Becoming Black Boy Lovers

by Kyle (CA)

“Let me love you a little bit,” Dwayne said as he slicked his large black dick with some lubricant.

Eddie was unsure about doing this with another boy, as he never had. But his feelings of friendship between the two black boys both 18 had already allowed them to be nakedly close and this just seemed a part of that.

Eddie laid face down on the bed while Dwayne got on top. Then he felt the firmness of the other’s boys’ erect penis push in into his butt hole, doing so with no difficulty.

“Ohhh …” Eddie moaned as he felt Dwayne’s maleness filling his anal sheath.

“I love doing this with you, Eddie,” Dwayne said. “I like using my dick to love you with.”

“Ohhh … I like how it feels having your dick in me,” Eddie said breathlessly.

He laid there feeling Dwayne start to fuck in and out, the thickness of Dwayne’s male organ sliding back and forth through his sensitive tight butt hole exciting him, as did its stiff length going deep inside of him again and again.

“Ohhhh … Ohhhh …” Eddie moaned softly.

“Oh, man! Oh, man!” Dwayne said. “This feels so good! You’re making my dick so hard!”

“Ohhhh …” Eddie could feel just how hard Dwayne's dick was, and he loved the fact that he could be giving his friend such a hard boner.

Dwayne continued to fuck his friend’s butt, doing so with the ease as if he had been in a girl’s vagina. Only this was far more special and so lovingly male, and something which only two guys could experience together, and nature made it quite possible for two guys to make physical love.

Dwayne gently but firmly kept his erection sliding in and out, moving his hips to give Eddie every inch of his bare penis. Then, quickly, in just a moment more, he was fulfilling the reproductive act as he ejaculated his semen into Eddie, giving him is sperm which was a part of himself. It was so unbelievably satisfying to do this.

“Oh!” Eddie said as he felt his friend ejaculating in him, exciting his own erection to the point of losing control. “I’m coming! I’m coming, too!” His ebony erection pulsed repeatedly beneath him against the sheets covering the bed. “Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!”

Their moment of successful physical union had been achieved. Although, even with their sexual urges satisfied, this only increased their feeling of friendly love.

Dwayne withdrew his no longer fully stiff nine inches from Eddie’s butt.

“Man … it felt so good going all the way in you,” he breathed.

Eddie turned over. “I love feeling you going all the way in me. I loved you giving me your sperm.”

“Now we’re really lovers,” Dwayne said.

They smiled and held one another and kissed. Eddie had no idea what it was like for two white boys, but now he knew that for two black boys how special this was, sharing their blackness together, which was something that no one could ever take away from them, and they did this pridefully. There could be nothing better than to just be laying there naked in each other’s arms and feeling so completely satisfied and fulfilled.

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