Before Anne Became a Hot Wife

by Anne Buckley (Florida)

My name is Anne. I am 5’4, petite, 34DD, bubble butt, long curly brunette hair, hazel eyes, and a muscular body. When I was in high school I met Randy. My girlfriend Chloe was dating an older guy and he had a friend Randy. I was 18 and Randy was 22.

I was immediately attracted to him as he is mature. He is 5’9”, thin muscular, Black, short hair and a pencil thin mustache. He is polite, courteous and loving. He has an institutional job requiring different days off. I introduced Randy to my parents. They liked him and invited him to dinner.

We dated. I was quite sexually active in school. The doctor said I have an overactive libido. I like to fuck. Randy didn’t mind. In fact I would get on my knees wherever he said and give him oral sex. We would park the car someplace private and I would straddle his lap in the car and ride his cock. I didn’t wear panties or a bra.

After graduating from high school I moved into Randy’s apartment. Randy had a friend he rode to work with his name was Charles. Randy introduced me to him. He is 6’, Black, 250 pounds, short hair. He was polite and had a nice personality. When Randy wasn’t in the room he told me how beautiful I am. He asked me for my cell phone number. He said, “He wanted to talk some more to me.”

Randy and Charles have different days off from work. When Randy was working Charles called me in the morning. He asked me, “If we could have breakfast together?”

I said, “Yes.”

Charles came to the apartment and we kissed as friends. We went to a diner and had breakfast. He said, “He and Randy were best friends and that Randy offered to share me with him.”

I like Charles but I need more than him telling me about what Randy said.

I used my cell phone and called Randy on his break. I told him what Charles said. Randy replied, “Yes.” He made Charles promise he wouldn’t tell anyone except me.” I was stunned by this but I learned that Randy wants me to be happy and sexually satisfied. He knows one cock isn’t enough for me. I told Charles, “Randy told me I am yours.” “Take me home to my apartment.”

When we got to my apartment and in the hallway I turned to Charles saying, “How may I please you?”

He replied, “The same way you do for Randy,” “On your knees girl.”

Looking up into this big man’s eyes. I asked him, “May I unzip your pants?” “Take your cock and balls out?”

Charles said, “Yes Anne.”

I took his cock and balls out of his pants. I asked him, “May I lick, suck your cock and balls?”

He replied, “Oh yes girl.”

I put my hands behind me as I licked, sucked, his cock and balls. I just used my tongue and mouth to serve him. He held my head forcing his cock into my throat. He stopped fucking my mouth as he wants to squirt my small pussy and tight ass with his big cock.

Charles insisted on fucking me on the bed Randy and I sleep on. Charles said, “He wanted Randy to know that he is now fucking his girl in his bed.”

Charles wanted to start a new relationship with me by fucking me in the missionary position. He spread my legs wide. He licked, sucked my pussy and clit. He also finger and hand fucked my pussy. I was orgasming and begging for more. Charles is a better lover than Randy.

Charles kept me stimulated keeping me wanting more love and sex. He loved licking, sucking my 34DD breasts. He put my legs on his shoulders to deep penetrate my pussy. His 12 inch thick cock had to be lubricated to enter my pussy. I put my arms around his neck and held on for the ride of my life. He started out slowly fucking me and whispering in my ear. He whispered, “Who has the biggest cock Anne?”

I replied, “You do Charles.”

As he fucked me fast and hard he asked me, “Who is your best lover Anne?”

I was orgasming trying to squeal out the words, “Youuuuuu are, Charles” “Squirt me.” “Fill my holes.”

I didn’t know Charles had 2 video cameras in the room recording everything. He did this to show Randy how much I was shared.

Charles copiously squirted my pussy causing me to have multiple orgasms. I begged him to keep fucking me.

When he finished fucking me he said, “I want you Anne.” Move in with me and I will get you all of the cock you want.”

I didn’t say anything. I licked, sucked his cock and balls clean of cum. I asked him to take a small plastic cup and spoon and fill it with his sperm from my body. He spooned the sperm from my overflowed pussy and thighs. He fed me all of his copious sperm that he could find.

He kissed me saying, “A girl that eats my sperm belongs with me.” He said, “Randy will be home soon.” “I will be fucking your ass when he gets home.” He laughed.

Just as Charles planned I am on my hands and knees as he lubricated my ass. He lubricated his thick cock. He moved his cock around and gently poked his cock partway into my rectum to stimulate me. He finally pushed his cock slowly and I pushed to receive his thick long cock.

After some discomfort I was able to take all of his cock in my ass. He slowly fucked my ass. He was able to stimulate my clit with his fingers to add to the stimulations causing me to orgasm.

When Randy walked into the bedroom Charles pulled me up to his chest as he continued fucking my ass and stimulating my clit. He said, “Hi Randy,” “Thank you for letting me share Anne all afternoon.” “I will be sharing her more from now on.”

Charles kept fucking me. He said, “Anne loves my cock.” “Anne wants to move in with me don’t you Anne?”

I orgasmed causing me to say “Yes, oh yessssss.”

I moved to Charles’s apartment that same evening. Randy was angry how things turned out. After all, he shared me. He didn’t like the results. I stayed with Charles for awhile. He had guys he worked with party at his apartment and arranged gang bangs for me. I enjoyed fucking but decided to move on. I went to college to study computer science. I had more cocks to love.

More Sexual Adventures… cont’d

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