Becoming Dave's Boy

by Vic (CA)

Dorian felt his tight butt hole stretching to accommodate Dave’s large, hard man-dick as the older male penetrated him with sexual purpose.

Dorian was unsure and nervous, having his untried physical abilities tested like this.

Dave was fifty-two and a good looking welt-built guy. He was very cheerful and confident and obviously enjoyed guy sex. Dorian was twenty and curious, and had not minded getting naked with Dave, and surprised when Dave had presented him with his sizable boner, smiling proudly as he had done that. And almost blushingly Dorian had achieved a boner too, even if less that Dave’s stiff ten inches. Still, even if with a shy smile, Dorian had enjoyed the unexpectedness of finding his penis becoming quite rigid being naked with Dave like that.

Of course Dave had happily approved of seeing his thin and aroused male physique, and Dorian had found himself being swept up in Dave’s strong arms and kissed firmly on the mouth. With no hesitation, Dave had plunged his tongue into Dorian’s mouth, and Dorian’s tongue wetly played with his. What few kisses Doran had tried with another guy his own age had been cautious ones and nothing like this.

As they stood there kissing nakedly in Dave’s living room, Dave had reached down to feel his hard dick and then his balls with a manly desire. They sat on the sofa with Dave’s hard manhood pushing magnificently up.

“Go ahead and have a taste,” Dave had told him.

Dorian took a hold of Dave’s thick cock and leaned over, opening his mouth to take in the large, smooth mushroom head.

“Oh, yeah …” Dave breathed as he felt the younger male’s mouth wetly being applied to his hard dick.

Dorian managed to slide his mouth downward several inches and repeated this several times. It was so incredible having Dave’s manhood in his mouth, it was such a personal and male thing. Then, pulling his mouth away Dorian had proceeded to lick his tongue over the purple tinged swollen dick-head like a male-lollipop., with Dave smiling approvingly over his efforts. Dorian had sucked a friend’s dick before, but never anything so large and manly as this.

Then they had kissed some more, holding and fondling each other’s erection as they did so.

Dorian was positively enthralled.

Dave then led him into the bedroom and they got onto the bed. He sat and watched as Dave calmly produced a small bottle of lubricant and applied some to his raging boner. Dorian knew what Dave wanted to do and he was powerless to resist.

Turning him, Dave proceeded to push his hard dick into Dorian’s butt.

Dorian gasped and tensed as for the first time he felt himself being penetrated with a sexual purpose.

“Ahhhh …” he gasped a little as he felt Dave’s thickness sliding into and filling his anal sheath with its maleness.

“It feels good having my dick in you,” Dave said and he reached his hands around to caress Dorian’s nipples.

Dorian had never felt so over stimulated in his entire life. It was like is butt hioe was alive as it was being violated with male purpose and his nipples were erect and so sensitive, and his boner was hugely hard and ached.

Dave began to fuck him, sliding his hard manhood in and out of Dorian’s now no longer virgin hole. Dorian had always resisted doing that with another guy, unsure. But with Dave it was meant to be.

“Ohhh … Ohhhhh …” Dorian whimpered as Dave’s sexual maleness melded with his naked male body.

“Oh, man … your butt feels so good,” Dave said. “You’re making my cock so hard.”

Dorian could tell. It was like having a railroad spike thrust into his tight, sensitive poop hole. It was almost too much, and yet he craved the repeated penetrations of the older and more experienced male. And his boner, lean and curving rigidly out from between his legs throbbed and ached.

For the next full two minutes Dave fucked him and Dorian was amazed to now know what it was like to be fucked by another guy, and how exciting and thrilling that was to have is butt hole being used like this, like a boy vagina that nature provided.

He felt proud that Dave wanted him and wanted to fuck him.

Dorian felt overwhelmed by the sexual excitement that he was nakedly experiencing.

Suddenly he gasped, shocked to find himself spontaneously ejaculating.

His rigid penis just took matters into its own hands and could not held back.

The semen sluiced out if his boner in long, creamy pulses that just shot out again and again, making Dorian succumb to the intensity of his sudden and expected release. It was like his dick was celebrating with an overabundance of joy.

“Oh, yeah!’ Dave said, enjoying the younger male’s uncontrolled climax. It brought his own huge dick to a throbbing and satisfying conclusion deep inside of Dorian. “Yeah … Yeah … Yeah Yeah …” Dave groaned as he impregnated Dorian with his manly sperm.

“Oh!” Dorian gasped as he savored having Dave’s biological liquid being ejaculated into his body. Even incapable of being fertilized, it was still just as significant for a guy to be ejaculated into.

“Yeah … Yeah … Yeah …” Dave continued to chant as his semen throbbed from his hard dick, loving just how good it felt to have his penis doing this in Dorian. Then he gave a long low groan as he finished. He caught his breath and withdrew his penis from Dorian’s butt and smiled at him.

Dorian smiled back. He was Dave’s boy now and he liked that. He was glad that he had resisted having anal intercourse casually with a friend. It would not have been even close to be so significant as it had been with Dave, and he savored with delight and satisfaction having Dave’s sperm in him like that. It felt so purposeful to be fucked by Dave and he loved it.

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