Becoming Gay?

by Ron (CA)

Davey was deciding that he was becoming gay.

That he really did prefer to be with other guys instead of with girls. It had started several months ago with his best friend and the two of them fooling around just for fun.

Sam wasn’t gay, but he was open minded and he enjoyed their moments together.

That morning Davey was leaning forward with his hands on the edge of the sofa, while Sam was behind on his knees, fucking him.

Davey savored the pleasure of feeling Sam’s hard dick sliding smoothly back and forth through his butt hole, genuinely liking how it felt to be accommodating of another male’s sexuality.

“Umm … this feels so good,” Sam appraised, once again enjoying the opportunity to be in Davey’s butt, holding his hands on the bare curve of Davey’s hips and looking down to see his lubricated stiff organ plunging in and out.

“I’m loving it,” said Davey.

Quickly Sam felt his urgency growing. “I’m going to come,” he announced.

Davey waited and in the next moment he felt Sam ejaculating deep inside of him. It was so rewarding to be the recipient of his sperm-filled male liquid. He heard Sam give a number of small grunts with each outward surge.

“Uh … Uh … Uh…’ Sam breathed as he felt his penis satisfying itself in his friend’s butt.

Then he felt his orgasm finish with a feeling of satisfaction.

Slowly he pulled his penis from Davey’s hole and when Davey turned around, Sam could see that his penis was still enormously erect.

“Why don’t you take care of that in my butt,’ Sam said.

Davey was surprised. When they did it together, Sam always had sex in him, and Davey was happy with that and always grateful that Sam liked fucking him.

“Do you really want me to?” Davey questioned.

“Yeah. I want to feel you come in my butt,’ Sam said with an easy smiled, finding that he wanted to be on the receiving end and to have Davey impregnating him with his sperm.

That maybe it was time that he thoroughly enjoyed this male experience, too.

Was he becoming gay? Probably not, he told himself. But that morning he sure wanted to be fucked, too.

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