Becoming in Guy Love

by Asha (TN)

Kenta have dark skinned, dark haired with dark eyes. He had a smooth sweet face. Even working the long hours on the plantation he always had an easy smile.

Stan was tall, thin and blond with a fair complexion and was the plantation owner’s nephew. He worked hard on the plantation too, as everyone did, and the work was hot and tiring. He had been there for a year now, coming from the city, and inexperienced when his uncle had offered him the job. At the time he had not known how he would feel about doing such work.

Then, his second week there, and he had met Kenta. There had been an immediate affinity between the two of them. Both had been surprised, not expecting something like that, this male rapport that was both inviting as well as intriguing.

Somehow, in one of the work sheds, they had managed to find themselves alone and they had kissed. This was something which neither of them had ever experienced before, being so expressive of their feelings with another male. Very quickly a romance had developed between the two of them that neither could resist.

That morning they were naked together in Stan’s bungalow. Kenta was once more sitting on top of Stan, feeling his lover’s stiff penis pushed fully up into his accommodating anal sheath, his own brown penis erect between his legs.

“Oh, Kenta …” Stan breathed.

“Oh, I love fucking you like this,” Kenta said, pleased with his unknown natural abilities to love another male. Of course it had been the same for Stan.

“I love it when you fuck my hard dick,” Stan said. ‘And my dick is always so hard with you.”

“My dick is always hard with you,” Kenta said, with the visible proof of that showing only too well right then.

Smoothly and easily Kenta rode his butt hole up and down the slick lubricated rigid shaft his friend’s reproductive organ. It felt so male in a way that was wonderful to experience.

“I’m going to cum!’ Stan exclaimed and he gasped. “Oh, god, I love you Kenta!”

His erection throbbed nakedly deep inside of Kenta, issuing his wet release of sperm with a gratifying fullness.

“Oh, yes! Oh, yes!’ Kenta said, squeezing his eyes shut.. The excitement of being once more impregnated made him ejaculate. The thick white semen pulsed from his brown dick in short burst, going an inch or so into the air and then sloping down his organ, with some spilling into Stan’s stomach in a giving demonstration of his own biological substance.

Yeah … Yeah … Yeah …” Stan said as they were both satisfied.

In a moment more they finished fucking and disengaged and lay side by side in each other’s arms on the small bunk bed.

“Oh,” Kenta breathed. “My people don’t accept love between males.”

“I know,” Stan said, aware of this. In so many cultures same sex love was considered taboo. “Neither does my uncle,” Stan sighed. His uncle would no doubt fire him if he found out that he was not only fucking a native boy, but in love with one. “You know …” he then said, “We could save up our money and move away. Live together.”

“You mean … as lovers?”

“Yes. I know some places where we could do that openly and it wouldn’t be a problem.”

Kenta smiled his beautiful smile. “I’d like that.”

“It’ll take us about a year to save up enough money,” Stand warned.

“But a year … that’s nothing when you’re in love,” Kenta said and he Kissed Stan. Even without an egg to be fertilized, just knowing that he had Stan’s sperm cells swimming inside of him at that very moment was so physically fulfilling.

They kissed again.

Stan looked at Kenta. “Why don’t you put your sperm into me?” he said.

Kenta smiled. “Oh, yes. I want to,” he said. And he did so much want to put his own sperm into Stan.

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