his pants but looked & behold, what is he wearing? A fucking black Lacey thong. I pull his hard cock out, get on my knees and suck that dick. He pulls off his shirt when I realize hes completely waxed.

Now his pants are off and hes standing there in just his girly thong. He then stands me up and undresses me then suggests we take showers. So while hes in the shower hes sees me douching my ass.

I get in the shower with him and we wash each other. He spreads my ass hole open then slides 1,2,3,4 fingers in me. Now hes on his knees licking my boy pussy, Next with the warm water he fills my ass and then I push it out.

"Oh man, your ass is totally clean, but mine isn't. Can I use your douche?"

I asked if that means he wants my cock in his ass...he answered me by deepthroating my cock. So I gave him my douche to use. After the shower scene we went to my bedroom. Still dripping wet from the shower, we sucked each others cocks in a 69.

Then we took turns licking each others very clean boy pussies...we did this foreplay for over an hour. Then he asked me to fuck him. So I lubed his ass while he put some on my cock. He got on his knees a d stuck his ass up and spread his cheeks apart.

"Oh you've done this b4, I said."

"Just fuck my gay ass faggot. Fuck me like the cock slut I am. I want your dick in my ass now."

I slowly glided my cock all the way deep in his ass in one long slow push. Then slowly back out. I fucked him slow and deep until he told me to pump his ass harder. With harder and harder thrusts, I pumped his ass deeper until I was balls deep inside him. Then I went harder and faster. Grabbing his waist, i pulled him to me with every thrust. Then i slowed down. It was my turn.

I told him i wanted his dick in my ass. So i layed on my back, held my ankles, he lubed up. Then he fucked my boi pussy. It was great. His dick wasn't big but, it was a pretty one. I told him to cum in my ass. So he fucked me harder a d faster. He grabbed my knees and pushed me until I was upside down. He stood up a d pile drived my pussy until he unloaded.

Then with his dick still in my ass he stroked my dick until I came. Of course he directed my cum straight into my open mouth. Then he leaned down, relaxing my back and we tongued my cumm between us. I put it all in his mouth and he swallowed it. He pulled out of my ass. I squatted over his waist a d pushed his cum so it oozed out right on his crotch. I then kneeled before him a d licked it all off his smooth groin. It dribbled down his balls so I had to get that too.

An hour later we were back at it again..we 69d until we filled each other's mouths.

By this time he decided he was sober enough to drive home...dumb fuck!

He got popped for a DUI one block from his house. He called me to come get him. So i did..we've hooked up 3 times since that night. The last time i surprised him by being totally 100% crossdressed. I picked him up in a rented convertible on a bizarre 70 March day.

We drove to the shore. Went to a nice restaurant. Had drinks at the bar. He blew me on the drive home-a truck driver saw my dick in his mouth. He honked and gave us the thumbs up...back at his house, he fucked me hard and then , ass to mouth, he came in the back of my throat.

I am a very good cock sucker!

And i'm open to meeting new friends. You can find me at my profile on XHamster.

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