Beating The Cold: Part 2

by Bryn (Cheshire, UK)

Next morning Julie my sister cornered me in the kitchen as I was tending the stove,

"Well!? did she do it to you....was it nice....I bet it was..."

"What are you on about sis, did who do what to me".

"Oh bro, be honest, she did it didn't she, you may as well tell me, she's been doing me for ages, honestly, ever since I came out, and she takes us both in turns so she'll do you again."

"OK!! Yes she did do it to me if you must know...I....I don't know if I want to gain, its wrong isn't it,mom and son doing sex, touching each other and she ma.....I mean I......"

"She made you cum you mean, she made you have an orgasm,did you spunk on her....tell me..go on bro Pleeeease"

Julies eyes were bright and her pretty face was flushed.

"All right sis YES she played with me and I got a stiffy, and she groped me and body felt on fire and I thought...I mean....when I....I sort of got...a...beautiful burning feeling all over was the most.....I felt....I felt just....and then...Oh GOD sis,spunk was pouring out of me, it felt that way anyway, and she kept her wet sticky hand on me and kind of got on top of me and........."

"I know hon, I know, she dry humped you till she came as well. Don't worry hon just let things happen, wrong or not it keeps us together. I'll tell you this....I actually look forward to having sex with mum, we've been doing it I was 14 and I absolutely loved it from the get go, and my friend Adele does it with her mum too, and I,m pretty sure this sort of thing goes on a lot more that anyone knows, so, don't worry, just go with the flow, who knows she might even let you........."

"No Ju!. thats not gonna happen, no way, I Could Never do that with my mother, and if and ever found out......."

"Oh don't worry about dad, I know he plays away with a couple of my friends from college so thats you Ace in the Hole...Oops! bad choice of words there darling brother. You'll think differently tonight, you'll see" She was not wrong, but nothing was repeated until over a week later.

We continued our three in a bed habit and I became more and more aware of mum ad my sis "Helping each other" because both of them became slightly more ardent, if their loud heavy breathing and choked off moans at orgasm were anything to go by. On a number of occasions the fragrance of the two of them was thick under the bedclothes, and I longed to see what two females did when they had sex together. I was too embarrassed to ask Julia.

Came the night my world changed as did my sexual education, the cold weather had eased and my sis decided to go and stay with one of her girlfriends for a few days ( guessed she was hot to behave more openly and vocally that she could with me in the bed with her and mum. When I got ready for bed and went to my room I heard mum coming upstairs, use the bathroom and go next door to her room. I read magazine for a bit before mum tapped on my door and came into my bedroom.

She sat on my bed and without looking at me said......

"D'you want to come to bed with me, son? I'd really like you to my dearest boy"

I just nodded dumbly and getting out of bed sort of floated after my mum into her bedroom.

It was going to happen,sex with my mother, the big taboo, the forbidden act. I thought my head was going to explode, my cock was raging hard and heat was searing through like a white hot sword. By her bed, mum stripped of her short nightie and turned to face me, I gazed at her naked body, my mother fully exposed to me, I drank in her big joggling tits and her thick brown nipples where a few short years ago I had suckled of her milk.

On down to her softly rounded belly and her deep belly button. Her groin was lightly covered with brown hair and curved under to her prominent mound supported by her beautiful full rounded gleaming alabaser white thighs. She smiled at me then ever so slowly turned around and my eyes swept her back from shoulders down to her well upholstered arse the twin white golbes divided by a deep mysterious cleft.

Mum came close to me then reached out to take me in her arms and gently pull me to her and hold me against her. We both shook violently, realising what was going to happen. She stripped off my long Tee shirt and I felt our body heat against the other. She whispered in my ear her hot tremulous breath burning me......

"You can kiss me if you like, forget I,m mum, at this moment you're my young lover...kiss me just let things happen."

That kiss tore through me and we descended into a kind of ardent, not to say savage contest to see who could dominate who. It was a love struggle that found us on mums bed, naked, hot, uninhibited, out of control raging, each one grinding madly against the other. No words were spoken there was no need, just being together said everything....

"Suck nipples, darling, suck my nipples..hard, suck them hard..Oh God yes, like that, ooooooohh!! God, that feels wonderful....Don't stop..I love it, love it....bite them bite then gently..nnnnnnnnnnnnnhhh! Christ!....."

I found myself being cradled between her sot arm thighs, my rearing cock pressing on her hairy mound, I fought hard not to cum.

"Down there my love, kiss me down there, I,m on fire..."

As she said this she forcefully pushed me down her soft undulating body before holding my head and pulling it into her hairy mound. My tongue found her fleshy splayed cunt cleft, it was sticky wet and the taste made my moan into it.

"Yes..yes...yes darling, thats it, like that, lick me, lick my cunt....oh God this is sooo good, so my cunt, slurp my cunt juice...Ohhhhh sweet fucking Lord YES! Gnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngghhhh! Uh uh uh, ohhh shit."

My mum was cumming, having and orgasm with me eating her pussy, the first pussy EVER had done it to. It was just too much for me, my body went into spams and a paroxysm of gasping gagging choking cries from her made my cock erupting and shooting long threads of spunk onto the sheet beneath us. I collapsed in a breathless heap between mums thighs while she lay there limp, wet and breathing raggedly.

It was an age before we could speak, mum pulled me up to lay on her sensational soft hot boy....

"Dear darling man, it will be better next time I promise, all this must be strange to you but don't worry, I want us to be lovers while dads away, I want us to have lots of hot sweaty sex, I want ht gorgeous big cock to bore into me, right up inside my body, fucking me, fucking mummy, making us feel soooo good and then you can cum and cum and flood me with sperm......ooooooooohhh! GOD! GOD! in miss it so much my lover,a bighard throbbing cock battering into me.."

To my surprise and shock mum had a spontaneous orgasm, her body arched under me, almost unsadling me as an orgasm took her and left her faint and dragging ragged breaths into her.

Things were never going to be the same again, and they weren't for as long as dad was way because on alternate nights mum had Julie and then me in menage a troi, my sexual education was approaching degree level.

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