Beer and BJ

by Anonymous

This story starts in the early 1980’s. My parents had divorced and our dad was no longer part of our lives, with the exception of an occasional support check. Mom was working hard at keeping the family together but it was quite a job, lots of kids, little money and no help.

My next older brother had really pitched in. Although he was only 3 years older than me, he could fix anything around the house and was generally a good person to be around. He had taught me much and I admired everything about him. So it made sense that he should be around for my first sexual experience.

It was a winter Saturday night and we sitting in the basement of our old house, drinking beer he had bought. The house was old and the basement walls were field stone and giant timbers ran across the ceiling but there was an old wood burning stove. My brother had recycled an old couch and some carpet and made it somewhat livable.

So there we were, drinking beer and listening to “dark side of the moon” on an 8 track boom box, and feeling like we owned the world, when mom came down. She didn’t say anything about the beer and seemed a bit drunk herself.

She had earned some downtime and I guess tonight was it. She started some small talk about everyone being asleep and how quiet it was upstairs, so she decided to join us. I had always thought she was beautiful and was sexy (what boy hasn’t thought that of their mom).

She had big 36D tits (I had discovered this a while back) and an hour glass shape and I had managed to see her nude a few times. She had great big nipples and a bush black as night.

A half hour later she excused herself to use the bathroom and returned shortly to inform us that she was out of wine (I guess that was why she seemed drunk) and asked for a beer.

As my brother handed her a cold beer, we were rewarded with her lifting her shirt and flashing us her tits. This was then and still is one of the wildest things to happen to me.

Mom flashing her tits to her sons as thanks for a beer, wows. As we sat there with our mouths open, she just sat between us, like it was no big deal. She started talking and I could tell she was lonely and stressed out and I stuck to every word she said.

She told us that she had 2 boobs and that each of us could play with one. I followed my brother’s cue and started pawing on her right tit thru her shirt and he did the left. My brother then made the move to pull it off and away it went willingly.

We both fondled and sucked on our respective tit when we were told that it was not fair that she had her boobs out and we were still dressed. My brother jumped up and dropped his pants and underwear in record time, at which point I quickly followed.

I was surprised that my dick was the same size as his, being 3 years younger. We both sat back down, with Mom between us. She then took a cock in each hand and started stroking us as she gave us the lecture about how no one can ever know.

My brother, much to my surprise and ignorance stood back up and stuck her dick in her face. She looked at him and opened her mouth, which he then filled with his dick (how did he know about this stuff). As her head bobbed back and forth, I could see his dick disappear and then re-appear, it was so cool.

After a few pumps, he wrapped his hands around her head and really started to go fast, she then pulled me to her tits and I started to suck.

He finished in a blur and she sucked it down and took a drink from her beer. It was now my turn, so she pushes me back against the couch and started sucking my dick right there, I didn’t have to move and just watched her hear go up and down. I came fast and hard and she swallowed this right down too.

She then just got up, put her shirt back on and told us that she was tired and was going to bed, reminding us that no one can ever know about this. And no one has ever known, until now.

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