Being Between Guys

by Rick (SC)

Derrick and I had decided to go for a walk in the woodsy area that was close by. It was secluded and nice.

Neither of us had much to say as we walked along, enjoying the green surroundings and the peace and solitude. Both of us were sort of wondering if we were thinking the same thing, although neither of us wanted to actually say as much.

But the idea that there was nobody around and we might feel inclined to enjoy being a little guy-romantic with each other was not unappealing. There was a definite hint of there being that sort of male-chemistry between us, only it was difficult to admit to that without looking gay about it.

“It’s warm. We could take our clothes off,” Derrick mentioned, sounding quite casual about it, just presenting that as something that we could do just for fun. “There’s nobody around.”

“Yeah,” I said agreeably.

Rather unceremoniously we found a spot by some bushes and we got undressed. Both of us grinned a bit modestly, although it did feel good being naked like that out in nature and with each other. There was an openness and honesty that as nice to share with one another, and we both liked that thought of now that we were naked, that there might be more.

Derrick looked at me and I looked at him.

It was a kind of silly awkward moment, like who was going to make the first move. We did it together. Smiling, we slipped into each other’s arms and we kissed. It was great feelings Derrick’s lips against mine, with our smooth bare skin touching like that. It was so nice deciding to be romantic with each other like that as guys.

As we held each other and kissed, we both started to achieve an erection. It was great having our bare guy-feelings show with one another like that. We smiled some more over our having a boner together. Derrick reached down to feel mine and I felt his. It was so invitingly personal to feel each other’s penis as guys.

We kissed some more and let our tongues wetly come together with an unconcealed passion.

We sat down on the grass by our clothes and started to make out, holding one another, kissing and holding and fondling each other’s hard dick. Then, bravely, Derrick leaned over to take my boner into his mouth. He sucked on me and it felt wet and wonderful. When he stopped and pulled back, I took my chance and sucked on his hard dick. It was exciting doing that, and again such a personal thing for one guy to do to another. I loved sucking on his dick.

After I took my mouth away he reached over to fumble with his jeans and produced a small bottle of lubrication. “Here,” he said, handing it to me. “You can stick you dick in my butt.”

I was surprised, not expecting that. Not expecting him to have come prepared like that, or to be so open about his desire to be fucked. He was very straightforward in this, trying not to make a big deal out of it.

I used some lubrication, slicking my hard penis with it, as Derrick got on his hands and knees. I got up behind him on my knees. Taking a hold of my erection, I maneuvered it into place, bringing the swollen tip up against his tight anal pucker. Apply a gentle pressure my dick went in, the slick film of lubrication allow my insertion to be smooth and easy.

I heard derrick moan softly as I slid my boner fully into his anal sheath.

I moaned a little myself over being in him like this.

It felt so excitingly and satisfying all-male.

I started to fuck him. We both moaned and breathed with our interaction. It was so special for guys to engage in the reproductive act together, and so meaningful for two friends to do this.

As I fucked in and out of him, Derrick was masturbating his erection, his hand stroking his hard curved length that was now made even harder by having my dick in his butt and gliding smoothly back and forth through his sensitive butt hole. For a guy to be fucked like this as always such a pleasure, and it was a pleasure fucking him with my dick.

I wanted to give Derrick every inch of my dick and to be intimate with him. I held his hips to balance myself as I moved my hips purposefully back and forth, driving my hard penis back and forth through his tight butt hole, each time with its length going deep into his anal sheath. I loved fucking him like this as another guy.

I don’t know how long we did this, for several uninterrupted minutes at least, each of us savoring the male intimacy of our moment together. It was entirely obvious that Derrick had been fucked by another guy before. I had fucked a few other guys and had been fucked myself, although for both of us this was by no means a regular thing. Rather it was infrequent and that was what made it so special.

I could feel the urge growing within my hard boner as I plunged it into Derrick again and again, until l I could not hold back. I started ejaculating, the semen pulsing from my hard sexual length with a naked joy as I filled Derrick’s anal depths with my sperm.

“Oh, yeah!” Derrick said as I ejaculated in him. and he heard me groan with my release and push my organ as far as it would go into him.

Derrick’s hand quickly brought his own boner to an ejaculation, his male-liquid shooting freely out to spill on the grass several feet away in viscous white streams. I felt his butt hole tighten and grip my emerged boner with repeated spasms.

It was such a fantastic moment climaxing together, to have our physical bond culminating so successfully. It was so rewardingly all-male fucking like this as guys.

Finally I pulled out and we laid there on the grass next to our discarded clothes, savoring the moment and our closeness and togetherness.

“Oh, that was so good,” Derrick breathed. He looked at me a bit sheepishly. “I wasn’t sure if you would want to do that.”

I smiled. “It can be nice between friends,” I told him, thinking that it could be, and thoroughly enjoying our naked and loving moment.

To the reader:
I have never considered myself to be gay, although I have personally enjoyed many guys moments like this with a friend. I just find that so satisfyingly male and wonderful to share and enjoy. I know that there are lots of otherwise perfectly straight guys out there who enjoy this too, and it’s nice to talk about that and to recognize this. So I wrote this to be more open about it and hope that you enjoy it.

I have noticed that the comment section on this site is no longer available, and it would be nice to read what others think. I hope that they return this feature soon!

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