Beating The Cold

by Bryn (Cheshire, UK)

There is nothing more miserable than a cold house when the central heating boiler goes Pffft! unless you add a dad on deployment leaving behind a frustrated fractious wife, an older flighty bossy sister and me, an eighteen year old bundle of hyper active confused hormones an seemingly ever erect cock always in need of a breathless wank and a copious release of spunk.

My sister, Julie, and I walked on eggshells around mum, not wanting to annoy her overmuch and helping to ease her worries about dad in his active service role in the Middle East. Luckily we had plenty of wood for our kitchen stove so at least we were able to eat well of hot food, but, going to bed each night was as miserable as sin in our icy cold bedrooms and equally cold beds, even Julie complained lewdly to me that masturbating was off her menu because leaving her panties damp in a cold bed was not conducive to her imaginative sexual exploits with her girlfriends. Yes! my sister does drink from the "Furry Cup".

The weather seemed not to improve in any way and to cap it all a heavy snowfall cut us off from town save for the phones which happily were not affected, yet. Tempers however became shorter and the three of us ere on a permanent shot fuse, but that seemed to ease at least between mum and sis. In bed I tried staying under the covers till my warm breathing warmed the fuggyiness and helped bring on merciful sleep.

About the fourth week into our cold sojourn my sister knocked on my bedroom door one night and on coming in she sat on my bed, took my hand and said softly that mum thought we would be warmer and get a better sleep if the three of us bunked together in our parents big double bed.

"What, you, me and mum in the same bed....I don't know sis, I haven't slept with mum since I was four years doesn't sound right somehow..what o you think."?

"Oh I don't mind at all, I mean I sleep with my girlfriends whenever I can so mum will just be a kind of more mature female to me. Now come on hon, don't be shy at lest we'll all be nice and toasty wont we."

So our family bed share began and in truth it was a huge improvement and the three of were at last comfortable and warm. It all went well at first, I slept on one side of mum while sister Julie slept on the other side.

I actually liked spooning into moms back and loving the smell and feel of her incredible softness, especially her big soft round bum and her soft warm thighs. Julie obviously got the best deal with mum spooning into her daughter and holding her like a favorite doll. I even quietly asked sis how she felt about our arrangement to which she smiled and said it was a pity we had not one it sooner.

To cap it ll, mom seemed brighter and less moody and more disposed to behave more even temperately than of late.

I know were twisted and turned during our nights together in that bed and in that situation something happened that changed my world of innocence. I awake one night to find myself tucked into mum ho was spooning me for a change and actually it was just magical, I was content feeling mums arm cross me, holding me protectively while her soft warm leg was thrust between mine.

I delighted in the feel of her soft body, so round, so warm, so comforting. I could feel mums firm tits on my back and the distinct hardness of her nipples. In spite of the fact that this was my mother, I began to seethe with sensuous emotion, my cock became a throbbing monster aroused from slumber.

It was when my mums hand began to very slowly and lightly wander over my body, very deliberately, from my chest, teasing my boyish nipples, down to my tummy which felt all jumpy and squishy, mums fingers discovered my screamingly erect cock.

I couldn't breathe, I felt paralyzed, scared, confused, and to add to that I was mentally appealing for mum not to stop. She did of course, but not until I exploded in her hand in a cataclysmic orgasm that seared throughout my body and forced what felt like a torrent of spunk into my mums hand.

I couldn't stop trembling in the aftermath, my orgasm had been so intense it frightened me. Mum kept her spunk messy hand on me and breathed hotly on my neck trying to soothe my jangled nerves and all the time she was softly grinding her pelvis against my bum until she suddenly stiffened, force herself almost on top of me, bit into my shoulder and uttered a long strangled throaty groan that signaled her own climax.

My head was a swirling mess of confused mixed emotions, if I felt dirty, used, debauched, perverted. I didn't know....or care and in that calmness, sleep overwhelmed me.

Part 2 to follow...

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