Becoming Lovers

by Cresson (WA)

Greg was naked and sitting astride Dan’s lap, with Dan’s stiff penis engaging his butt, while his own boner curved rigidly into the air with unashamed arousal. Dan’s was thirty-four and Greg was twenty-two. They lived close to each other and had started to become friends.

Quite easily, to Greg’s inexperienced surprise, Dan had introduced him to the pleasures of male closeness and sex, and Greg had found himself enjoying the opportunity to experience this.

To him it did not seem at all Gay, but rather just something which two guys could enjoy with each other. And it was obvious that Dan did enjoy this quite easily.

Without qualms, Greg gently raised and lowered himself, sliding his butt hole up and down Dan’s lubricated thick length, doing so without any difficulty. He loved how it felt to have Dan’s maleness inside of him.

They both murmured over the growing stimulation that this was providing to both of them.

After several fun sessions together, and finally managing to have intercourse, they now fucked regularly. Greg would go over to Dan’s house and they would have sex. Greg still marveled over just how easy this was, never having imagined himself doing this with another guy. With Dan, however, it was just this inviting and rewardingly male thing to do.

Greg did not feel feminine in his being accommodating of Dan’s sex, the large stiff boners that he always got assured his own maleness. And Dan did not treat him as a substitute for a girl, but appreciated him being a guy, just as he did of Dan. Was the whole point – the two of them enjoying being male together.

They spent a whole ten minutes savoring their fucking. Taking their time to make it last for as long as they could. Of course that was just the actual physical sexual part of their being together. Their just spending time together naked and feeling close and companionable was another whole part of it.

Greg knew that he also liked how daring that felt, imagining what any one would think if they saw them together like this. In his thoughts, even if not in his actions, he was flaunting of this, and thoroughly enjoyed the boners this gave him. It was teasingly sexually wild and uninhibited.

Dan enjoyed it in the same way, very much liking Greg’s naked companionship, taking delight in displaying the boners he achieved with him, having his handsomely large manhood thrusting upward. And in seeing Greg’s boners, which were no less appealing in their presentation, large and stiff. All of this in a way that it really took another male to appreciate.

Greg felt his arousal slowly reaching its limits, and suddenly as he sat impaled on Dan’s boner, he began ejaculating. His penis throbbed and thick globs of creamy semen sloped out in a subdued but very satisfying release.

‘Ooo ..” he breathed as he watched his male substance pulsate from his hard dick. It was certainly not the first time that he had found himself just spontaneously ejaculating like this. With Dan this was something that he always looked forward to experiencing.

Dan watched Greg ejaculating and enjoyed seeing that happening, the thick globs repeatedly shooting only an inch or two up into the air before falling back down to dribble along the length Gerg’s cock with a slippery sperm-filled male wetness.

‘Oh, yeah …’ Dan breathed. In the next moment his manhood was ejaculating deep inside of the younger male and doing so with a naked abandonment.

Normally, in the past, he always wore a condom when doing this with a friend.. But with each other, they felt secure enough not to bother, and for both of them to reap he satisfaction of naked sex.

“Uh … Uh … Uh …” Dan grunted, looking at Greg as he freely gave him his sperm. It was male impregnation, but no less significant in its intent.

Greg sat there feeling Dan doing this in him and he loved it.

It was another conquest of their male sexual urges with one another and that felt so terrific.

“I just can’t get enough of doing this with you!’ Dan said.

“I know. I love it,” said Greg, just as taken by their togetherness.

Greg felt proud that he had been so masterful I using his butt to fuck Dan’s dick like this, quite taken by the fact that guys had this ability.

Slowly, Greg eased himself off of Dan’s penis and they both gave a groan of good natured disappointment.

Greg grinned, knowing full well that in a minute or two he would no doubt be running for the bathroom as the after effect of Dan’s wet release deep within him. Yet that consequence was part of the fun.

Dan lit a cigarette from a near-by pack and Greg took one, too. Not that he really ever smoked, just that it as a pleasing part of the ritual.

As Greg sat there he found himself admiring of Dan as another male. He was good looking and had a well toned physique. His eyes lingered over Dan’s male nipples, which punctuated his chest that was smooth with the exception of a few hairs right in the center.

This reminded Greg of his own nipples and just how surprisingly sensitive they were. Something often overlooked by females. Yet, appreciate by both of them, as they licked and sucked and stimulated on each other’s. Then his eyes moved downward to Dan’s manhood, which was still large but now soft as it hung down, and he found this so wonderful to see, and he was admiring of Dan’s reproductive anatomy.

Already Greg was wondering if they would fuck one more time, just to make their getting together that much more complete. He suspected that they would. Once Dan had fucked him four times in one day, and he had gone home feeling sore and quite thoroughly used to be sure, but pleased over being reminded of their male friendship.

Greg now even had found himself wondering what it would be like to do this with others guys. Not that he had any real desire to try and find out. He was perfectly content with just doing this with Dn. Yet, he knew that at some point in the future, that he would well be open to finding out. Just as no doubt Dan would taking his boner all the way in some other guy’s willing and accommodating but.

Unless, of course, they ended up becoming roommates, which was not an all together unappealing thought. Dan had even teased once over his frequent visits, saying how maybe he should just move in. Apparently Dan was not opposed to the idea. Greg is liking this idea himself.

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