Because Friends Can

by Jamal (CT)

It was fun to be nakedly having an erection with another boy. This was something that Josh had discovered about a year ago, when he had been given the opportunity.

At first feeling a little unsure about doing that, but then quickly finding how much fun and how satisfyingly male this was.

Admittedly he had not been planning on fucking with Lucas, and was surprised that Lucas wanted to. Yet, Josh had no problem with this and liked being able to simply do that because he felt like it.

Josh grinned as he climbed nakedly on top of Lucas and they kissed, while their boners and the soft pouches containing their balls came together down below.

“I wasn’t planning on this,” Josh admitted.

“Well … a nice little surprise,” Lucas said.

He had been unsure just how receptive Josh would be, and he had been quite cautious in approaching him. If you were openly gay, that was one thing. But if, like most guys, you just happened to enjoy male sex occasionally, it could be awkward and tricky. Lucas, though, had been delighted to find that Josh was quite willing. And it was nice that it could be so relaxed and ordinary between two boys.

They playfully made out for a few minutes, with Lucas happily holding and fondling Josh’s hard penis, liking how it felt to be able to do that. Josh of course had absolutely objections and he felt Luca’s thick boner in return. It was so special for two boys to be able to enjoy each other’s sexuality and to find their shared sameness exciting in the way that it could be.

“It feels good having a boner with you,” Lucas said.

“It feels good having my dick hard with you,” Josh said in return.

He was pleased that Lucas had found him attractive in the friendly way that two boys could, and really had not had any idea that Lucas did. Sometimes you could tell, but not always, not with other non-gay boys. But sometimes you could tell by the way that another boy looked at you or by how friendly he as being, and you got the idea that there could be more.

Josh climbed off and rolled over onto his side as Lucas slicked some lubrication onto his erect penis. Then easily and gently Lucas pushed his maleness into Josh’s willing butt. His organ sank inward smoothly and that felt so good.

Josh moaned a little, savoring how it nice more felt to accommodate another boy and to feel his stiffness inside of him.

“Mmm …” Lucas murmured as he began to fuck Josh. “Oh, yeah … Yeah … This feels so good doing it with you.”

Josh was pleased, and felt the stimulation of his sensitive butt hole making his own erection outstanding and he drew in a breath. “Uh … I like that.”

“I like giving it you,” Lucas said without hesitation, freely admitting just how much he had wanted to do this with him, how much he had wanted to put his penis in Josh’s butt.

Lucas continued to slide his erection smoothly in and out of Josh, letting his penis go deep into his anal sheath each and every time. As Lucas was well aware, if anyone had known that they were doing this together, they would have thought that they were gay.

In reality, it was not at all uncommon for perfectly straight boys to have sex together. This was something that gay boys were unaware of in their quest to be gay, and therefore missed out on. That two boys, like him and Josh, could easily have sex simply because they felt like it.

Very quickly, almost too quickly, Lucas felt the urge in his boner becoming uncontrollable and suddenly he was ejaculating.

“Uh … Uh … Uh … Uh …” he grunted with the pulsing spasms of his wet release, which he left happen inside of Josh and a pleasing satisfaction.

It was just as pleasing and satisfying for Josh to feel Lucas coming in him and giving him his sperm in a wonderful intimacy between boys. Uncontrollably he started ejaculating, too.

“Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!” he gasped as his erection shuddered and pulsed out his own male liquid.

Then they both sighed heavily as their completion was assured.

Lucas withdrew his penis from Josh’s butt and they laid here together.

“Mmn,” Lucas said, “we’re going to have to fuck more often.”

“Fine with me,” Josh said.

They both grinned. It was such a great moment being boys together and fucking just because they felt like it.

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