Becoming Boyfriends

by Chaz (NC)

Binh was nineteen, the same age that Jason was. He was Vietnamese, with a slightly darker complexion, and was small, with a slender build that made him look more like he as about fourteen if that old. They were both attending the same local college and had become friends.

Binh did extremely well in school and was very smart, but he was also quite down to earth, easy going, and a lot of fun to be with. The fact that he was Vietnamese, did so well in school, and was small and youthful looking for his age, however, had left him feeling somewhat isolated. When the two of them had hit it off and started to become friends, Binh had been quite happy and enthusiastic.

After a few weeks Jason started to get the impression that Binh was having feelings for him that were slightly more on the chummy side than he as used to with another boy. Although not that Jason actually minded. The discreet male-rapport felt good and he like it. Not that he was gay or anything, but to the point where he even found himself being encouraging of Binh’s affectionate nature.

Then one day Binh had asked if f he had ever felt attracted to other guys. The question had made Jason feel quite self-conscious, and when he answered truthfully and said that he hadn’t, Binh had looked disappointed and concerned that maybe he should not have asked. Bravely Jason told him, though, that he did find him attractive and in way that he wouldn’t have with other boys. This had made Binh quite happy.

It was two days after that when, on a secluded part of campus, and with nobody around, they had kissed. Jason was surprise by how good it felt doing that with Binh as another boy, and of course Binh had liked it very much. Already they both knew that they wanted to do more.

So When Binh had come over to his small place that next time, they had started making out quite enthusiastically. Very quickly Binh had made the suggestion that they take off their clothes and get naked. So, eagerly, they had done that.

Binh was small and thin and smooth and quite appealing. His penis as quite dark, and his erection was small too, thin, and just short of being five inches in length as it stuck stiffly up. Jason’s erection was just average but appeared much larger than his friend’s, and a deep shade of blushing pink.

This was something that Binh was very admiring of. Quickly Binh lost no time in taking Jason’s boner into his mouth to suck on. Jason had not been expecting this and he laid on the bed watching his male length sliding wetly in and out of the other boy’s mouth. Binh showed no qualms in being orally affectionate.

When he pulled away he looked at Jason for his approval, and when Jason smiled, Binh smiled back.

Wasting no time, Binh found a convenient bottle of hand lotion nearby. He used some to slick Jason’s penis with. Not saying a word, Binh then climbed on top of Jason and, holding his erection upright, he slowly eased his tight butt hole down its thick shaft. Jason was again surprised by Binh’s actions.

“Ohhh …” Binh moaned.

“Mmm,” Jason murmured, feeling his erection enveloped by Binh’s warm, tight anal sheath.

Gently, and with his hands on Jason’s chest, and eyes squeezed shut, Binh began to ride up and down, fucking Jason’s penis.

“Oh, man …” Jason groaned, really not having expect this, to find himself having sex with Binh.

It was just all so easy and desirable, though for the two of them to share this private moment together as guys. If Jason had known just how good this was, he might have been more open to exploring such aspects in his younger male friendships. But now, with Binh, it was special.

Diligently, Binh continued to fuck his friend, excited to feel Jason’s thick maleness penetrating his anal depths.

“Oh … oh … I like this,” Binh panted. “It feels so good!”

“It does feel good. I like being in you,” Jason said, his hands holding Binh’s lean hips.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!’ Binh moaned.

In the next moment, excitedly, Binh could no longer hold back. He was ejaculating. His white semen coming out in short bursts, slopping down over his stiff erection to contrast with his darker skin. A lot came out as he continued to fuck Jason’s hard erection with his butt.

Jason watched with eagerness to see Binh ejaculating.

Suddenly he was ejaculating and his boner throbbed deep inside of Binh, flooding his anal sheath with his wet male release.

Jason groaned and Bihn savored the moment of affirmation, to be fully relieving his friend’s sperm.

“Uh … uh … uh … uh …” Binh breathed as Jason’s penis was fulfilling its reproductive purpose inside of him, and his own thick, sperm-filled liquid was dripping down his still upright penis.

Their climaxing left them both too drained to move for a full minute.

Finally Bihn dismounted Jason and carelessly flopped down next to him on the bed, unembarrassed and heedless of his wetness and feeling no need to wipe it away. He sighed heavily.

Jason touched the tip off his index finger to Binh’s semen and then touched that to his tongue.

“Mmm … tastes like Binh,” he laughed. He had never imagined himself tasting another’s boy’s semen before. It had a slightly salty flavor that was reminiscent of, he would have said, mayonnaise.

Bihn smiled. “Well, yours is all inside of me.” He laughed. “I hope that you don’t get me pregnant.”

Jason laughed, too. “Maybe we should fuck again to see if I can.”

“All right … but let’s wait a day,” Binh said a bit imploringly. “Your dick is awfully big and my butt hurts,” he confessed. “And you’re the first guy that I’ve ever fucked.”

Jason was just a little surprised, expecting Bihn to have fucked other guys if just by the way that he had been so unhesitant in doing what he had. “I’m glad that I’m your first.”

“Me, too,” said Binh and he snuggled up next Jason.

“And you’re my first,” Jason revealed, wanting Binh to know this.

“And I’m glad,” Binh said contentedly. “I really wanted to be your first and you to be mine.”

It felt so good to have consummated their friendship like this, and Jason was pleased to discover that boys could fuck and have male sex with the same desire and satisfaction as could be done with girls.

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